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3 App Related Core Panels and Their Modules That Can Enhance Your Restaurants’ Operations


The food industry is booming rapidly with the support of technology and it is hard to imagine a scenario where a restaurant does not have a dedicated mobile application. The eatery owners are using advanced solutions to make a big difference in their performance, management system, and customer satisfaction.The technology has evolved the way people order, receive and pay their food items. The creation of mobile apps helps restaurant holders to optimize, integrate and streamline their process. It is clear that the best iPhone app development for restaurants is an ever-lasting trend.Whether you have a restaurant or a franchise, you should know some important aspects of app development to improve your presence in the market. Let’s take a look at three main panels and their respective modules to increase your restaurants’ productivity.

Restaurant Panel

  1. Live Order Management: It allows you to handle food ordering options, including dine-in, home delivery, and take away. Through this module, an owner can track the status of current or pending orders, consumer table number, delivery location details, driver availability, etc.
  2. Inventory Management: With this module, the owner or staff can receive a real-time update and keep the track on inventory. It notifies when the inventory level of low and expiring items that result in saving both money and time.
  3. Food Menu: This will help to display the menu in different sections along with an option of a combo meal. You can even add customizable options during iPad app development process to align the menu items as per the festive days while highlighting the customer preferences and interest.

Customer Panel

  1. Reservations: A table reservation application helps consumers to search for the nearby outlet and book a table with ease. They can also edit, reset, or cancel the reservations as per the circumstances and availability.
  2. Online Order and Food Delivery Tracking: Consumers can select between home delivery and pickup option directly through the app. A set of features also involve voice ordering, push notifications, multiple payment gateways, live delivery tracking, and 24/7 assistance.
  1. Review and Community Support: This module will help you to handle reviews and ratings of the past orders. Consumers can use the community support to follow their friends, interact with other users, and resolve food-related doubts.

Admin Panel

  1. Master Section: Admin can easily manage single or multiple branches of the restaurant, involving branch name, food menu, locations, and availability status. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enables admin to customize prices, offers, and coupons to retain existing customers and attract new ones. This module has various other features like item management, consumer database, order management, Email & SMS setting, and much more.
  2. Payment Section: This helps to integrate multiple and secure payment gateway options like card payments, e-wallets, coupon redemption, and online transfers. Admin can also obtain restaurant-based expense reports containing invoices, monthly sales, purchased items, and many more.
  3. Data-Driven Analytics: Admin can utilize this module to predict the demand for delivery services. The comparison of current and past order data gives you better insights on how to plan the operations such as required inventory, food delivery schedule, etc.

The mobile app solutions add extra convenience for both consumers and owners to analyze food menu, inventory, food ordering, locations, and many more with the hassle-free procedure. Its advantages are encouraging restaurant owners to invest in a mobile app to increase consumer experience in the food domain. It is ideal to approach the best mobile app development company to meet efficiency and engagement faster in your restaurant business.

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