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eSearch Logix is your reliable SEO company in India that offers affordable and result-oriented solutions. From researching your competitors and planning conversion-oriented content to optimizing site structure, leverage the best SEO services for your business.

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Ready to boost your revenue with effective SEO Services? Let s work with India's best SEO Company!

The technique of optimizing a website to improve its organic visibility on Search Engines is termed as search engine optimization, which includes optimization of several factors ranging from optimization of Title and Meta Description, Internal Linking, Content, Website Speed, Structure and creation of Backlinks. eSearch Logix is one the best SEO companies in India offering WhiteHat SEO Services at affordable Monthly Management Fee with assured results in terms of organic traffic, and keywords ranking. Our experienced Search Engine Optimization Experts will optimize your website to rank it on top of Google SERPs. At eSearch Logix, all our valued customers are supplied with the most efficient SEO services around the globe. Our qualified and SEO Certified Experts actively work with our clients to deliver them with the long term SEO results and ROI. We don’t just aim for top rankings. We focus on driving the relevant traffic to your website, generating high quality leads, and significantly boosting your sales and revenue by implementing the right and effective Search Engine Optimization strategies.

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What’s Included with Top SEO Services?

The key to success in SEO relies on how we plan our strategies and undertake quality steps that ensure the best SEO results.

Website Detailed Analysis

Detailed website analysis

Our detailed Analysis starts with Website review, followed by Content Analysis, Technical analysis and on page analysis by our SEO Experts with the help of premium tools like SEMRush, ESLRanksPro and Ahrefs. Ranging from competitors and your existing website backlinks analysis, we go through the webpages to make sure that we can identify each part that is not SEO friendly and can be improved. After examining your business website, our SEO professionals get on the right track for designing a personalized and customized SEO strategy. This activity helps us in optimizing the website to get the best and long term SEO results compared to the core competitors of that respective business.

Strategic Keyword Research

Keywords research

Keywords Research is one of the most important aspects of any successful SEO Campaign. Finding and Targeting the right set of Keywords mean increased opportunities to drive relevant organic traffic. Our SEO Account Manager will schedule a kick off call to understand the services or products of your business. Our experts are skilful at researching the keywords as per the current performance of your website to provide the best value for SEO efforts. We track ranking improvements on targeted keywords and consider it as one of the important Key Performance Indicators. We use various tools like SEMRush, Google Keywords Planner, ESL Ranks Pro etc. to perform the Keywords Research and Rank Tracking.

Onpage optimization to boost your digital presence

Onpage optimization

Onpage An essential principle while dealing with the on-page optimization strategies is to optimize keeping your users in mind not only Search Engines. Without onpage optimization, it might get difficult for your website to rank high even with the off page optimization. All our plans cover Meta tags, Alt attributes, images, site load time, headings (h1, h2 etc.), content optimization, design consultation, canonicalization, XML Sitemap, Core Web Vitals, Image Optimization, Structured Data and more to make your website super search engine and user friendly both.

Quality Content optimization to Improve Online Visibility

Content optimization

It includes writing and optimizing the content with useful and relevant information on your website which can help users to find the accurate information they are looking for. A website with the useful information is always a preference of users as well Google. Our team analyze and update website content as well plan the website blog content strategy. Which includes review of Existing Website's Content, and our expert writers create new content for the website as per the need of strategy considering the business type. We prefer to follow the Pillar page strategy while planning the Content Strategy for your website and blog.

Supercharge Your Strategy with Competitor Analysis

Competitors analysis

We as an SEO Agency understand the importance of Competitors Analysis before starting any SEO Campaign. A thorough competitors analysis allows us to provide you with the best search engine optimization strategies that outrank all your competition in your niche. We analyze your competitors for Keywords they are ranking for, Organic traffic, Backlinks and Strategy they are following to keep themselves on top. We keep an eye on your competitors to make a comparison.

Onpage optimization to boost your digital presence

Content marketing

We plan, write, publish and distribute the content for your business to help increase the visibility of your website in SERPs and to raise your brand awareness and reputation. We create relevant content like blog posts, articles, whitepapers, infographics, Social Media, Podcasts and e-books. We track performance of content using analytics tools to understand the effectiveness of our content marketing strategy. It also helps us in acquiring backlinks which ultimately gives boost to your website rankings.

High-quality backlinks creation for online success

High-quality backlinks creation

Backlink is the favorite formula of the Search Engines’ algorithms, and plays an important role in website rankings. With the most recent Google updates, a huge portion of link building methods used earlier are no longer accepted and can cause penalties from the Search Engine. Our SEO experts follow the safest backlink creation techniques to get high quality backlinks using guest posts, link outreach, broken link building, skyscraper technique, website blogging, multimedia content creation and distribution to improve your website's Search Engine Optimization.

Online Reputation monitoring

Reputation monitoring

Online Reputation plays a very sensitive role for your online business. Monitoring is about keeping an eye on what people think and say about a business or an individual online. This includes checking SERPs, Social Media, and what people writing on business listing websites. With our higher SEO Packages we manage your organization’s brand as well as your products online. Our primary objective through this process is to create and promote existing positive content about your brand on Google 1st page.

Effective Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization

Local SEO helps to increase your visibility in Local Search Results on Google. Some of our Local SEO tasks includes Google Business Listing optimization, Creating Local Citations(NAP), Local business schema, Local Keywords Research and optimizing meta title tags with local services related keywords and acquiring links from local sources. Local SEO connects you with the potential local customers and is recommended for any business serving in a specific geographic location or has a physical location.

Stay Ahead - Track Your Rankings with Precision

Rank tracking

Rank Tracking helps us understand how well our SEO Strategies are performing. Also, on the other hand it gives clear idea on ROI in SEO. Rank tracking is one of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), it checks your targeted keywords' current ranking positions on Search Engines as compared to the previous period. That is the reason for which keywords position tracking has become important. We use ESL Ranks Pro for daily Rank updates in Google. It also helps us to know which keyword is bringing traffic and conversions.

Powerful Social Media Optimization for your Campaign

Social media optimization

We provide the basic Social Media Setup included with our SEO Plans as per the need. Social Media plays its own indirect role in SEO and we consider it one of the important strategies out of many. It helps in increased visibility, and drive more traffic as well as it generates various opportunities like local engagement, link acquisition, brand awareness, brand keyword searches, and more.

Insightful Traffic Reporting Drive Success

Traffic reporting

When it comes to the Traffic, it is one of the important KPI to measure the perfomance. By the help of Google Analytics, we continuously monitor the traffic projection on your website. At the end of every month, you would be getting a website's complete organic traffic progress report since we started the campaign as well as compared to the previous month.

Our Monthly SEO Packages


(Small Business)


Up to 10 Keywords


(Moderate competitive)






Up to 50 Keywords


(Large Websites)


Up to 100 Keywords




Up to 200 Keywords
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Why Hire eSearch Logix as Your SEO Company In India?

SEO Company in India
Our Expert SEO Services

We are a team of SEO experts in India with more than 12 years of experience who can help any business grow ONLINE. The newest industry inclinations totally stir the processes at eSearch Logix – An Indian SEO Company. We constantly develop our tactics further by thoughtfully applying the latest technological skills and unified marketing intellect. Our expertise in authentic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Management, SMO, Pay Per Click, and Website Development & Designing strategies ideally assist in generating brand cognizance for your trade in the digital world.

We make sure that our top-ranking strategies are in perfect synchronization with the altering algorithmic of the search engines that we observe carefully around the year. Our highly skilled writers & editors produce high-value and engaging content that we utilize for promoting as well as boosting the online presence of your business website along with the quality relevant backlinks acquisition. Our user-centric methodologies are designed to deliver brilliant results and the best ROI. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you out in an efficient way with outstanding customer support.

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Technical SEO Services

At eSearch Logix, we believe that a healthy website means an improved ranking, better organic traffic, and a better user experience for all visitors. Keeping that in mind we are providing our customers with quality Technical SEO services in India that will improve their ranking and overall organic traffic.

We’ll ensure your site is indexed correctly by search engines and crawlable by Search Engine bots, so users can easily find what they’re looking for. We’ll also optimize the page speed of your site so that it feels fast, even if it’s hosted on an older server or slower connection (which is pretty much most of the websites). We’ll even make sure that it’s mobile-friendly, so you don’t lose out on any potential customers who are using smartphones or tablets to browse the web. Also, we have an expert team to take care of technical SEO work and improve Core Web Vitals of your website.

And when all is said and done? You’ll have a more delighted customers!

Technical SEO Services
Mobile SEO Services
Mobile SEO Services

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour. According to the latest research by Google, more than 80% of smartphone users access the Internet over handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets etc. With every new update in its algorithm, Google is focused on giving more importance to mobile-friendly sites. If your website is not Mobile Friendly or not optimized for mobiles or tablets, then you are losing more than half of your opportunities. Mobile optimization explores the website design, page speed, site structure, and other added things to ensure that you are not carelessly turning away mobile visitors.

Mobile SEO is the technique of confirming that the viewers who visit your site through their mobile devices have an experience optimized for the gadget and without tapping or zooming can navigate and make a purchase. So, are you looking to improve your website visibility on Mobile Search Results as well as the conversion rate when visitors land on your web page? We will be going to help you with that and make your business successful via both Mobile and Desktop Search Engine Optimization of your website with increased traffic, top rankings, and conversions.


SEO Implementation

SEO implementation is where the actual art and expertise are needed to get the best results in rankings, traffic, and sales. After looking over your market and competitors and seeing the keywords, we will create an SEO Campaign strategy that will lead us through the SEO implementation on your business website according to the schedule.

Search Engine Optimization implementation is a process that is meant to plan a fullproof strategy to get the maximum ROI in less time and avoid any future penalties by keeping yourself under guidelines.

In other words, we can say that SEO implementation is the authentic optimization procedure planned by which we will enhance your website and make it more accessible for search engines and users. By utilizing our skills, we can make your website rank higher in search engines and magnetize targeted traffic to your website.

SEO Implementation for Business Growth
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More Reasons To Partner With An Indian SEO Company Like Us

We are Award-winning SEO Agencies in India and our 90%+ retention rate proves that very well.

Only White-Hat SEO Tactics​

Bad Search Engine Optimization is worse than not doing SEO at all. We correspond to the guidelines of Google and other search engines and follow only White-Hat and ethical SEO practices and implementation. Be calm with your SEO results.

Our Transparency

Successful SEO needs time and effort. We are transparent about what we do, how we will do that, and when you can expect to start seeing positive results. We have an approval system in place, our team take approval before making any changes on your website.


“Give your Business A New Success with eSearch Logix Technologies an SEO Company in India
Business owners are required to understand the fact that offline & online marketing is getting co-dependent now. The offline comments of the viewers can have an effect on your online presence. Similarly, what the audiences determine about you online could impact your brand image as well as the overall marketing results. Search Engine Optimization is the best and cheapest way to introduce your business to people and make the best of it with free clicks to your website for a long time once it is ranked in the top results.


Quality and providing with the potentially improved traffic, keywords rankings, as well as sales/inquiries is our primary focus for all our customers.

In combination with making efforts for transforming your website into an easier one to navigate for the search engines and real users both, SEO all together supports in making any website super user-friendly concerning information and browsing. Search engine optimization includes the process of reorganizing a website’s architecture as well as the internal links to make it easier to navigate the pages within a website. This procedure not just makes it simpler for the search engines crawl your web pages and locate them quickly, but also turns it to get easier for the end user to find what exactly they are looking for.


eSearch Logix Technologies India constantly engaged in bringing the highest rankings for our client’s online businesses through our smart, ethical and organic search engine optimization efforts.

eSearch Logix team can help you to tread smartly to earn maximum online revenues.

Moreover, being in the top rankings for your targeted keywords is not just beneficial for the users to relate your brand name with those keywords, but it infuses faith since the organizations in the top rankings are mostly observed to be more dependable. The more your content and webpages rank high on the search result pages, the more possibilities you have for the users to view your content and link back to your business.

We make your business website reach the targeted users at the right time in combination with the high reputation and finest information through authentic content marketing and search engine optimization strategies.


The basic purpose of an effective search engine optimization is to use a campaign strategy at the least possible risk and cost with the intention of maximizing the profit ratio together with increased sales. Making an investment in the Search Engine Optimization services is now highly essential than ever before.

Key benefits of Search Engine Optimization are Increased relevant traffic, improved visibility, brand awareness, ROI, and last not the least it is very cost-efficient and comes with the stable results.

Being SEO Experts with years of experience, we promise to provide you with the best of search engine optimization services. The digital world has transformed intensely over the recent years, but SEO still exists as an operative and critical marketing strategy. With our professional SEO services, we can make deliver you increased traffic, high return on investment, improved site usability, together with brand awareness!!

Your Satisfaction, Our Pride
Customer Testimonials
Read Read Stories of Customer Satisfaction through Customer Testimonials

Discover authentic stories of customer success, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Their communication skills were impressive.
Thanks to eSearch Logix Technologies' work, the client's web traffic increased by 25%. Their social media engagement also rose by 30%. The team delivered the project on time and met the timeline requirements. Their communication skills were also commendable. Overall, the engagement was successful.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Amy W President@Management Consulting Company

They're very fast and have good quality.
We have been working with Logix for 6 months. Since December (starting project) our visitor and turnover have been increasing. We plus about 10-15% every month. That's why we gave them more work for our other case. They also do our Amazon account services. They built a great store for our company on Amazon. We are very satisfied with this company and highly recommend it.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Sharog Sayad SEO Manager@TotaalBeauty

The good communication, fast turnaround, and reasonable pricing were impressive.
eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provided significant help to the client coordinating with them seamlessly using Basecamp. The communication, turnaround, and pricing of their work stood out the most during the engagement.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Anonymous Owner@Outpatient Treatment Provider

Their knowledge, teamwork, and coordination within and with the clients impressed us.
Their knowledge, teamwork, and coordination within and with the clients impressed us. And how much effectiveness and innovation they bring to the table. As we projected, our fair share in market has grown 1.5 times, within the second month of seo work, and we are being appreciated by our customer base.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Jussy Smith Marketing Manager@Thamel Shop

Expert and responsive team!
The company has a reliable, . They took care of our expectations during the entire website design & development phase and have willingly met all our requests for change...!!

google reviews esearch
Joey Lawrence Owner

The communication was clear and every project phase was handled in a timely manner
More people are interested in coaching services. eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd handled the project skillfully. Their team was communicative and knowledgeable. They developed an effective marketing solution quickly.

Ingrid Arna CEO@Ingrid Arna Pty. Ltd

Everything goes smoothly, in a very clear way.
“ eSearch Logix Technologies has received positive acclaim for their efforts. Their professionalism, knowledge, and effectiveness are highly commendable. They demonstrate expertise in handling various claims and resolving Amazon issues, working smoothly and efficiently to achieve positive outcomes.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Ignas Dučinskas Director@Consumer Electronics Company

They understood our demographic and created the platform.
eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. generated a mobile app that secured increasing downloads and affirmations from its users. The team maximized their use of effective communication channels to reach out to their client and provide updates. Their promptness and responsiveness stood out as well.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Nelia Director@Caregiving Company

After launching our website, we saw a 50% increase in traffic
The website resulted in a 50% increase in traffic and 100% increase in leads, meeting the internal team’s expectations. A communicative partner, eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. gave daily project progress updates and a heads up if there would be any issues.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Parvez Ahmed Technical Engineer@Ali Bin Khalifa Alhitmi & Co.

Équipe professionnelle, rigoureuse, les projets sont livrés au délais. Objectif bien planifié et et atteint à chaque étape Je recommande Esearch Logix

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Amor Atri Owner

They've respected our timelines.
eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has successfully updated the web platform of the company. Their accessibility and outstanding work ensure customer satisfaction. Reactive team, Professional, Competitive!

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Lilia Owner@Wadi Rum Camp

Highly recommended!
eSearch Logix is the best digital marketing company. They are expertise in ranking website and creating brand awareness in online media. I’m fully satisfied with their work and how open & skilled they are with what they do. They are professional and always update me so I know exactly what they’re doing.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
jessica albey Owner

They have the ability to adhere to changes along the way.
The work of eSearch Logix was effective because it successfully exposed the client to leads and potential clients. The team met all deadlines and maintained consistent communication throughout the engagement. Their flexibility, speed of delivery, and transparency were stellar.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
Harvey Bahia Director@Birmingham Crew DJs & Events

From start to finish, their project management has been very commendable.
eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. completed the website within the given timeframe. The project management was very efficiently handled. Their team was communicative, customer-focused, and highly professional.

eSearch Logix Clutch Review
GS Managing Director@Marketing Company

Frequently Asked Questions (SEO FAQ'S)

Search Engine Optimization is an essential ingredient of your marketing approaches, it enhances the visibility of your website in Search Engines (ex. Google) organic results. SEO is very cost-effective and a long-term online marketing strategy for your business website. SEO brings you new clients, opportunities, as well as building your brand on the web with long term benefits.

We recommend to go with our full 6 Months SEO plan to see the better and stable results, but usually, we have noticed that after three months of SEO you can be able to see the considerable improvements, as well will notice the improvements in visibility just after the first month SEO implementation.

SEO is an investment with long-term benefits to your online business. eSearch Logix a SEO Company in India offer plans starting at USD 199.00 per month, but as all the companies and requirement vary regarding target market, niche, and budget. So we have composed different Search Engine Optimization plans respecting every of our customers in mind. We do have custom programs based on the specific requirements.

SEO takes a little time to show up the full impact of the work done. Our team would be sharing the regular updates weekly, as well as the ranking improvement report and organic traffic report from the very first month, where you can be able to see if the things are working or not from the very first month.

We are one of the preeminent SEO Companies in India, and you will get professional services from us all the way. As per the size of the campaign we can come up with the best fixed-price or hourly cost for maintenance.

We are very much familiar with the operation of Search Engines as well as their Quality Guidelines. Search Engine Optimization will not be going to die! Just Search Engines making themselves even better and advanced. We always focus on generating more traffic, sales/inquiries through organic means to your website implementing our best SEO strategies. We never guarantee to place your website in 1st position on Google, in fact, we assure you for increased relevant traffic, sales and improved rankings on 1st and 2nd page of Google on targeted as well as other related keywords.

Google bring changes to its search algorithm around 500–600 times in a year. We at eSearch Logix – SEO Company in India work very closely with the Search Quality Guidelines, and we are a team of Forward Thinkers and adhered to the quality. We have a full proof record with zero penalties on any of our project even we helped few of the businesses with the penalties due to algorithmic changes and brought their websites back on track.

Our SEO program is entirely designed to cover every aspect of your website to optimize it concerning On-page, Off-page, and Technical factors. Competitors analysis followed by Keywords research are our two main initial activities which plan the rest of the strategy for any campaign. Implementing a strong On-page, and Technical Search Engine Optimization followed by building quality relevant links make us confident to improve SEO rankings of any website.

We make every small change on your website after your approval only. Our SEO team will inform you about the changes we want to perform along with the logical reason and post benefit of it.

We use a Project Management Tool - Basecamp, and ESL Ranks Pro for Rank Monitoring specifically to keep our clients up to date regarding the project status and easy and centralize communication, seo rank monitoring and you will be invited to the same once you are sign-up with us. Our team will be in regular touch with you on our PMS and be sending updates weekly and at the end of every month along with the complete work done.

For the best one, eSearch Logix definitely stands tall amongst all, as it has been validated by several top media houses and industry publishers. Being in the industry for the last 12 years, we have successfully completed over thousands of projects, and have been sublime and proactive in leveraging the SEO practices the most effective way to set benchmarks in the field.

An adept and professional SEO agencies, which works utilizing white-hat techniques, will leverage an assortment of tools and technologies. These tools are needful for accessing and managing data and to keep track of the entire SEO process and website performance.

There are different tools pertaining to different SEO activities and stages and few of which that eSearch Logix use are Google Search Console, ESL Ranks Pro, ahrefs, SEMRush etc.

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