How Augmented Reality Boosts Engagement and Awareness on Social Media?

How Augmented Reality Boosts Engagement and Awareness on Social Media?
Digital Marketing |   December 26, 2019 by  Alekh Verma

In present times Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has become a staple to boost consumer engagement across a lot of industries. While the gaming industry has been enjoying various benefits in this regard, business marketing has started to take over through the advanced technology of Augmented Reality. It has also been evolving the way of viewing the products and making decisions in online shopping platforms.

Many companies like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are delivering newer and effective ways to promote their products. Brands have managed to adopt both AR & VR and boosting their audience engagement tremendously at a global level. Augmented reality is transforming the way brands interact with customers on social media by linking it in our physical and digital world.

How Augmented Reality (AR) Benefits Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, companies are integrating AR technology in most of their websites and applications. They are serving consumers with an exceptional experience to try out various products before making a final purchase. This can help users to try different items and know what works best for them.
We are shifting to an era where social media content will completely turn into 3D powered by AR. The increase in the usage of interactive AR content is shaping the future of social media. The social media users are less likely to take interest in TV-style ads that try to touch their emotions. Consequently, businesses should be ready to take advantage of AR for targeting the new markets and offering an innovative user interface.

AR Eliminates the Need of Visiting Physical Stores

Today, many brands are focusing to deliver engaging and interactive ways to draw consumers’ attention. People can easily purchase products through social media advertisements and promotions. Therefore, consumers don’t need to visit physical stores to buy their desired products.

AR Allows to Add Interactive Videos

The core objective of every business is to engage more and more consumers to maintain a good relationship with them. Brands these days are emphasizing on creating engaging AR videos. 360-degree videos are used to display products in a better way that increases sales and ROI. This technology made social media management much more convenient by incorporating various features and functionality.

AR Empowers Quick Purchasing Decisions

Since people can try out different products virtually through this technology, it helps them to make informed decisions. It gives more convenience to users and saves them from standing in a long queue at the stores. It helps to save consumers time and allows them to make better decisions while purchasing a product.

Today, various companies have already started to implement websites and apps powered by AR to boost their consumer engagement. At eSearch Logix, we offer the best SMO services that give a more immersive experience to consumers and generate direct sales. Speak to us today!

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