Acquaint of Google Knowledge Panel: How to Get One?

Knowledge Panel
Digital Marketing |   January 4, 2023 by  Alekh Verma

Sometimes the Google search engine result page (SERP) shows special boxes containing information about persons, places, or things. These specialized boxes are Knowledge Panels.

These are designed to deliver quick and accurate information to the users. These boxes explore those topics in depth and extract the best information on the ground while surfacing the key facts from multiple sources with high authority.

Google Knowledge Panel

Google has a giant virtual encyclopedia of facts; Knowledge Panels drag the information from this encyclopedia made from our Knowledge Graph. Google explores and collects the most relevant information from data whatever we post on the web.

Hereby in this latest blog post, we will discuss how Google’s Knowledge Panel is generated, how they gather data, how they monitor Knowledge Graphs and their reaction to incorrect information.

What are Google Knowledge Panels?

Google Knowledge Panels are a quick snapshot of the information essentials you are looking for. These are the best of Google’s data over the internet. These are automatically generated from the content available on the internet. Google also works with data partners for specific topics like movies and music and represents the data after combining information from industry leaders and other sources.

The entities present in the Knowledge Panels like prominent personalities are provided with a suggestion for editing for self-authorization. The images appearing in the panel are best-featured images from the images available on the internet. The user just enters one entity and Google itself sources the information from all over the web.

Knowledge Panels are updated immediately as information updates on the web. Google changes the information Knowledge Panel in two manners, the one if the information is updated on the source or from general user feedback.

Comparing Google Knowledge Panel and Google My Business

Google My Business results are not Google Knowledge Panels. This means both are completely different ways of representing the information. Google My Business is used for business listing to channel the marketing for local vendors and services provided. This also helps users to find businesses near them through local searches. GMB profiles are identified at the top by Google Maps.

best caterers search

Google My Business profiles are for businesses only like shops, clinics, hospitals, schools, showrooms, etc. but Google Knowledge Panels deliver information about mostly everything whether the music, place, person, or thing, and much more.

Purpose of Google Knowledge Panel

Google aims to show relevant and popular information targeting the best user experience for the search person over Google SERP.  No topic is the same on the search bar still, there are a few factors that are considered in all entities including:

  • Title, description and summary of the topic
  • A longer description of the subject
  • An image or images of the person, place, or thing
  • Key facts, such as when a notable figure’s birthdate and place
  • Links to social profiles and official websites

Knowledge Panels also include the specific information related to the search query to simplify the search journey:

  • Songs from musical artists
  • Upcoming episodes from TV shows
  • Rosters of sports teams.

When Do Knowledge Panels Appear?

Now with the latest Google search engine where you can see different latest features. It is visible that Google SERP has changed a lot during the last decade. Now you can see rich snippets and Knowledge Panels on the search results page.

So basically now whenever Google receives an entity it tries to find out and present the Knowledge Panels for that particular keyword followed by the related information to it.

Knowledge Search Panel

While presenting the Knowledge search panel, three main factors play a significant role:

  • Google’s confidence in correct understanding of facts and entities
  • Probability of the user search query matching the entity
  • Whether the algorithm found the search panel helpful for the user

Most of the time Google has a clear target over specific entities like entertainment facts presenting movies, actors, musical artists, etc. there is a high probability of matching between the search query and referring entity.

For this accuracy Google approach the four typical use cases:

  1. Deliver basic and factual information from multiple resources to the user referring to a particular search query or entity.
  2. Assist users to navigate through multiple web pages by including the related search content in the “people also search” section.
  3. Present the content that will be required to the user making it visit multiple sites and search results.
  4. Help users to get the information fast and easily and let them visit all reference web pages feasibly if required.

Sources of information for the Knowledge Panel

The information about a person, place, or thing in the Knowledge Panel comes from the Knowledge Graph. Google compiles factual information in a Knowledge Graph from different resources. It has over 500 billion facts about five billion entities.

Google’s Knowledge Graph isn’t just rooted in public sources such as Wikipedia, Freebase, and the CIA World Factbook. It draws information from hundreds of sources across the web for any entity like entertainment, medicine, events, sports, music, law, finances, etc.

How does Google correct or remove Knowledge Graph information?

Google receives around 8.5 billion searches a day, automation has helped to handle such a huge amount of data and search queries. Search algorithms are proven the best way to improve this automated system and deliver world-class search experiences to users making Google the biggest search engine in the market.

Automated systems strive to restrict the data that violate the policies. Such a large-scale search process might not be able to manage this concern perfectly. For this, Google has public reporting systems.

Google carefully analyzes the responses from the public reporting systems and removes the content violating the search policies. The data helps to improve the search algorithms of Google. These policies are also created after a deep analysis and studies of human search behavior, cultural beliefs, and rules in different locations.

Google has a team also to manually remove policy-violating information that draws attention to prioritizing issues. Such topics are related to public interest like civic, medical, scientific, and historical concerns as per the location.

Why Is a Google Knowledge Panel Important for Your Business?

As per user behavior analysis and expected response, users tend to see Knowledge Panels for credible brands. If one is not appearing there, it means that the brand is less credible.

Google should show your brand name in the Knowledge Panel if a user searches for your brand name.

Any person searching for your brand name could be a bottom-of-the-funnel user, a client, a partner, etc. ultimately these persons are most important for your business.

Google has to keep a firm understanding of your business and reflect several main points related to it, including brand, service, product, person, etc. You need to have a presence over the Knowledge Panel to make Google show your true information positively to reflect a bright brand image. 

Get a Knowledge Panel for your Company?

Creating a Knowledge Panel is a simple three-step process.

Step 1. Identify the entity’s home

Find a page on your website that talk mostly about the company. A hub for information about the company will work best. Ever choose a page that is covering more than one entity. The selected page will be identified by Google as the entity home for your business.

Step 2. Set out the facts

On the page playing the role of entity home describe all the business facts in a simple form to help Google understand you are trying to let it know. Add Organization markup to your site, this way Google the search engine will communicate in the native language and present your page in the rich snippet and then to the Knowledge Panel.

Step 3. Corroborate

Add the supporting links, and always structure your content precisely making screen readers easy to understand. Avoid using duplicate content, and always maintain 100% uniqueness. Consistency is key, always be consistent with your content update and post-publishing. Google is likely to trust websites that keep updating regularly.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Knowledge Panel?

There is no time frame for the process. It might take a few days or months, no idea. This also depends on the time frame taken after publishing the article. If faceless wiki editors and admin would publish your article, then you can get recognized on the Knowledge Panel faster than expected.

Claim your Knowledge Panel

If you are a verified representative of the Google Knowledge Panel, then you can suggest edits and claim the Knowledge Panel easily. You get a suggestion box just above the organization’s Knowledge Panel after verification.

Here are the steps to claim your Knowledge Panel:

  1. If you don’t have one, create a Google Account.
  2. Go to Google Search.
  3. Search for yourself or the entity you represent and find its Knowledge Panel.
  4. At the bottom, click Claim this Knowledge Panel.

Claim Knowledge Panel


  1. Click on get verified
  2. Review the information.
  3. Sign in to one of the official sites or profiles listed for the entity like:
  • YouTube
  • Search Console
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Get Verified

Once you are verified you can also add users to the panel.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Add people to this account,” click Start now.
  3. You can also switch profiles by managing them.
  4. Click Add new user.
  5. Enter the Google email address of your new user.
  6. Choose whether the user gets manager permissions.
  7. Click Invite. 

Why Do Knowledge Panels Disappear?

There could be many reasons behind the disappearance of the Google Knowledge Panel. Here we have listed a few of them: 

Reason 1. Knowledge Graph update

When Google updates its Knowledge Graph, it deletes and adds a large number of Knowledge Graphs. So, this is dangerous to your entity if your entity home does not have enough link and information support. Periodic updates are important for a healthy search engine, and you have to make efforts on your own to maintain a presence on the Google Knowledge Panel.

Reason 2. Lost entity home

When recognizing your business, it is possible from the entity’s home. And if Google loses contact with the entity home then it finds the information from the supporting links for the social media profiles like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, ultimately if every single connection from Google is deleted or removed, that time you lose the Google Knowledge Panel.

Reason 3. Human intervention

When the Google team finds any content or claims untrusted, spam, or duplicate, then they manually delete that Knowledge Panel. Such a glitch is called ‘Knowledge Panel spam’ and happens majorly due to paid pseudo-Wikis, self-created fandom sites, and mass press releases. Ultimately if you are paying for some of such Google services to third-party sites, then it won’t be unseen or ignored for a long time.

Better Reach Your Audience with a Knowledge Panel

A Google Knowledge Panel has become a must for businesses to prove their trust ability to the online audience. Knowledge Panels make a look Good whether it is a person, place, or thing. You can appear in the entity boxes and the suggested entities under the “people also search” section. Knowledge Panel means Google knows about your business, and then it is a boon for the conversion rates in your online business. You can also update the Knowledge Panel if you want.

When you present a standardized brand image across the different platforms, you get relevant inbound links, potential traffic, and converting leads to your site. Because you are now listed as a trustable source on Google, your Google’s E-A-T score, credibility, and online reputation are improved automatically in this way.


After reading this blog you will have a complete idea of getting a Knowledge Panel, claiming it, and updating it. Still, if you want this to happen and relax, then you can hire an SEO company for the same. Any kind of glitch or error will be resolved by the team at the company. You can easily attain the top search rankings with these advanced SEO practices.

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