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E-Commerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing – we will make your shopping website super effective!
Maximizing Your Store's Potential with Expert E-commerce Marketing

What You Gain With Our E-commerce Marketing Services?

  • Grow your online sales 4X
  • 10+ years of expertise in online and e-commerce marketing
  • Hundreds of successful e-commerce marketing projects delivered
  • 150% increase in ROI
  • Certified ecommerce marketing professionals


Email Marketing Management including planning offers and discounts for subscribers.

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Scale And Grow Your Online Store – Start Selling More – Tried And Tested Ecommerce Marketing Strategies.

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing can be defined as tactics and methods that help you create, grow, market your online store and improve sales and revenue. Ecommerce marketing is the route to help you sell more online.

Ecommerce marketing includes process to develop an online store picking the right platform, create and manage product listing, catalogue, implement SEO tactics, and leverage marketing channels to increase outreach, enhance lead generation and conversion, promote the store through various different mediums, and increase sales.


The competition is stiff in the online selling sector, whether you are selling locally, nationally or globally. Without proper store optimization and marketing methods, you will lag behind your competitors. Why would anyone buy from your store or marketplace if they aren’t able to find your store, product through search results or know about your brand?

Ecommerce marketing involves tactics that helps to develop, create, and execute your strategy to attract leads, gain more paying customers. It helps to:

  • Lay Your Online Store Foundation – Every website, whether it is an ecommerce platform, needs a strong foundation that is SEO-friendly, product pages effectively organized, structured navigation, and much more elements.
  • Consolidate Your Operations–It organizes your siloed channels, helps to leverage data collation and tracking tools, access multi-channel listings, reach customers effectively and create a centralized process for managing operations.
  • Reduce Abandoned Carts – Marketing helps to enhance your cart management. Compiling optimization and marketing mechanisms, you make your store appeal to the customers so they return and complete their purchase.
  • Popularize Your Quality Products & USP – Your store would have an USP, but it won’t be reflected until you highlight that throughout. Ecommerce marketing helps to take your best products forth and showcase their value to the users.
  • Reach Wider Base of Target Audience – The more your reach is, the better you have a pool of prospects, leads and more the chances of conversion. Marketing helps to do that effectively.
  • Beat Competition, Boost Efficiency – You are able to expand your online store’s business potential, understand what your customer need so you are able to put that in front of that, implement data-driven strategies to improve ROI.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Spending–Ecommerce marketing helps in getting data insights, optimize the spending, implement strategies that help to take actionable steps, which consequently helps to eliminate uneconomical spending.

eSearch Logix has decade of expertise and experience in ecommerce management, a pool of talent and advanced resources, and a creative and data-driven approach that has helped us run successful marketing campaigns for online stores, local and global, through the years.


We understand full eCommerce marketing needs and offering a wide range of solutions to make your business super effective, this service is launched by keeping all the aspects of e-commerce business in mind. We charge a low set-up and management fee as per the module you select with assured quality services from our expert e-commerce marketing team.


How we can take your ecommerce store forward? Let’s dive deep into what comprehensive and structured ecommerce marketing solutions we can deliver for you:

  • Ecommerce Website Design

Our ecommerce website design and development involves a process that is unique to what your project is, and what specifically a profound ecommerce store should have. We create your presence highlighting your unique propositions, give an appealing layout, impressive interface, ensure a simplified navigation and eliminate redundant elements. We develop a store that makes checking out and purchasing products super easy.

  • Ecommerce SEO

This is the most important aspect that takes your foundation, your store to the world and amongst target audience. Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in improving SERPs ranking, enhance visibility and bring inbound traffic. Ecommerce SEO includes technical site optimization, keyword research (intent based), local SEO, Google Analytics implementation, email marketing, customer outreach through multiple channels and more. Our ecommerce SEO helps to:

  • Rank higher in relevant search results
  • Improve shopping experience on desktop, mobile and other devices for the users
  • Enable users to check-out faster, leading to less abandoned carts
  • Ecommerce Content Marketing

How you are communicating your message, spreading your word, engaging with prospects, is central to how your ecommerce marketing performs and how your store grows. All this requires effective and user-focused content marketing. Our ecommerce marketing works to build brand awareness, and promote products effectually. Ecommerce content marketing involves various verticals to share knowledge:

  • Blogs, Articles, Guest Blogs
  • Local Citations
  • Media channel posts
  • Multimedia content including videos, infographics
  • Encouraging reviews from customers
  • Social posts to engage prospects
  • And more
  • Ecommerce Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

While SEO is an organic process and takes time and effort to yield results, for instant results PPC is the most effective advertising channel. We help you put your products in front of interested buyers, at the right place at the right time. Our PPC strategy works by utilizing advertising analysis, implementing landing page conversion optimization, A/B split testing, and tactical keyword research and bid to improve ROI while returning instant sales increase. Our PPC advertising includes:

  • Paid search ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing strategies include organic as well as paid marketing to provide you with a competitive edge. Today’s generation spends much of their time on social channels, and they leverage different channels to not just connect with people but to know about brands and products. We optimize your presence across different platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more to build a connection with your prospects, and develop brand awareness.

We take care of everything including post optimization, valuable content sharing, increasing and interacting with followers, review responses, and more:

  • Creating relevant content to attract and engage the target audience
  • Promoting specials, deals and offers across the channels
  • Timely engagement with audience, managing their queries, complaints and more
  • Reach more leads to increase brand awareness
  • Showcase products through different modes of ads, and content
  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is a core component of ecommerce marketing. It helps you send creative, interesting, likeable and tailored mails to prospects. Our email marketing approach includes newsletters, special deals information, and more exciting news about your brand, products and industry that your subscribers will love to checkout. With email marketing you are developing a bond that increases recurring customer list. It helps to nurture leads, and improve conversion. There are several email marketing solutions we provide:

  • Personalized offers
  • Tell about abandoned cart info, with special deal offer
  • Send surveys to gain more info about their buyer persona
  • And much more
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

The ultimate objective of ecommerce marketing is to bring traffic, and turn leads into conversion, and only then you are able to grow sales. This is where conversion rate optimization (CRO) becomes integral to your entire strategy. This process includes:

  • Improvement in check-out method
  • Optimization of Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons
  • Split testing
  • Testing of products, including their visuals, alt-text, description and more
  • Amazon Marketing

When you want to make your presence on the Amazon Marketplace, you know the competition is stiff, and just mere presence over there won’t yield you results. You have to beat the competition over there within your industry and products category.

Our dedicated Amazon account management along with proactive Amazon marketing services help popularize your products, enhance your ranking in Amazon search results, build customer trust and improve sales and revenue.

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Scale And Grow Your Online Store – Start Selling More – Tried And Tested Ecommerce Marketing Strategies.

Our Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

You know what ecommerce marketing is and what solutions we provide to you. Now, it is time to know how we back our ecommerce marketing solutions with inspired and resourceful strategies to deliver on the promise and results.

Strategy and Consulting

Every ecommerce store is different, and yours would be in a similar phase. We dig deep into what you do, who you want to sell to, what geo-location you want to cover, and thereby align your goals with our solutions to give your store an optimal growth.

Understanding Of Customer/buyer Persona

Just knowing the segment of your target audience is one aspect that is similar to what everyone else does. We go a step ahead understanding their buyer persona, meaning what their interests are, their demographics, budget, use purpose and more aspects to help you present your product and message that they precisely want.

Give Your Brand A Unique, Inspiring Identity

Your site is your brand, and the first impression means a lot for ecommerce sales. We lay out a detailed strategy, backed with research and data to make it in the top shape that appeal to the visitors in an instant.

Provide Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are not only a sale-magnet, but contrary to myth aren’t that costly on the brand side considering the returns these can provide. However, it needs strategy and benefits that no one else can deliver. We factor in all the factors, brainstorm ideas, conduct market research and deliver repeat business and referrals and more sales.

Personalization Of Shopping Experience

Today’s consumers are smart. They don’t go for mass purchase but love from where they can have a personalized experience. We help to provide your users with a personalized experience with tailored marketing elements from start to finish.

Platforms We Cover in Ecommerce Marketing Services

Shopify Ecommerce Marketing Services


Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform. From dedicated Shopify development and SEO, we have the dedicated experts in this technology to grow your online business.

Bigcommerce Ecommerce Marketing


From BigCommerce store development to SEO, campaign optimization and more, you can rest assure that you are in the safe hands of platform experts at each phase.

Magento Ecommerce Marketing


Our powerful magento development and seo process, carried out with strategic process ensures you gain maximum in returns with improved roi.

WooCommerce Marketing


Make your WooCommerce store robust, impressive, grow your online sales with potent development and SEO support that is result-driven.

Volusion Ecommerce Marketing


If you are starting from scratch on Volusion or want to migrate to this, you will gain an enhanced presence, improved sales, with robust and creative approach.

Why Esearchlogix for Your Ecommerce Marketing Services?

We are Ecommerce Experts

With over a decade of experience, and domain experts, whether it is development for a certain platform, digital marketing and more ecommerce solutions, we know how to get the desired results.

We Work In-House Only

Our entire process is done in-house. Right from planning to execution, and tracking, each and every process is handled by a team of professionals, led by a dedicated project manager.

Complete Solutions Under One Roof

Developing your store from scratch, to implementing digital marketing, paid ads, email marketing, social channel management, and much more, we provide complete solutions for your ecommerce store develop and growth.

We Deliver Custom-Tailored Solutions

Whether you are going local, national, or global, whatever products you sale, whoever your target audience is, we take your entire facets in consideration to deliver customized solutions that is unique to your ecommerce marketing only.

We Make Actionable Plans

We don’t go by assumption, but we lay out strategies and plans that are realistic, data-backed and practical. We aim high, and perform tasks that ensure steady growth.

We Focus On End-Results

While store visits, social channel followers and likes are important and looks in numbers; all that matters is how much sale you are making. This is what we focus on and don’t stop until we give you up-front conversions.

Ecommerce marketing – Analyzing & optimizing your customer journey – Enabling them to buy products from your store

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Frequently Asked Questions (ECommerce Marketing)

Ecommerce marketing is the process by which an ecommerce website or store is developed, optimized, and promoted to create brand awareness, reach potential customers and increases sales and revenue. It includes different phases, steps and tactics.
These are many, and differ based on industry or business type:

• Business to Customer (B2C)
• Business to Business (B2C)
• Business to Administration (B2A)
• Consumer to Business (C2B)
• Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
• Consumer to Administration (C2A)

To find the best agency and service for ecommerce marketing, you need to find one that provides advanced, technically efficient, data-driven, research-based services handled by domain experts in the field which provides real growth and results.

Every aspect of ecommerce marketing is important as each one correlates to another, and leaving even one can lead to a void and affect entire marketing and sales funnel negatively. However, customer outreach and engagement is extremely critical in ecommerce marketing, for which social media marketing and email marketing are crucial.
SEO is a complete process or set of activities that are applied to optimize and grow a website’s online presence, SERP ranking and increase organic traffic. Ecommerce marketing means digital processes that are implemented to develop and grow an online store, its customer reach and sales. Ecommerce marketing includes SEO as one core strategy.

With the stiff competition in ecommerce industry, whether it is local market or global, you cannot stay ahead of competitors without proper optimizing and marketing efforts. Therefore, it becomes key for your store’s growth.

Any ecommerce marketing process and strategy should have a strong sales funnel model that includes – Appeal, Convert, Close and Retain.
This depends on your store, products, and the market you want to cover and sales you seek. We have different ecommerce marketing packages. So, whether you are a small business, a start-up, a large online store; whether you want to start from scratch or migrate your brick-and-mortar business online; whether you want to sell locally, nationally or globally; all these constitute to define the marketing cost.

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