What makes Start-ups such a Successful Venture in Today’s Market?

We need to start the story in some place. Let us talk about three guys and how they achieved a $ 10 billion business in 2014, starting from renting mattresses in 2007. The story is about designers Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. Together they achieved spectacular success, considering these three could not even pay the rent of their apartment at San Francisco.

With a design conference in the city and the hotels being overbooked, an idea struck them. They rented three air beds in the living room floor and provided the guests with breakfast. This is how Airbnb as a start-up started its journey, taking on challenges and ambiguities before they became a household name.

Unfortunately, nine out of ten start-ups fail, but those which qualify for the success must possess some of the following qualities. These entrepreneurs who fail often narrate their stories. Why? Because optimistic entrepreneurs need to inject a dose of reality, now and then. These are the factors that drive them toward working harder and smarter.

First, Let us explore the most significant factor for the success of a start-up, that too in this competitive marketplace. Growth is the most critical factor for entrepreneurs. Growth – faster growth – is what is craved by the entrepreneurs and this is what they want of the market is. It is this growth that leads to faster growth and further growth. There are start-ups that run out of cash. Why? Because they could not manage faster growth. The enterprises often look forward to strategies that contribute towards this growth.

Digital Marketing – How It Lays the Stonework to Build Upon the Brand Presence and Growth

One of these strategies is the Digital Marketing initiative, a focused approach towards realizing enhanced traffic and building a global client base. After all, the start-ups must attain not a single-digit growth, but an unprecedented level of growth. The digital marketing efforts will enable the start-ups to eliminate the unwanted elements of – losing customers, losing personnel and losing to competition. Top notch Social media services are helping to these digital efforts in a more prominent way to make brands outreach efficiently in the competitive market to target their stakeholders.

How could you become a popular name, how consumers will realize your importance in their lives or needs, how they would know that you are the one to solve their certain problem or meet their specific needs? Only when you reach them, only when you have a presence in the society, only when you appear in front of them clearly describing that you could help them take the next step for their particular needs.

For a start-up, their growth isn’t defined by what they are selling and in what volume. It is also reflected by what value they are bringing, how they are creating a unique niche-space in the market, and what customer experience they are providing. In today’s digital age, leveraging the virtual platforms provides the most important and effectual medium for start-ups to push up their brand presence, make their business a brand buzz and elevate on the path of success. A comprehensive digital marketing approach that encompasses clout of multiple channels, right from the business website to social networks and everything in between and beyond coupled with enhanced and ingenious approach gives the platform to establish a solid foundation for the start-up.


Social Media Content Ideas: 11 Posts to Expand Your Following

There are a number of social media platforms available today with millions of recurring monthly users at your fingertips. The million dollar question: How do you effectively utilize these platforms to create a stream of new clients and revenue for your ecommerce business?

Creating consistent, valuable content is crucial in executing any successful social media campaign. Without updated content, it’s impossible to attract new customers, keep existing customers engaged, and increase brand awareness.

Whether it’s setting aside time for social media management or knowing the right type of content to post, many online business owners find themselves stuck when it comes to planning. Here are 11 social post ideas to expand your social media following.

About the Team

For teams of 10 and smaller, creating a blog post that gives users a look behind the scenes at who will be working for them can build human connections and earn a sense of trust. Snapping a company employee photo for Instagram and introducing team members in the caption can achieve this same result.

Answer Common Questions

The amount of emails received in ecommerce businesses can pile up, sometimes with multiple customers with the same queries such as “How long does shipping take?”. Answering these questions can be completed in two ways: sharing the link to your FAQ page on Facebook and Twitter or writing an entirely new blog post to share.

The Product of the Week

Each week, highlight a different product from your store with a blog post detailing a short description, features, uses, and pricing. You can even offer a discount to this product such as 10% off with code “SOCIAL10”. This will keep your following coming back every week to check which item is featured and on sale.

Community Events

Attending events in your community provides an opportunity to connect with local customers, spread awareness to your brand, and showcase your products. First, reshare an existing post from the event’s social media page advertising the function. Once attended, create a blog post summarizing how the event went and be sure to include plenty of pictures.

Relatable Memes

Yes, you’re a business that should uphold professionalism throughout your brand. However, sometimes all it takes to convert a follower is a funny meme that is relatable to your business. The best way to connect with humans is to appeal to their sense of humor, don’t be conventional 100% of the time.

Existing Content

Not every post you share on social media has to be written from scratch. Conduct research on valuable content created from the industry leaders in your field and give it a retweet. This can help build relationships with similar brands and establish your social media as a place customers can go to find helpful information.

Infographics & Stats

Since humans are visual creatures, infographics are a great way to grab their attention and educate them about industry statistics. Either create your own with a tool like Canva or share an existing one relating to your field.

Ask for Feedback

To get followers interacting within your social media accounts, create a multiple choice question poll and ask users to comment their answer. The poll can ask for feedback on a certain product, insight on what your customers would like to see, and questions related to your industry.

Create a Guide

Show off your expertise in the form of a short guide that you know will provide value to your potential customers. Chances are, these followers will share this guide with friends, family, and other connections that may benefit, promoting your business even more..

Host a Social Contest

Hosting a social contest can generate plenty of customer engagement. Announce the contest to all of your social media channels and set-up rules such as sharing and liking the post, tagging a friend, tweeting with a hashtag, and posting a photo of themselves with a product from your brand. The winner can receive a free product or a gift voucher to your website.

Post a Case Study

Providing your potential customers with proof via recent projects you’ve worked on and achieved positive results for is a great sales tactic. Create and share a blog post detailing the company worked with, products / services offered, and exact results (ex: 50% increase in sales) the company enjoyed from your work.


6 Practical Ways You Must Promote Your Amazon listing and Expand Your Store’s Reach


Do you own a retail store or in process of starting your new venture? If yes, then just like every other businessperson, you would also want to expand your business to a bigger level. Your business will not be confined to a certain extent if you own an e-commerce website and maximise its benefit of giving you expanded reach.

By creating and utilising a professional seller’s account, merchants can make Amazon listings directly, sync their collection across both sales channels, fulfil Amazon orders, and track sales from both channels in one place.

One of the main reasons to sell products or services on Amazon is that shoppers begin their product research nearly 2X more often on Amazon than any other online store. Amazon account setup of your business will help you establish a foundation that can boost your sales and branding goals.  After setting up an account, it’s time to promote Amazon Professional Sellers Account listings and drive more sales by using these methods:

1. Competitor Assessment:

The initial step is to improve your Amazon listing for understanding what you’re up against. For most of the categories, you can easily find what customers require and don’t require based on competitor pages. In addition to this, analysing complementary products on a regular basis can alert you to have best practices and/or promotional opportunities.

2. Product / Service Pricing:

Finding the right pricing for your products is indeed a tiresome task, but add Amazon’s complexities and an open marketplace for other sellers to compete with you, and you have quite a handful. However, if you remember some relevant considerations in mind, then you can hopefully prevent other complicated issues from coming up.

3. Listings Optimization:

E-commerce shoppers, typically on Amazon, do not take much time in deciding whether they want to engage or go back further to search results. All you have to do is cross the initial obstacles successfully by keeping few things in mind such as- an appropriate title, pictures of the products, and product descriptions. This is an important part of your whole marketplace creation and promotion, and must be handled by a professional Search Engine Optimisation company in India, or elsewhere, as they are ones who know and have the methods to implement the best optimization.

4. Customer’s Evaluation and Recommendation:

It’s no longer a secret that reviews are incredibly significant. Many shoppers read reviews before buying anything. Reviews on Amazon will create an impact on other channels since customers tend to research on Amazon first.

5. PPC Ads of Products:

Amazon has an enormous ad platform that enables you to display and sell your product to customers on Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Products Ads is a PPC (pay per click) model that permits you to promote your products along search results.

6. Promotion Process Advantages for Traffic Drive:

Promotions comprising “lightning deals” are an incredible way to sell units at an increased pace, eventually leading to more reviews. The objective will confine to provide massive discounts or attractive offers. But if doing this increase the lifecycle of your product on Amazon, then it’s a sensible way to acquire additional reviews and develop relevancy so other customers can find your business. You must also focus on driving traffic from external sources. Many brands forget about this integral part or reserve all external channels to pay attention to their online store.

Amazon can be a very competitive and complex platform, but if you invest some time optimising and promoting your listings, you’ll not regret the results because you will be in better position to compete. Do not forget to focus on clear and descriptive pages, competitive pricing, esteemed and high-quality reviews, and a reliable and responsive seller.

Most of the sellers who run a store and looking to transition to the virtual space may find it hard how to create a perfect Amazon store and run the marketing campaigns. For them, most ideal way to make the most of their Amazon venture is to hire a professional digital marketing firm for SEO service in India or elsewhere.


Some Must-Have Marketing Tactics to Attract More Audience

Want to build, launch, and grow a profitable e-commerce business? Want more traffic and sales for your online store? Undoubtedly, you do! That’s why we are sharing some tips with you to put into action today.

1. Create an Impressive Website Design:

It’s important to make it easy for your customers to get what they want. If your e-commerce website is poorly designed then surely you’ll lose customers.

But, you might be wondering: What exactly does it mean for your website to be poorly designed? Besides poor content, site looking non-reliable, your website could be experiencing some combinations of the following: lacking a clear business information, low-quality or duplicate content, untrustworthy product descriptions, slow website loading speed, and difficult navigation.

And even if you’ve taken care of some dimensions discussed above, you might still be committing some e-commerce marketing mistakes. Are you rightly segmenting your business products or services? Or Are you putting irrelevant or too many products on the same page? Have you figured out the perfect balance between content and images? There are so many things that you should consider.

A professional website design company in India can focus on all of the above-discussed points and can easily build a responsive, lead-generation website design.

2. Integrate Social Media Marketing Into Your Plan:

If you use the correct filters, appropriate hashtags, and right content, then you can surely attract more audience on your social media post. The secret to mastering social media marketing is engagement with your target audience.

Moreover, some studies indicate that Instagram only gives businesses 25% more engagement as compared to other social media channels.

Now, here comes a million dollar question for you: What are the best ways to engage more audience?

You must run out contests, events, or right e-commerce marketing campaigns. By following these tips you can engage more with your target audience.

3. Shopify App Development Is Must:

It gives you the ability to add more features and functionality, and customized integrations to your e-commerce online stores. For Shopify web development visit us now!

What’s more – go ahead, build a good Shopify app that attracts your customers to buy your business products and services.

4. Engage With Your Target Audience:

It does not just about posting pictures, videos, and informative content, but it is also about engaging your audience. There are some incredible ways to engage with them. Like, direct your audience to your social media profiles, create a stunning Instagram feed, actively manage your Facebook profile, and integrate “follow” buttons easily visible on the homepage of your website.

Also, you can feature your blog more nicely and actively. Every e-commerce business should focus on regular blogging to rank better in search engines and to connect with fans. In addition, why not try offering free gifts or vouchers on your products? Everybody loves a special deal.

What’s one way to do all of these more appropriately and effectively? Hire professionals at eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

To conclude, this blog has given you some amazing tips related to website designing and e-commerce marketing to engage more users. For more marketing tactics, Shopify development or the best website design company in India, visit us today.


6 Ways SEO Experts Can Improve Their SEO Results Using Blogs

Do you have a blog for your business website? Is this living up to its full potential? Are you writing blogs for your readers regularly? Are you targeting your audience effectively with your blog?

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you pretty much know the importance of a business blog. Seemingly, every company that has a web presence has a blog these days. But unfortunately, more often than not, organizations just put their maximum efforts up to the first step and then let it slide away. Very few companies and marketers fully optimize and capitalize their blog content to improve their SEO performance.

Figuratively speaking, around 70-80% blogs go stale over time as the marketers do no update them or never fully optimize them to generate the desirable results. Simply creating a blog time and again and sharing it without any measured approach isn’t going to benefit you. What should Search Engine Optimization experts do to leverage the importance of blogs for their SEO performance? Here are 6 effective tips to be followed:

1. Do Your Keyword Research Thoroughly: 

Keywords are critical for any SEO campaign, in-fact the most important factor when starting your marketing operation. First and foremost, it is necessary that you know your niche, your industry. This will help you define what your target audience is. Next, ensure that you are doing keyword research thoroughly. Use the latest and most efficient tools. Find relevant keywords, and never limit to the best ones but also include popular keywords as well. It is important find specific keywords for your local SEO campaign as well. Focus around these keywords to create quality and rich content. Also make sure to include long-tail keywords as well in your blog content.

The keywords must be utilized properly throughout the content, in the sections:

  • Title
  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Introduction Part
  • Conclusion Part
  • Anchor text (text for hyperlinking to other related pages)
2. Use a Convincing Blog Title: 

Your blog title is the most important part for to entice and connect with the readers, as well as make it SEO significance. The title describes what the blog is all about. It should be descriptive of the blog theme, whilst being creatively attractive and information-wise rich. You must also keep in mind your target audience. For SEO point of view, you must try to include your main keywords in the title. If not here, then it must be added to the page title.

3. Target The Right Readers: 

Each industry has specific audience and your blog must be directed towards the right set of audience. Every search from a user is to find the right and specific content. Your blog must be able to provide that to them. You can solve limited queries and issues with each post and therefore it is important to make different blog posts for particular audience. This approach helps to attract readers the right way, and you will definitely witness an increase in the interested user footfalls.

4. Use Quantified URL Structure: 

When you are too concerned about your blog content and sharing plan, you often overlook the URL naming structure. And this is a common problem amongst the marketers, who tend to oversee this small but important technical detail.

The right structure to follow is:-

Following this way will help you ensure use-friendly and SEO-specific URLs.

5. Optimize Your Blog on a Regular Basis: 

It is a myth that for continual SEO campaign you only need fresh content. Apart from adding fresh articles, you can recycle your existing content by linking blog posts internally, adding optimized images, linking the post to other related external posts. Also check for the relevant keywords in the title tags and meta description.

6. Use the Power of Social Sharing: 

In today’s times, if you are not reaching out to your target audience over social networks, then you are losing out a lot. Social signals are highly significant factors now that contribute to the overall ranking of your project. Sharing on social media sites help you attract referral traffic and initiate enhanced interaction with users which works great way to improve your branding.

You must remember that content is the most potent weapon in your arsenal, and you can do a lot of good by following these tips to optimize your blog and capitalizing on its influence. A blog is not just useful to build your position initially, but also helps you re-brand your business alongside Google penguin recovery services.