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The Complete Guide to Content Refreshing: How it Helps Your Website Rank Better


All organic searches grows via content. But why does this happen? After some time the content becomes just like trash. The science behind 1,00,000 views per post is not just content strategy, but content maintenance also.

Slowly the content starts decaying after some time there are thousands of blog posts not being read. Here refreshment comes in strategy. Content refreshments will help your blog post stay up-to-date without having to go back and rewrite the entire thing. Instead, you can just update a few phrases in the article to keep it fresh and new.

The importance of content refreshments lies in the fact that they can help you keep your blog posts up to date, which will help you rank better in search engine results pages. People always keep looking for something new to read.

Why Does Content Decay? 

Let’s try to understand this concept in five phases, where content slowly decays.

  • A spike phase: The post is first published.
  • A trough phase: The growth is stagnant.
  • A growth phase: Pageviews increase over a few months.
  • A plateau phase: Growth levels out.
  • A decay phase: Traffic starts to drop off. 

Why Does Content Undergo Decay?

Checking out why the content went under decay helps you to choose the content refreshment strategy. Let’s study the reasons behind content degradation:

Increased Competition

The SaaS space in the B2B market has evolved to an extent and increased the competition on keywords. In the beginning, content marketing was smooth and worked as a channel for faster growth. But, now everyone has dedicated teams and plenty of sources and you can analyze the level of competition yourself on Analytics, Ahrefs, Moz, or SEMrush.

A tiny change in SERP leads to a big impact on traffic. Slipping from rank #1 to #2 loses 50% of traffic. Similarly, dropping to ranking #6 is likely to lose 90% of the traffic.


Google uses a few factors to consider content as fresh. Regular updates over the pages, new posts uploaded regularly, etc. Additionally, specifically, the queries need freshness in content. For this, marketers need to keep updating the new posts as per trends. For example., “world cup results” or “Taylor swift new album”. Keep creating new backlinks for the site with good referring domains.

Technical Issues

Site speed, site structure, indexing, and a host of other technical issues can decrease your site performance and decrease the traffic over the content.

SERP Updates

Google always keeps updating the algorithm and new crawling methodologies ask for updates in content and graphics. Search algorithms change all the time. You simply may not always be able to determine the exact cause of content decay, for this, you can hire a digital marketing company with a team of experts.

How to Find the Dropped-out Content?

While finding out the content for refreshment, check out the content with recurring organic traffic in current or previous days. Look for content under decline for more than three months. Content that accounts for at least 1% of complete content traffic.

Understanding the pyramid methodology for content refreshment in 5 simple steps

The upside-down pyramid shows the most basic step at the top and the advanced approach at the bottom.


Level 1: Change Title, Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions

This level focuses on the purpose of content refreshment which is generating more traffic on that particular content piece. So, start with changing the titles and Meta tags.

Assess the SERP new rules and update the Meta titles and descriptions.

Make use of copywriting tactics. Try something more compelling apart from the target keyword. You will see the change yourself.

Level 2: Updating the Content of an Old Page

Remember that you use your landing page in many of the content pieces. Content marketing this way will not be able to generate traffic for long. So, keep updating the web page or landing page over that particular URL. Check whether your content might contain broken backlinks or old data like screenshots, stats, facts, etc.

Once you fix all such problems like updating the links and images on content. Then, your page will work like a lead magnet.

Level 3: Target New Keywords

While auditing the content, focus on the keywords you have used. Sometimes the keyword focus and phrases change with time and location. Also, as mentioned before, with time competition over a few keywords increases with time. First, start by analyzing your page with an SEO tool like Ahrefs, Moz, SEM Rush or Google Search Console. Then find them and try changing those keywords with related phrases to account for a fine amount of traffic with less difficulty.

Level 4: Merge Old Content

It is based on a better together approach. It has two ways, try integrating the new facts and updates to the new content. Another method is more amazing than ever, try interlinking your old blog posts with the new ones. For example, any product-based company can post its content again with new announcements. This method works great with old posts mentioned in new ones and takes readers to most of the content of your site.

Level 5: Redesign Old Content

The step from the bottom of the pyramid takes the process to full content design. Traffic and keywords from the content over the website. Every piece of content runs well over the search engine attracting audiences from different platforms. Working over an old one lets you create new content with less effort.

Content refreshment is still a new concept. It is not used by most marketers right now. Still, people focus on copywriting and new long-form content pieces with backlinks in bulk. So, this marketing style is best to opt for better SERP results seamlessly.


In the end, not every blog post can perform equally over the web. Most search engines work according to the developing environment between audiences. Content refreshment is competitively impactful as blogging and posting. You can reach out to the leading digital marketing companies for the same.

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