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Search Engine Friendly Website or User friendly Website?

The people for the people create Websites. They are designed to share about the ideas and offerings of business, brand and organization. Some people think that it is important to make website user friendly, so those using it should be able to get the most out of it. While many others think, that it is more important to work on their page rankings to increase the revenue of the business anyhow. But, what is more significant to reap maximum benefit out of your online presence?

Why websites should be user friendly?

When any small or big business plan to have a website, the goal is usually to get more customers, spread the awareness about brand or business or promote products and services of a business. All these goals can be achieved only if the site is user friendly. If your site delivers an overwhelming experience to users and give them reason to stick with it, then only users will be able to respond as per your desires and expectations. If your website is user friendly:

  • It will create positive impact of your brand and business.
  • It will make your targeted audience to stick to your site.
  • It will increase the chances of your visitors being turned into customers

Some of the essential features of a user friendly website

  • Attractive in appearance
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Consistent and clear in layout, design, and labeling
  • Must look trustworthy
  • Quick to download

Why your website should be Search Engine friendly?

Your efforts of creating attractive and user friendly website go all in vain if your website is not Search Engine friendly. Your customers and targeted audience will search for your brands, products and services through search engines.

Remember, there are millions of businesses and individuals in your city as well as other places around the world engaged in offering same kind of products and services. If your site is not search engine friendly, it will not appear on top search engine result pages when your potential customers are looking for them. When your site is not capable of being searched by your targeted audience instantly, there are least chances of survive and succeed in the online world.

Features of a Search Engine friendly website

  • It appears on the top most search engine result pages instantly when your targeted audience searches for it.
  • It has been created and optimized as per search engine guidelines.
  • It is constantly updated as per announcements and updates by the major search engines.
  • An adequately and appropriately optimized websites will have top most rankings as well as commendable online reputation.

If your website is user friendly but not search engine friendly it will remain a dull piece of art, kept in a corner, unnoticeable and unproductive. If your website is search engine friendly but not user friendly, it will not serve your purpose either. Your site won’t be able to rank higher for a long time if it is not user friendly. If you want to make your website productive for your business, it is essential to adorn it with features adorable by our targeted users as well as search engines.

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