Don’t just tell – Show your brand to the world!

Visually appealing product and service images stands a greater chance of generating interest in customers!

Why opt for Pinterest Marketing?

  • Approximately 30% of users went on to buy a product or acquire a service after pinning or re-pinning a post,
  • Approximately 50% of users say they instantly thought of purchasing a product after liking it on Pinterest, without going for further search,
  • Around 30% of users landed on the product pin they were searching for,
  • Out of all the social media driven product purchases, approximately 40% happens through Pinterest.

Pinterest is the most effective social media platform to convert your followers into customers.

Why Pinterest is essential for effective social bookmarking marketing?

Pinterest is the most used social bookmarking website in the world, which lets your customers create an online scrapbook of your products and services. When those users share their online scrapbook with online friends, it results in effective brand reach to a wider base, consequently resulting in brand growth and awareness.

eSeacrh Logix – Graphic experts who know what visual excites the customer

Our team of graphic experts is adept in latest and advanced image creation, combined with complete knowledge and know-how on how to create a stunning theme which crafts a captivating experience for users. Our blended Pinterest marketing with social media marketing strategy will provide you with increase in traffic and improved sales:

  • We create an impressive profile, with at least 5 boards,
  • We create high-quality images which are clear, impressive and share-able,
  • We provide detailed description about the pin, essential for engaging the user and improving search engine ranking factors,
  • We analyze the Pinterest demographic and follow potential users, identifying their behaviors,
  • We create an interactive atmosphere with your Pinterest friends,
  • We post and pin relevant images pertaining to your brand for specific and specialized marketing,
  • We incorporate pinning of YouTube content,
  • We provide thorough guidance to the client on best practices and how to leverage the benefits.