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Digital Marketing Services

We Digitize Your Brand – Digital Marketing Services With An ROI-Based Approach

Digital Marketing Services

When you want to leverage the digital spectrum for maximum brand growth and revenue generation, you need the best minds that can cater to your precise requirements with a creative outlook and professional input.

eSearch Logix is a full-fledged Digital Marketing service provider, having successfully handled projects across all business domains, and from across the globe for the past 10+ years.

With expertise in Website Design & Development, Search Engine OptimizationSocial Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, and more spheres, you can be confident of availing the best service and support under one roof from leading digital experts, to drive your digital journey.

In brief, digital marketing service can be defined as a combination of different activities and programs that create and grow the digital presence of an entity, which can be a business or even an individual. In today’s times, when everything is going online, and the internet is the dominating platform to seek information, communicate and connect with someone, look for a service, buy a product and do more, digital marketing service helps a business or a brand to embrace the digital space creating a web presence and expanding exposure and visibility with marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing service covers different verticals, including website design and development, mobile site and app development, search marketing campaigns, paid marketing, content creation and marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.
  • Complete solutions under one roof, from creating a custom website design and development to search and paid marketing, and beyond that.
  • Domain expert team of developers, designers, and marketers – All qualified, certified, and experienced in their respective areas.
  • 100+ team of marketers, having secured proven success with all-size and types of businesses through the years.
  • An award-winning agency, creating a benchmark in the industry with a creative collaborative approach.
  • 1000+ projects successfully delivered over the course.
  • No fixed package – Choose one from our multiple service packages or get one custom-tailored for you.
  • Bespoke service – Choose a full-on digital marketing service package or pick specific services based on your needs.
  • Full transparency at all stages, with timely reporting, and work progress tracking.
  • Reasonable and low-cost pricing, with quality support
We are a 360° Digital Marketing services provider that is ready to take on new challenges. We use the latest and multiple strategies to service any size and type of business, transforming its digital presence with resounding growth.

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Marketing and advertising aren’t something new. But the dimensions have changed nowadays. Everything is accessed, secured, and reached through the digital medium. In fact, the majority of people took to the internet to search for a product or service.

Thereby, adopting the digital medium has become critical for businesses across all segments to reach the target audience, stay ahead of competitors, and increase sales and revenue.

Digital marketing services help you create a viable online presence with a website, adopt optimization and marketing techniques that help appear at the top in relevant search queries on Google, attract traffic and earn more sales.

Digital marketing services help you to:

  • Old and traditional marketing tactics are not powerful enough to help you reach your target audience. You need to make your presence where your target customers are.
  • You need to create a well-laid digital presence with a robust website that becomes the brand identity for people to know about and engage with you.
  • Digital marketing helps to enhance your brand reputation across different channels, a key aspect that search engines as well as users look into.
  • It helps to process through different customer touchpoints to create better outreach opportunities and attract qualified leads.
  • It ensures that you have data insights so that you put efforts into important activities that provide maximum efficiency.
  • You are able to keep track of your competitors and create strategies that take you ahead of them.
  • Digital marketing helps to save resources, time, and cost as you are clear in what you need to do and how.
  • Data and analytics accessed through different tools help you to adjust your strategies accordingly, from start to finish.
  • You are able to better understand your target customer, create strategies to target them better, and practice enhanced customer engagement.
  • It helps you to track your progress at each phase and step clearly, improve your conversion rate and drive long-term profit.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We are expert in doing what SEO demands and our 90%+ retention rate proves that very well.

Search Engine Optimization

It is the most important phase of the digital marketing process. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method or technique by which the website is optimized so that search engines are able to find and rank the site pages relevant to the search query. It includes activities that ensure the website is up-to-date as per search engine guidelines

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing / PPC is a marketing technique used for paid advertisements. This is sponsored ad marketing that allows for instant visibility of the advertisement over digital media so as to attract customers. Pay-Per-Click is a model of search engine marketing specific to the Google search engine, which helps in generating instant traffic results with paid advertising campaigns, wherein the ads appear on top of the organic search results.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

With our calculated data-backed decision-making, we ensure to enhance your website’s features and aspects that work together to improve conversions considerably. We take into contemplation your user’s purchase journey and apply techniques that lead you to attract and convert them into paying customers effectively.

Content Marketing

Content is the medium through which you connect and communicate with your target audience, build backlinks that develop brand authority and popularity, and help to target searcher intent with the precise use of keywords. Our content marketing approach includes creating and publishing valuable, relevant, informative, unique, and insightful content, to be distributed to the target audience.

Online Reputation Management

Your image projection online is critical to developing trust and credibility in the brand. Online Reputation Management (ORM) helps to secure your online image by ensuring satisfactory customer support, timely and effective addressing of customer complaints and issues, removal of fake and negative comments, and promotion of positive content.

Social Media Marketing

People not only engage with others on social media channels but also search for and connect with brands. We take measurable steps to make an influential social media presence of your brand across different social channels. We engage your past, present, and potential customers, understand their requirements that help to shape marketing strategy, and foster a healthy relationship that improves brand visibility and popularity.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing approaches. When done right and with creative input, it still has a high potential to ensure effective outreach and lead generation. We have moved beyond the traditional norms, and use custom-tailored mail format, compelling tone, and impactful appeal that help you spread your brand’s message across strongly.

Website Design & Development

Your path to digital growth and expansion depends on how well your web presence is. We use comprehensive technology stacks, combined with creative instinct, to create a valuable brand identity with our web design and development approach. Our focus is on creating a web presence that reflects your uniqueness, showcases your value proposition, and is user and search-friendly.

Video And Media Marketing

Compared to text, people tend to connect more easily and effectively with graphics and videos. We help spread your message through multimedia solutions, including infographics, YouTube videos, and video creation for other platforms and channels, shared across social media channels and more web sources to develop your brand exposure.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

The growing popularity of mobile apps, all because of the increasing use of smartphones, has created a competitive environment for businesses vying to get their apps in front of their target audience. Our App Store Optimization services are designed to specifically optimize and market your app in the relevant category and across the specific store for targeted keywords. We ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors and get an exponential increase in organic app installs.

Ecommerce Marketing

The eCommerce market segment has been growing significantly over the past few years. To grow your online store’s presence and sales, you need a completely different design, development, and marketing approach. Our Ecommerce marketing services are planned to give your online store the precise boost that it deserves with specific and calculated strategies. We personalize your brand, optimize your product listing, work to generate more positive product reviews, and drive a sales funnel strategy to grow your sales.

Amazon Marketing

Our eCommerce marketing support isn’t just limited to your online store only. When you want to target the most significant marketplace, Amazon, with a segmented and widespread presence, our Amazon SEO and PPC services come to your rescue. Our expert Amazon marketing professionals will drive your growth on the Amazon platform, helping you outrun your competitors.

Get In Front Of Your Targeted Customers At The Right Place At The Right Time With Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services


There are thousands and thousands of businesses based in Delhi-NCR. Not all businesses sell and serve locally only. And as a premier digital marketing agency, we aren’t limited to just one aspect.

Whether you want to cover a few more cities or states or want to cover national and international audiences, we will craft strategies and provide tailored SEO services that will help you reach where you want to.

Our skilled, qualified and expert resources are well-equipped to implement SEO services particular to your business goals, industry type, target audience, and market.

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Our Digital Marketing Service Strategies

Core SEO & Content

SEO is the most important and core the digital marketing strategies. While making your web presence is one thing, applying that to good effect happens only with strategic SEO. We focus heavily on core and the latest SEO trends and practices, along with content creation to create that robust effect to drive results.

Increasing Mobile Users

Now, from accessing any information to shopping for products or availing of services, most and most people do that through mobile devices, which is increasing day by day. Thus, our focus is not just on creating a strong responsive web presence but marketing to customer experience, and everything else; is done to that effect.

ML & AI to The Fore

Future marketing trends are now being driven by the expanded incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). We adopt technologies and techniques that employ these factors to create smart marketing campaigns and enhance customer experience and decision-making.

Buyer Persona

Consumers today are more inclined towards gaining that personalized experience that makes their overall service or product attainment better and more seamless. We pay attention to understanding your target audience, mapping their customer journey, identifying their persona, and then creating a personalized experience approach that attracts them and delivers the value that they seek.

Multichannel Marketing

A successful marketing campaign or process requires not just one but leveraging many marketing channels. Our multichannel or omnichannel marketing strategy helps create different touchpoints to make the best of variable marketing channels.

Resource Expansion

Right from integrating and using intelligent features like virtual assistants and chatbots to effectively adopt future marketing platforms like creative video marketing and social shares in the form of memes and other popular genres to using push notifications to create that visibility and attention effect, we are well-placed to garner the best results with thorough planning.

Why Esearch Logix As Your Digital Marketing Agency?

For us, your goals are ours. Our fine-tuned digital marketing strategy imbibes agile methods and a comprehensive approach to smartly meet your objectives.

We Work With a ‘SMART’ Approach

We create ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Specific’ (SMART) objectives, from start to finish, to precisely meet the target in an efficient, resourceful way.

An Expert For Every Activity

‘Jack of All Trades’ – While it may sound good, it isn’t something that brings expertise to the table, which an expert in a single domain will provide. We have skilled professionals chosen to undertake the task they are best to execute.

We Focus On Past, Present, And Future Customers

Retaining customers is much less expensive, while acquiring new ones grows your selling scale. We know how important it is to keep retaining your past customers, satisfy the present ones and reach and convert new leads.-

We Set and Work On KPIS

Without KPIs, your overall campaign and plan may seem to lay flat at times. We create KPIs that help us to cover different aspects needed for your digital growth, including inbound traffic, social media engagement, qualified leads, PPC metrics, and more.

Approach to CRM

The happier your customers are, the more credibility your brand has and the likeliness you are in front of search engines. This consequently benefits your business and brand overall. We keep track of and manage everything related to your customers, including their likes, dislikes, inquiries, feedback, reviews, communication needs, and more.

Digital Excellence Is Our Motto

Our digital presence has to be unique, captivating, and relevant to what your users want. While the end objective is to improve your brand’s visibility, search result ranking, and web traffic, all this can happen only when you are able to put forth a digital identity.

Frequently Asked Questions (Digital Marketing FAQ'S)

Digital marketing services consist of practices that promote an online business over the virtual space. It includes everything from creating the online presence of a business to implementing SEO and other methods like e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and other advertising techniques to market the brand and connect with potential customers.

Digital marketing is a broad term that includes various marketing services or activities. These include:
• Website design and development
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as pair marketing like Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
• Content marketing
• Social media marketing
• Content marketing
• Email marketing
• Analytics
• Ecommerce marketing
• Mobile Marketing
• And more

The main objective of digital marketing is to reach potential customers before your competitors and bring them to your site and then turn those visitors into paying and returning customers. Digital marketing works on this goal, with all strategies and methods combined together to achieve the desired result. Successful approaches in digital marketing include using the best methods, technologies, and tools with personalized tactics to drive traffic and improve conversions.

With businesses moving online increasingly, the online marketing segment is set to grow exponentially in the coming future. And with the rise in eCommerce sector and businesses targeting local customers online, digital marketing is set to play a major role in how businesses are going to function.
Not just this, but the tools and methodologies in the digital marketing spectrum are also set to upgrade. Content marketing is going to play a major role in marketers reaching and connecting, and engaging with potential customers. Advancing technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also play a key role in strategizing digital marketing.

That depends on what you are looking for and which company or agency can provide you with the proper and correct service. Ensure that you connect with a service provider that has the expertise, experience, and an agile methodology that includes the latest and best technologies and methods. The company should understand your vision and provide you with a custom-tailored approach to give you brand exposure and results.

It helps to create your online presence, and expand it to reach your potential customers, enhance the experience for your present customers, whilst also outrunning the competition in terms of organic search result ranking, and inbound traffic, and conversion.
There are several benefits that digital marketing provides:
• Optimized website and apps to create a strong presence
• Effective outreach to your target customers
• Easy reach to mobile user segments
• Incorporation of content marketing through different content types, across various channels to build brand authority and expertise in the industry
• Increased engagement with the target audience through several online platforms
• Lower cost with a higher return on investment (ROI)
• Use of multiple strategies that helps to stay ahead of the competitors
• Increased leads, conversion, and improved sales, leading to enhanced sales

Digital marketing consists of different stages or phases, which include:
• Understanding the client’s vision
• Creating or fine-tuning the digital presence, i.e. the business website
• Implementing different marketing services or activities, including SEO, SEM, and more
• Tracking organic and paid traffic, lead generation, and conversion rate
• Re-plan and research based on metrics to improve the digital marketing approach

It depends on what digital marketing services you want, your business size, and your marketing goals. If you are looking for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, then it includes working from scratch to build the brand presence. You can check our complete digital marketing service packages, or you can pick the selected service types that fit your needs. You can consult with our executive to have a customized plan package developed to meet your precise needs.

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