6 Ecommerce Website Development Glitches That You Should Address Beforehand

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Digital Marketing |   November 16, 2021 by  Alekh Verma

Planning to start an online store? Well, ecommerce is one of the best business ideas in today’s times. And it is not for nothing that many have benefitted greatly foraying into this field, not just big names, but also small entrepreneurs.

Whether one is planning for a new venture, or established retailers want to move the growing online field, it presents high scope for all.

Building an Ecommerce Store

The first and foremost thing (of course after you have decided to start on online store and have the means and have decided what to sell) is creating a website. And remember that it is not a regular website, but an ecommerce store that includes different and specific elements.

The right, quality and robust your website is, the better it is for your business. After all, you wouldn’t want your website to stop functioning time and again, to load slower and slower, to cause trouble when customers are adding products to the cart or are checking out. Similarly there can be several glitches that could pose a big threat to your online store’s reputation, and your credibility in front of your customers, which you have to address during the ecommerce website designing.

Some Important Ecommerce Development Glitches That You Should Look After

  1. Inadequate Planning

Planning is all that defines how well you are going to get started in your project. Insufficient planning, rushed launches and such things could make your business venture fail before it gets started effectively. Think about your website as the first person that is going to interact with the visitors. Therefore, it is necessary that your website is designed based on complete planning. How it is going to be different from others. What products you are going to sell, how you are going to secure the products, what will be the sales process, how you are going to target and reach the audience, how well you are going to deal with scalable sale requirements, and sometimes product shortage challenges as well; all these things become critical for your planning and are integral to your ecommerce store development.

  1. Not Understanding the Competition

You can only better yourself and keep up your store as a different and unique platform only when you know who your competitors are and what they are doing and how. The better you read and understand your competitors gives you insights on what you can expect in challenges in running the store, what you should implement in your store, what are the areas where they are failing and you could leverage on.

  1. Not Considering the Importance of User Interface

Right from having a strong back-end development to create your product listing and to ensure the site offers high-end functionality, you need to know that how the ecommerce store interacts with the users and how effective and seamless it provides navigation, product search and as such is a major cause of concern. You should also be choosy in picking the fonts and color and layout theme as having too flashy a website won’t be a good thing for you. In today’s times, a user-friendly platform is a high necessity. The visitors should not find themselves making too much of an effort to browse the store.

  1. Not Choosing the Right Development and Hosting Platforms

What platform you have chosen for developing the store? What technology your store is being developed on? What server features you are getting from the hosting service provider? All these aspects matter a lot, depending precisely on what type of store you are getting developed and what features and functionality you want.

  1. Not Looking at the Safety and Protection Aspects

Having a SSL certificate is something that you shouldn’t think about twice for your online store (a required aspect even for a regular website). Apart from that, are you looking at what safety protocols your store provides pertaining to payment gateway? Is your website strong enough to keep away the threats pertaining to hacking, data breach and as such? Make sure your store development stages include all these provisions.

  1. Not Going Through the Testing Process

Right from checking the store for load time, to testing it for usability, product display, rate, checkout, payment process and much more, testing your online store at each phase of the development is a highly important aspect. Think of your store as a product and testing it for overall performance and utilization is important all before the launch. Testing helps you find the glitches and bugs and rectify them before it becomes a distressing experience for your users and you as well.


Make sure that you are providing your users with all the right and precise information they seek or as you believe that the visitors should know related to product, policies and overall service structure. Make sure you discuss all these elements with your web development services provider right during the conceptualization process

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