5 Ways Social Media Campaign Can Bring Increased ROI For Your Company

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5 Ways Social Media Campaign Can Bring Increased ROI For Your Company

Social media is no more a place for virtual hangout or an addition to your online presence. It has become a significant platform which bridges the gap between you and your potential customers.  When you are in a constant battle to grab every customer’s attention, it is your will, and moreover, your process of how you create a positive and … Read More

5 Powerful Ways You Can Improve Your Search Value By Combining SEO And PPC

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Improve Your Search Value By Combining SEO And PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been in existence for quite a while, ever since people started using this platform for gaining business-specific visibility. And, along with SEO, there came a bunch of other alternatives which paved the way for optimizing the marketing strategy for a website in an altogether different ways, directed towards the core objective: improve visibility and search … Read More

10 Top Social Media Marketing Tools for Increased Brand Awareness

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If you act smartly and diligently on your digital marketing strategies, then you would pretty much understand how effective is the social media marketing. It is, certainly, the most powerful communication platform in the current times, bridging the gap between your company and your customers. It is just a matter of a creative thought-process, innovative strategy and an internet connection … Read More

SEO Tactics – What High Value and White Hat Steps You Need To Implement

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SEO Tactics for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around long enough, that it has gone through a myriad of changes over the course its usage. And with Google stamping its authority over the SEO parameters through algorithm updates, time and again, there has been a lot of debate and conclusive stories about what are high value and organic tactics that puts you … Read More

What Is The Basic Difference Between ‘Fetch’ & ‘Fetch and Render’ in Google Search Console

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Search Console Features – ‘Fetch’ & ‘Fetch and Render’

Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a premier web service from Google, that helps it to communicate with webmasters. Through the Search Console, webmasters can check their site’s indexing status, identify different issues and optimize its visibility. And the best part is that using Search Console is absolutely free. For any webmaster, utilizing the Search Console … Read More

5 Must-Do SEO Tips Every Beginner Should Know

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Tips for SEO Beginners

With an evolving virtual business space that is highly flexible, Search Engine Marketing (SEO) entails the world full of standards, techniques, methods and know-how, which one must keep updated with to gain expertise and grow. As an SEO beginner, there is a lot that you need to familiarize with; tools, techniques, methodologies that forms the base of SEO ploys that … Read More

What is the Future of SEO? 5 Factors to Look Into!

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Future of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since it was introduced to the digital world, has evolved through many phases and changes, with the introduction of newer techniques, elimination of several methodologies, and a lot more. In current retrospective, it can be safe to say that future holds the same altering patterns that we have been witnessing till date. So, what does the … Read More

Bounce Rate As Ranking Factor? Google Says No

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Bounce Rate in SEO

In the last few years. Web marketers have long argued about if the bounce rate is a good metric to include as a ranking signal. Every digital marketing specialist has put in their own visions and thoughts. But one thing, that most, after a thorough analysis and rank metrics will agree upon, is that bounce rate is definitely not a … Read More