January 22

Which is the Best No-Code App Maker Platform – AppSheet or PowerApps?


Recently, Google has acquired AppSheet which is a leading no-code application building platform for both iOS and Android. It allows users to add functionality through drag and drop function that you might have witnessed in various WordPress websites.

With this no-code app platform, Google is all set to provide an effective solution to companies to develop mobile apps without writing a line of code. It has been already incorporated with Google Cloud, Google Sheets, and Google Forms, and also compatible with other tools like Office 365, Salesforce, AWS DynamoDB, and more.

The AppSheet allow enterprises to create and extend mobile applications without the requirement for professional coding skills. In today’s competitive world, the demand for automation and faster processes has been increasing, thus enterprises should integrate great speed, performance and efficiency in their applications.

In this post, we will share some practical aspects regarding no-code app platforms to give you a better understanding. We will distinguish between two popular app markers i.e. Microsoft PowerApps and AppSheet. So let’s get started!

Why Evaluate No-Code App Maker Platforms?

It is ideal to examine the no-code mobile app development platforms carefully before making a purchase. There is no shortage of such platforms but some of them are difficult to comprehend, operate and unreliable. Here are some factors to consider when you are new to using no-code app platforms like PowerApps and AppSheet:-

3. Integration with Existing Software

We all need a plug and play solution that can easily integrate with our existing infrastructure. However, not all programs provide a greater level of interface and flexibility. For instance, PowerApps gives limited integration support with Google Drive. Still, you need an Office365 subscription otherwise you won’t be able to access the software.

AppSheet works with both Google and Microsoft which users find much easier to use. With this, you can quickly switch back and move ahead to the different system as required. It allows users to work seamlessly around their preferences without any inconvenience.

2. Easier to Make Apps

Always look for no-code app building platform which helps you to create an app in about 10 minutes. AppSheet is an easy platform for beginners to create iOS and Android apps with minimum effort and time. It comes with specific features and layouts that can simplify the entire development process. You don’t have to be an expert to operate it. You can also expect more advancement in this platform near future.

With PowerApps, you may find the initial stages simpler but its smallest features might be difficult to add.

3. Speed and Stability

People often find the user interface of PowerApps to be slow, specifically on iPads and Android devices. This does not live up to your expectations if you are looking for fast, easy to use, and reliable platform.

You may not find any issue with the performance of your app through AppSheet. It can also work offline in case of temporary loss of connectivity. The explicit program of PowerApps locally saves the data on a device and load it when offline.

As we can see, Google AppSheet and Microsoft PowerApps are two powerful app building platforms available in the market. While they both have various similarities, some set of disadvantages hold PowerApps behind AppSheet. Being a professional mobile app development company, we are pretty impressed with the flexibility and scalability of AppSheet.

This acquisition of Google streamlines the app development process as it works amazingly along with workflow automation, API integration, and application management.

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