Leverage the little blogging platform for effective brand growth

With over 300 million unique monthly visitors, you cannot avoid the marketing potential that this blogging platform offers.

It is not for nothing that Yahoo bought Tumblr for over a billion dollars. Incorporate Tumblr in your marketing and see the exponential growth your brand will receive.

Why Tumblr?

Over 65% of Tumblr users have college degrees, meaning you will be presenting your brand to an intellect-backed platform, which means high authentication for your brand and improved search engine ranking and increased sales.

Tumblr – Integrated Features – Extensive Brand Building


  • WordPress – Blogging functionality
  • Facebook – Social media features like for sharing and hashtag
  • Pinterest – Image sharing through blog

Tumblr is a unique and effective medium, which, if leveraged proficiently can result in effective business growth and increased search engine rankings.

eSearch Logix – Branding your business with creative and intellectual input

We have analyzed and identified the Tumblr network thoroughly and have been providing quality services to a range of business, who have benefitted heavily through our Tumblr marketing. We are well placed to incorporate and provide well-researched Tumblr marketing with effective strategies:

  • We create and set-up your Tumblr Profile, with detailed information, integrated with custom format and theme
  • We follow other Tumblrogs – highly effective networking
  • We create and share impressive images and videos which are compelling and share-able
  • We incorporate linking of the blog to the main site
  • We incorporate regular content publication, based on innovative and impressive ideas
  • We connect your other social networks with Tumblr, using the social sharing buttons
  • We interact with other bloggers, posting comment on their blogs
  • We interact professionally and promptly with the followers
  • We create marketing campaigns, focused on a specific and tight niche
  • We constantly monitor and implement newer and innovative techniques and methods to enhance the marketing campaign, time and again.