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  • How to Use ORM Solutions to Build Strong Presence on Google?
  • How to Use ORM Solutions to Build Strong Presence on Google?

How to Use ORM Solutions to Build Strong Presence on Google?

Alekh Verma / January 4, 2020

There is hardly a brand exist around the world that hasn’t undergone an accidental issue with customers. Ideally, marketers can solve things out before it comes to a point where a customer doesn’t find the brand loyal and trustworthy anymore. A single negative comment on the brand, products and its services can be viral over […]

How Online Reputation Management (ORM) Can Help to Earn Customers’ Loyalty?

Alekh Verma / November 1, 2019

For businesses and enterprises, having a web presence and managing an online reputation is extremely important. Sustaining in the market place is nearly impossible without the support of consumers. The only way to win the hearts of the audience is to build a quality brand reputation and earn customer loyalty.It is good to provide your […]

6 Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategies to Build Brand Credibility

Alekh Verma / September 6, 2019

Today, people are more dependent on the content available over the internet. A number of buyers prefer to explore content such as reviews, blogs, news, and much more before making a purchase. People can even share any kind of information to others through emails, social media channels, and forums across the world. Therefore, it takes […]

What makes Start-ups such a Successful Venture in Today’s Market?

Alekh Verma / June 12, 2019

We need to start the story in some place. Let us talk about three guys and how they achieved a $ 10 billion business in 2014, starting from renting mattresses in 2007. The story is about designers Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. Together they achieved spectacular success, considering these three could not even pay the […]