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  • 6 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid For Positive Results
  • 6 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid For Positive Results

6 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid For Positive Results

Alekh Verma / March 6, 2020

Building a perfect mobile application require in-depth information and determination of developers. With its invention and growing usage, companies battle against each other to build firsthand platforms than others. In such scenarios, it is evident to discover a lot of hidden mistakes taking place. While some apps work best in terms of features and functionalities, […]

Why Develop Shopping Assistant Apps Powered by Data Science?

Alekh Verma / December 20, 2019

Convenience is one of the most crucial elements that people desire while shopping. The popular e-commerce holders like Amazon and eBay introduced the era of convenient shopping with websites and multi-brand shopping platforms. Not everyone can spend long hours in searching for a new pair of shoes or last-minute gifts. In such cases, shopping assistant […]

How to Manage and Boost Your Apple Search Ads Campaign?

Alekh Verma / December 11, 2019

Most of the marketers are taking Apple Search Ads into consideration to reach potential customers and increase their app downloads. Apple is delivering an opportunity for advertisers to bid on keywords that will display their ads on the top of the App Store search results. No matter how great your application is, it won’t prosper […]

How to Get Started With Your RxSwift Journey in Less than 10 Minutes?

Alekh Verma / November 26, 2019

Rx stands for Reactive Extensions which is a collection of tools that helps programmers to write a code in the reactive programming pattern. With this, we can write concise and easy to read code, simplify architecture like MVVM (Model–View–ViewModel), and facilitate complex issues as managing errors across different threads and infrastructure.The world of RxSwift is […]

How Blockchain Technology and Mobile App Development is the Perfect Match?

Alekh Verma / October 7, 2019

Like developing technologies such as IoT, AI, AR, and voice recognition, blockchain is also considered to be a revolutionary technology in the digital world. Blockchain is the method of recording digital transactions of the users in several systems for decentralized storage of data. It is the most secure and dynamic technology invented in the century […]