Why ‘Google My Business’ Matters? How to Optimize This for Effective Local SEO?

Google My Business
Digital Marketing |   September 21, 2021 by  Alekh Verma

While implementing SEO tactics and optimizing your website is one thing to get in on track to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), your objective will be fulfilled only when you get traffic and when those visitors turn to customers.

What if you are targeting a certain area, or when your retail business is focused on attracting potential customers from your local region? What should you do in this to enhance your visibility in the local search? One of the most important points that you have to follow and execute is – create Google My Business Listing. After that, make sure that you are leveraging best SEO tools to improve your organic profile online and specific to your target audience.

Why You Need to Optimize Your ‘Google My Business’?

1. Improved Local Ranking

When your target audience is from your local area, then it won’t be doing you any good if your page results on queries related to any other state or country. Your Google My Business page details what you do, what you provide and where you provide your service and products to, and this helps to give your website ranking for local results.

2. Enhanced Engagement & Conversion

The better you rank, and the more you are found when people are looking for products in your area, meaning you will get more queries and will have improved engagement with potential customers. More and more people will come through your Google Business profile, and with increased engagement your chances of getting higher conversions also grow immensely. Knowing where you are located, what is your business criterion, what your existing customers are saying about you in reviews; all these will help you to gain overall.

How You Should Optimize Your Google Business Profile?

1. Include Right and Full Information

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to ensure that you are adding all the necessary details as required from a Google My Business profile. And all the info has to be correct and accurate. The better and more access Google has about you, the better it will be able to put that information up for the related search queries and connect with potential customers who are requiring such products and services.

2. Make Use of Quality Images

Now just what you write but what you show them will give a clear perspective of what specific business you are engaged in. Add cover photo to your profile, add logo. Apart from that add photos related to your business location, products or services, inclusive of all that highlights your business in the best way as well as giving a complete perspective to the visitors.

3. Manage Reviews

For local businesses, reviews and ratings are a big aspect that could make or break a business’ reputation and position online. Make sure that customers who are happy with your service or products are encouraged to write reviews on the Google profile as well as rate your business. Similarly, there can be times when some customers could find something wrong with your business and will post negative feedback.

Review management is of high importance. You should keep track of each review that is posted on your business profile page, make sure to give reply to all, positive as well as negative. For negative reviews, genuinely ask what has gone wrong and take the step to rectify the issue.

4. Leverage Specific Features and Google My Business Profile Attributes

There are several, special features that could give you a highlight, making you stand apart from the crowd. When you are engaged in offering a service, like home repairs, then you should use the ‘booking’ button. For ecommerce businesses, making use of product listings is very helpful. Restaurants would do better by including menu in their profile, and as such there are several features that you can make use of effectively.

Google My Business profile optimization is the most important technique that you should implement for your local SEO needs. Make sure you pick the right primary and secondary category when setting up your Google My Business profile, make use of Question-and-Answer section, set up messaging, update any change immediately, and make the best use of all the Google My Business profile strategy when you are opting for SEO services in India, or wherever you are located.

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