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  • How to Build Authority Links for Your Blog to Improve Rankings?

How to Build Authority Links for Your Blog to Improve Rankings?

esl / June 19, 2020

Back then, it was easier to appear high in the search results by gathering a huge number of backlinks. These could be generated through any website or blog as long as the search engine crawls the URL. But today, Google is considering quality over quantity. That means, building authority links for a blog or website […]

How Blogging Has Evolved in 2020 and Made Valuable Position for Businesses?

esl / June 5, 2020

Years ago, blogging was only introduced so that one could share their opinions with the public. Blogs related to politics, cooking, and travel were creating a buzz all over, providing good sources of advice and niche information. Over time, marketers have discovered the promising capabilities and results of blogging. The potential of blogging has come […]

What is Google E-A-T and How to Incorporate it into Content Strategy?

esl / April 15, 2020

Google is often secretive about how it works, what it actually wants and what changes are coming after each update, which undoubtedly means a lot for marketers. Back in 2015, Google has introduced its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in a sum to respond to a leaked content making the buzz on the internet. These guidelines […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence the Future of SEO?

Alekh Verma / February 27, 2020

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning isn’t a new concept entirely, but it is growing rapidly. The latest technologies have evolved many industries and created a buzz all over for the previous few years with a good reason. The new intelligence technology has already proved to be useful in the area of […]

4 Voice Search Optimization Strategies to Achieve Success in 2020 and Beyond

Alekh Verma / January 7, 2020

Nowadays, nearly all tech-giant is using voice search in one way or the other. Google’s Voice Search, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana all are reaching to a greater extent to work as a powerful virtual assistant. It is expected that more than half of the queries on the search engines will be conducted using voice […]