October 5

10 SEO Tips Every Front End Developer Should Know in 2016


The design of a website considers one of the most significant success factors and it does not affect only the user experience but also the SEO campaign. In today’s web-smart world Web designing and SEO are synonymous to each other. Modern web designers need to learn, that with the right kind of SEO they can do miracles for their website. In this article, we will discuss the subject of SEO friendly design that will help front end developers to build better and more useful websites regarding both functionality and crawl-ability.

Here are 10 SEO tips that every Front End Developer should know in 2016, that are as follows:

  1. Smart and responsive design: If you want to create an SEO-friendly website is then it should be attractive yet responsive. If your site looks good and matches well with various devices, it is an absolute winner.
  2. Content: If you were using too long text or excessive use of keywords that is not considered as a user-friendly practice. On the other hand, it can damage the rankings of the page and the image of your brand. To avoid such problems, you should use the Keyword Analyzer tool.
  3. Clear URL Organization: For an SEO- friendly website a clear and logical URL formation is necessary. Search engine dislikes the confusing URLs.
  4. Speed Matters: It is one of the most important steps to be considered as if your website does not load quickly then you can lose your valuable customers along with traffic. Slow speed undoubtedly affects your site ranking system.
  5. Code Cleaning: It is the sign of a good developer that he/she can minimize the code and still work surprises with a web page.  Coding is something due to which a lot of things happen on a website.
  6. Easy Navigation: It is correct that if your users didn’t find out your navigation method, then they will surely move on to another after closing your website. That’s why easy navigation is essential.
  7. Use of CSS Image Sprites: To download one large image is easy and quicker, so just to reduce the stress on the server CSS image sprites plays a vital role. It is a collection of small images that merged into one large image.
  8. Use of JavaScript: It’s right that with the help of JavaScript you can make the popular website, but it should be utilized partly.  Excessive use of JavaScript provides a negative impact on the users instead of obtaining positive one.
  9. Provide clear instructions to consumers: It is compulsory to give the clear idea to the users when they visit your website so that they can easily find out the things they are looking for without any stress.
  10.  No use to Flash: If you are still using flash then it is advisable to you to avoid it completely due to its insecure nature. It also provides negative impacts on the overall ranking. The last point is that do not apply flash to your text or for navigation.

About the author

Alekh Verma

A web marketing specialist, known for his bold and insightful approach to every web industry trend, Alekh Verma is a proud Founder and CEO of a successful Mobile App Development, Web Development and Digilat Marketing firm, eSearch Logix Technologies. His effective and inventive ideology has helped to shape the success story of his firm, which has now grown into a successful, leading digital marketing company based in NCR, India. He brings a global perspective to the industry, and has helped multitudes of businesses across the globe from all sectors create an impactful presence in the virtual world.


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