140 words - Powerful Enough to make YOU a TREND

If we put it in easy terms - Twitter is a commanding conversation medium that spreads your message in a few words.

Fact Update - Do you know how many tweets are recorded in a single day? - 60 million approx.

This is a staggering amount, indicating how many people (business professionals, your potential customers) around the globe are active on this micro-blogging network - A perfect platform to convey your message loud and clear!

Effective Engagement Channel

Several businesses have utilized the power of this tool to effectively promote and market their brand and service in an emphatic manner, creating a vibrant network of engagement. It's high time that you leverage its benefits and maximize your reach to your potential customers.

Facebook helps you build relations - Increase awareness - Bring customers to your business

eSearch Logix – We Channel Your Communication Smartly

The medium acts as the real-time engagement platform between businesses and customers. "Trending"is the word that relates to every hot topic on Twitter. So, everything interesting that comes up and word spreads, it becomes a trending topic - Your brand could be the next one "trendingon" Twitter.

eSearch Logix - The Brand Propagators

Our expert social media marketers have deep knowledge about the Twitter landscape, and have managed Twitter handles of several businesses with a blend of panache & professionalism, bringing in highly active engagement with potential customers, leading to increased brand awareness and growth.

Our integrated Twitter strategies & campaigning:

  • We create your brand, incorporating professional & eye-catchy Twitter template.
  • We incorporate efficient and advanced tools to your Twitter account - helping you schedule your tweets, share your brand message, and reply to your customers.
  • We provide audience targeting, segmentation, analysis of engagement outline & competitive aptitude.
  • We develop optimized content, specific to Twitter pattern, incorporating Hashtag analysis and keyword research.
  • We targets customers based on gender & location - We engage them with impressive tweets and respond to them timely and professionally.
  • We integrate & develop different interest categories around your brand to build more attractive and powerful customer engagement.

Let your brand elevate to newer heights with established value and enhanced customer engagement