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  • 5 Myths About Mobile App Development That Needs to Be Busted
  • 5 Myths About Mobile App Development That Needs to Be Busted

5 Myths About Mobile App Development That Needs to Be Busted

Alekh Verma / December 18, 2019

In today’s modern world, mobile applications have become more than a necessity and a norm for all kinds of businesses to reach consumers and achieve success. A mobile app should be interactive and effective, satisfying the requirements of the audience and using the advantage of the latest technology. With the increase in the trend and […]

How to Get Started With Your RxSwift Journey in Less than 10 Minutes?

Alekh Verma / November 26, 2019

Rx stands for Reactive Extensions which is a collection of tools that helps programmers to write a code in the reactive programming pattern. With this, we can write concise and easy to read code, simplify architecture like MVVM (Model–View–ViewModel), and facilitate complex issues as managing errors across different threads and infrastructure.The world of RxSwift is […]

6 Trending Mobile App Ideas to Fuel Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

Alekh Verma / November 21, 2019

The idea behind an application determines its success. A unique idea that gives audience solutions to their needs has a good chance of winning hearts. When we look at the past, many notable apps like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and more have gained immense success because of their innovative app idea.These apps managed to reduce […]

How to Create Music Video Streaming App Like TikTok?

Alekh Verma / November 19, 2019

The incredible success of TikTok made many people create the same music application like this. Because the TikTok video streaming app has become a highly popular and ultimate source of entertainment. It allows users to create fun music videos and share them all over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It gives leverage to […]

What is the Difference Between Flutter & React Native from a Developers’ Perspective?

Alekh Verma / November 7, 2019

As a number of people have started to adopt new technology, the demand for developing innovative mobile apps is also increasing. Every company wants to build mobile apps with faster speed, high performance, and fewer resources.Google’s Flutter and Facebook’s React Native are the two cross-platform app development technologies that are competing to prove themselves best. […]