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SEO Consulting: Your Roadmap to Ranking, Revenue, and Traffic

  • Do you have an idea about SEO but don’t know how to reap benefits from it?
  • Do you have an established website that is losing rankings?
  • Do you want to uncover your SEO campaign’s weaknesses?
  • Do you want to increase your online revenue?
  • Do you want to rank higher than your competitors?

eSearch Logix provides top-notch SEO consulting services focused on developing and implementing an SEO strategy for your business to rank well on Google and drive tons of organic traffic to your website. We combine our years of expertise, experience, premium tools, and data to optimize your SEO campaigns.

eSearch Logix provides top-notch SEO consulting services focused on developing and implementing an SEO strategy for your business to rank well on Google and drive tons of organic traffic to your website. We combine our years of expertise, experience, premium tools, and data to optimize your SEO campaigns.

We are an award-winning SEO company India recognized as one of the top 10% of global winners on Clutch. We are also Google Certified Partners and have been awarded both locally and nationally for SEO and digital marketing.

ESearch Logix team has over a decade of experience in assisting organizations to grow organically on Google. We understand what it takes to get to the top spot on SERP and drive conversions to increase revenue.

Whether your SEO strategies are not bringing desired results or you don’t have an in-house team, we can plan, develop, and execute an SEO strategy to help your business derive ranking and revenues.

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SEO Consulting Services to Help you Take a Big Leap

Expert SEO Consulting Services

What is included in our SEO consulting services?

Our SEO consultants can help you with all aspects of your SEO campaigns, partially or fully, as per your needs, covering all aspects of SEO and digital marketing, including SEO audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, and more. Our SEO consulting services include, but are not limited to, the following aspects of SEO and digital marketing consultation:

1. Comprehensive website audit

We use the best SEO tools to find all the trivial as well as serious SEO issues affecting the rank of your website. A comprehensive audit pointer checklist is used to analyse the factors affecting your site and deliver an SEO audit report with actionable recommendations that our team (if you need them) can implement for you.

3. Keyword Targeting

We provide dependable consultation when it comes to performing keyword targeting for your website. Depending on your industry, we will prepare a comprehensive list of keywords to help you create an effective SEO strategy.

5. Content marketing strategy

Our team of marketers, web developers, and content experts works together to create customized content strategies for clients, helping them outperform their competitors.

9. Detailed reporting

We provide regular, transparent, and detailed reports to help you gauge your website performance before and after our SEO campaign. Each report is customized to include all the metrics relevant to your business, including audience engagement, site traffic, conversion rates, sales, keyword trends, and so on.

2. SEO competitor analysis

Our SEO consultants are dedicated to reviewing your competitor’s website performance, analysing the keyword strategy and the SEO tactics, and tailoring a unique SEO strategy to ensure maximum visibility and organic traffic.

4. On-page SEO optimization

Our on-page SEO optimization considers an on-page SEO audit and a technical SEO audit. Our team of consultants looks into the on-page issues on your website and implements a strategy to increase the CTR.

8. Link-building strategy

Website links indicate to Google how credible and relevant your inbound and outbound links are on your website. We analyse your link building using the best SEO tools and recommend the best actions to help you implement an effective link building strategy covering both inbound and outbound linking to establish the authority of your site.

Why choose us and not our competitors?

Whether you are looking for an SEO expert to create a comprehensive strategy for your business or your in-house SEO team needs guidance to move in the right direction, our SEO consultant can help you drive targeted organic traffic, increase leads, and grow revenue.

Premium tools

We use premium tools to track your performance and optimize your website to get the best results. Our SEO experts combine advanced technologies, domain expertise, and agile methodologies to provide result-oriented SEO solutions.

Long-term results

Our SEO strategies are built to stand the test of time and deliver the promised results.

Data-driven approach

We use a data-driven approach to address all your website issues and come up with the best solutions for resolving them.

On-demand reports

Our SEO consulting services are backed up with regular, comprehensive, and transparent reporting. Our experts share key analyses of important aspects such as your conversion rate, organic traffic, engagement rate, and more.

Customized SEO consultation services

We have worked with thousands of businesses belonging to diversified industries, and from our experience, we know that each business is unique and requires customized SEO solutions to meet its specific goals and challenges.

FAQ's about SEO Consulting services

Looking to know more about SEO services for your small business? Browse our FAQ section.

Professional SEO consulting services include the process of analysing a website's current SEO strategies and performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing effective strategies to increase organic traffic on search engine results.

SEO consultants offer a wide range of services, including website audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, content marketing strategies, and so on. They take a data-driven approach to measure and analyse the performance and give recommendations.

There is no explicit guarantee of the time period required to get results from SEO ranking services. There are around 200 known Google ranking factors that affect the algorithm and website ranking. However, it is a general assumption that a website can attain high rankings for long-tail keywords within 3 months and for competitive keywords within 6 months.

There is no fixed budget for SEO consulting services. It depends on many factors, such as age, the size of the website, the competitiveness of the information, the number and quality of keywords, and more.

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If you are a business owner looking to improve your website ranking or your SEO company India team needs guidance to enhance your SEO strategy for optimal success, you can count on our expertise for data-driven and result-oriented strategies and recommendations.

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