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How to identify and Recover from Google’s Penguin Penalty?


Following the footsteps of Panda, Penguin update was declared by Google in 2012 to reward high-quality sites and reduce the rankings of websites that are engaged in bad linking schemes and overstuffing of keywords. Since Google’s algorithms play a significant role in changing and influencing the SEO community, understanding the practices of Penguin update is necessary to address.

How to Recognize if you’ve been hit by Penguin?

At first, it is vital to comprehend the fact that Penguin and a manual penalty for manipulative linking are not similar. In simple words, Penguin is a Google index filter that is pertinent to all websites while a manual penalty is specifically for a single website that Google finds spamming.

If your website’s analytics discloses a decline in traffic or rankings on the elements related to a penguin update, then you may have been affected by this index filter. Make sure to analyze whether your keywords or linking schemes have drawn the attention of Google. You can also opt for Google Penguin recovery services to find out the aspects that are causing fluctuations in your online presence.

How to Recover from Penguin?

If your website has been penalized by Google, it is vital to correct it wisely otherwise you will lose visibility and rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Luckily, there are some steps to recover from Penguin penalty and remain in the good books of Google. Read on to know more…

1. Make a List of All Backlinks

You can use various tools such as Google Webmaster, Open Site Explorer, and more to monitor all your backlinks conveniently. It is better to create a list of all backlinks on a spreadsheet to keep everything organized. It is also advisable to acquire Google SEO services in India to keep a track of all backlinks and implement good linking practices for desired results.

2. Evaluate All Your Links

Your site may have been penalized because of unnatural links that are directing to your site, but it doesn’t mean all your links are poor. You need to figure out the spam links and follow certain steps to remove them from all the platforms. Professional Android & iOS app developers in India can also help you to build SEO-friendly platforms that do not engage any unnatural links and irrelevant keywords.

3. Webmasters and Disavowing Links

Once you find out which links you have to remove, it’s time to talk with webmasters and request them to remove the link. It is completely acceptable to ask them to remove unnatural links. In case you are not getting any response, you can also use the Google Disavow Links tool to perform it on your own.

Penguin was introduced to cure a major weakness in Google’s mechanism that empowered their algorithm to be misled by various poor links and keyword stuffing. Make sure to publish original content with relevant links and keywords to avoid having your website penalized by Google for spam practices.

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