August 27

What Is BigCommerce and How Does it Work? Find Out Now!


BigCommerce is an all-in-one online store builder that carries power-packed features and solutions in a single platform. With great scalability, it has intuitive sales tools that combine advanced SEO and multi-channel integration. It is designed to take all sizes of businesses to a whole new level. It enables an individual to perform almost everything such as adding products, upload images, process orders, create discount coupons, create web pages, and so much more.My Post 2 2

Its high-performance approach helps a variety of industries including electronics, retail, lifestyle, fashion, and others. It has more in-built features than its competitors. It allows businesses to promote and sell their products across all social media channels. In simple words, BigCommerce allows you to install your online store, add products and earn money through your site.

Is BigCommerce suitable eCommerce builder for you? Let’s find out with a detailed understanding of its features, ease of usage, and more. 

How Simple is BigCommerce to Operate?

Undoubtedly, every business holder wants to invest more time looking after for their consumers, brand image, shipping products and profits earned at the end of the day. BigCommerce recently launched exciting features to build easy to use store than ever. It gives more freedom to customize and add visuals however you’d prefer. It has got all the fantastic tools which are required to take an online store to the next level.

Unmatched In-house Features of BigCommerce

  1. Product Types

BigCommerce is the best online store builder available in the market which allows you to sell digital, physical and service-based products in an effective manner. Its editor already carries all these sales types. Therefore, you can develop websites hassle-free at low cost without using third-party apps.

2. Multiple Payment Options

Once you have organized all your products and they are ready to sell, it’s time to find a way to get paid. BigCommerce does not bind you into its own payment gateway than other eCommerce builders. Despite, it allows you to select your own provider without spending any money on extra charges or transaction fees.

3. Shipping Options

BigCommerce lets you enjoy a wide range of advanced shipping options and you can smoothly manage all the shipping from a central place. You can simply get shipping quotes, deliver free shipping to your consumers, and print shipping labels using its third-party integrations.

4. Automatic Cart Recovery

With BigCommerce, you can send an automated mail to the customers in order to invite them for the next purchase. You can simply personalize such mails and even add discount codes into it.

5. Multi-Channel Selling

Well, reaching to the potential customers is so much easier with BigCommerce because you can sell anywhere you want using its multichannel integrations. You can sell products through eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. 

BigCommerce is the most powerful eCommerce builder involving a lot of innovative features and tools. Its abandoned cart recovery, payment gateway, multi-channel integration, and various shipping options allow you to save a lot of time. If you’re planning to grow your business and rise above your competitors, BigCommerce is the right eCommerce builder for you.

If you want to get the most out of BigCommerce, get in touch with us now. We can help you to develop innovative and robust online store as per your business goals.

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