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Google-Plus Marketing


A study by Moz.com indicated:

  • A site witnessed an increase of 14.6% in its ranking when its Google+ followers increased by 100
  • Second site witnessed an increase of 9.4% in its ranking when its Google+1 votes increased by 300

So, you can assume how beneficial a productive Google+ marketing can be for your site's ranking and your business growth.

Other startling figures about Google plus:

  • 42% users interact with brand's content on Google+
  • 70% of world's top 100 brands are present on Google+

Growing in popularity since its inception, Google+ is the second-most used social networking site after Facebook, with an estimated 150 million active users.


  • Engagement - It acts as an affluent relationship building platform
  • Authorship - Google+ helps businesses build their authorship, with picture display alongside the search result listing
  • Traffic - Engage with readers, share your content, driving more traffic to your business
  • Diversity - Google + page helps businesses make their presence on varied Google platforms like maps and more. It helps in increased awareness with customers finding you on varied platforms

Google is the leading Search Engine and having an effective presence on Google+ influences your Google search engine ranking position.


The expert marketers at eSearch Logix have comprehensive and practical knowledge about Google and Google+, and therefore are able to provide a viable Google+ marketing solution with a holistic approach, aimed at improving your ranking and increasing your business growth.

  • Creating your profile - We create an impressive profile on Google+ with a high resolution picture for better visibility
  • Building Authorship - An authorship means the presence of rich snippets or the photo, search results take from the Google+ author information. By creating an impressive author profile, we make sure that you get enhanced authorship
  • About page - It is a vital step. We create “About” page with proper keywords that improves your brand authority & ranking factor
  • Business page set-up - we create and set up your brand page, filled with complete information on service and products
  • Google+ Local Business - Ever since Google Places has been merged with Google+, it has become more beneficial for businesses to improve their local listing through their Google+ page. We understand the demographic importance of your business, and so sets up Google+ Local business page, complete with your physical address, web address, contact information, so that you get an enhanced reach to customers in your local area
  • Leveraging Google+ apps and tools - The more you share, the more you grow. There are several apps and tools in Google+ which are highly beneficial for your business promotion
  • Create and manage your Google+ Circles, participating in different interest based communities
  • Use Google+ Events to spread message about your new events and launches
  • Incorporate #Hashtags to create more buzz around your content & brand
  • Incorporate +Post Ads to create interactive web banner ads from posts
  • Integrate your Youtube videos to increase your brand viewership
  • Integrate email marketing through Gmail
  • Participate in 'Explore' tab to see what others are sharing and post comments on them to enhance your overall presence
  • Keep updating Google+ posts with unique and engaging contents about your brand service and products
  • Engage in interactive & direct communication with users through Google Hangout

Audience-targeting - With concise and comprehensive research, & user behavior analysis, we determine your target audience and implement marketing methodology aimed at them.

Strategic Planning - Taking into account different aspects, like content uniqueness, promotion, & value, we incorporate specialized and result-oriented marketing planning.

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