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Digital Marketing |   January 4, 2022 by  Alekh Verma

Email marketing is an essential in order to grow your business to a larger scale.

And, if you are also on the right track then time and again you might have looked for the best email marketing tools on the Internet that can help you in the right way.

Now, without digging much into your budget, we can say that you must be looking for an email marketing tool that is easy to use, cost-effective, and can have your way to turning prospects into customers.

Now, from this generalization, it might appear simple enough to find the best email marketing tool, however, when you step in a jungle of over 450 such tools which claim to help you in more or less similar way, the difficulty in choosing one gets increased in manifolds.

However, if you take a closer look, you will find that there are certain email marketing tools that are preferred by most businesses and by top-notch fortune 500s too.

Now, speaking more about email marketing tools, they are meant specifically to help businesses create and coordinate personalized email marketing campaigns.

These campaigns are targeted towards potential customers what are in different stages of their buyer’s journey.

Now, from the above statement, you might think that email marketing campaigns are meant for only such people who have not converted yet. However, you can also use these campaigns to win your past clients back.

So, clearly, there are multiple benefits of email campaigns when performed appropriately. All you need to have, is the right tool.

Let’s guide you to the same.

Top Email Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales In 2022

In here, you will find the best email marketing tools that can guide you to achieving your business goals in the forthcoming year.

Check out the list and find out which one suits you the best.

1. HubSpot

No wonder why HubSpot is on the top of our list.

But, if you are still wondering then let us tell you that HubSpot houses some of the best marketing tools that can aid any business to their desired success with CRM, email marketing, chat, landing pages, forms, every sort of tool that they need.

However, there are certain critics who blame this holistic approach of HubSpot to be a reason behind their downfall.

Although, that’s not entirely true as the tools offered by HubSpot are the best in what they do and to be precise, in one thing, which is reporting.

So, it is quite clear that HubSpot’s email marketing tool can be the backbone of your email marketing campaigns when utilized in the best way.

Hence, by giving your best shot with HubSpot you can easily earn a lot more back from your email marketing campaigns than what you have invested.

Now, if your website is WordPress made, then you are likely to have an added advantage from this tool as HubSpot’s WordPress plugin allows you to manage and execute your email marketing campaigns directly from WordPress.

However, pricing might be an issue for you if you are new into the business and do not have enough funds in your pocket.

Yes, HubSpot claims to help businesses with their free tools, however, with time when your requirements seem to increase, you will have to go premium and all of a sudden, your email marketing costs can jump from nothing to $25,000!

So, keep an eye on that.

2. Drip

Drip can be considered as a saviour for smaller businesses and start-ups as they primarily focus on the same with their email marketing tool.

So, if you are a small or medium sized business, then Drip should be the one for you to pick.

Now, you might be wondering about the reason behind this statement.

If so, then let us tell you that Drip is capable of integrating with several conventional eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify as well as a lot of the others that are currently available in the market along with the ones that are custom-made.

Now, speaking of the benefits, Drip comes with a splendid revenue analytics tool that is built-in into it.

This advantage empowers small and medium sized businesses to reach out to potential buyers using several channels which encompass from social media channels to SMS.

Besides the same, Drip also comes with excellent features such as retargeting, visual automation, dynamic blocks for eCommerce content, reporting dashboards, eCommerce segmentation, and whatnot.

Now, coming down to the price point, as we mentioned earlier, Drip’s main focus with their email marketing tool is the segment of small to mid-sized businesses.

And nothing makes it clearer that the price tag that they have attached to their tool which is a monthly subscription of $19.

3. Sendinblue

If you know about transactional email services, then you might have heard about Sendinblue as well as it is one of the best caterers of the service.

Now, you must be wondering that we are not talking about transactional email here, then why is Sendinblue in this list.

Well, let us tell you that based on the reputation earned from transactional email services Sendinblue has built an email marketing automation product which is quite fine to work with.

Now, if you have already got your hands on the transactional email services of Sendinblue, then you must be aware of the fact that they are one of the very few providers of email marketing services which have servers in the European Union.

Moreover, their delivery rate is also quite high.

So, based on the same, we can assure you about how good their email marketing tool would be.

Now, seeking for proof regarding the same, you can also consider going through the customer reviews.

And, according to our research on the same, we have found out that it does pretty well, however, lacks a few advanced features such as goal tracking, annotations as well as native integrations.

So, if you are in search for an email marketing tool that offers a robust API which facilitates your emails with exceptional delivery rate, then you can surely consider Sendinblue.

4. GetResponse

Now, this one here in our list is considered as the most respected email marketing platforms all over the globe.

Wondering about the reason? Let us tell you.

GetReponse is an email marketing tool that is trusted by big brands worldwide. And that is because it is responsible for catalysing the growth of businesses by aiding them with numerous leads which lead to boosting online sales in no time.

Now, speaking about the features, GetReponse houses some of the best developed features regarding email marketing in the entire niche.

These features allow users to create automated sales funnels by utilising landing pages as well as paid advertisements in order to gain the highest traction form email campaigns.

Besides this, this email marketing tool can be used to design customised emails by making use of the drag and drop feature which impresses a lot of audiences.

Also, GetResponse turns the task of creating spectacular landing pages into a cakewalk as you can do that in no time from their collection of beautiful templates.

It also allows users to craft a sales funnel from scratch.

And, speaking of the price, it offers you to start with 1000 contacts at $15/month. And, if you opt for paying annually you will be getting an 18% discount on your billed amount.

5. ActiveCampaign

This one here, known as ActiveCampaign, is considered as the best tool for automating your email campaigns.

Yes, and besides HubSpot, this also offers a wholesome list of features which can take care of all your actions regarding planning and executing an email campaign.

Being one of the most prominent and the most sophisticated email marketing tools, currently available in the market, ActiveCampaign empowers its users to create and launch drip campaigns. Not just that, it helps you automate them too.

Now, if you are planning for a cohesive marketing strategy, this tool can help you with the same too as it comes with omni-channel features which allow users to utilise the benefits of social media channels, live chats as well as several others for the same.

And, with the help of all of these, you can easily create a positive experience for your potential clientele which pushes your brand a step forward than your competitors.

And that gives your potential buyers another reason to buy from you.

Speaking of automation, ActiveCampaign allows users to automate their workflow which allows them to run their business on autopilot.

Moreover, they can also make use of the site personalization option which allows visitors to view content from their website that caters the best to their requirements.

At ActiveCampaign, users are allowed to send unlimited emails for $29/ month to 1000 contacts.

6. ConvertKit

We do not expect blogger and content creators to excel in knowing email marketing all in all. Hence, for them it is normal for them to seek help regarding setting up their email marketing campaigns.

And, if you are worrying about the same, then you can surely opt for ConvertKit as it is considered as the best email marketing tool for them.

However, you might think that content creators can settle down with just any other email marketing tool, why this one specifically.

Well, not every email marketing tool out there can turn executing email marketing campaigns and automations into a cakewalk like ConvertKit does.

Yes, the best part about ConvertKit is that it takes away the hardships of creating an email marketing campaign, and you are right, we are talking about the guesswork here.

This benefit brings down a massive headache from the shoulders of bloggers and allows them to run email marketing campaigns seamlessly and focus more on creating content.

And, the best part, ConvertKit does not charge a penny for the first 1000 subscribers, however, to go further with the premium features you need to pay them $29 every month.

7. Autopilot

Email marketing is no more about sending random bulk emails.

To make your mark and to make sure that your email newsletters are actually capable of converting your prospects into customers, you need to be smart.

And you can do that by sending the right email to the right prospect at the right time.

Now, what if we say that there is an email marketing tool which can take care of it all and make everything happen automatically?

Yes, Autopilot can really help you just the way we said.

Now, automation is undoubtedly an important part in any email marketing campaign and that is why all the email marketing tools in our list have that feature in them.

However, this particular feature is the forte of Autopilot.

In fact, their canvases for developing email marketing automation sequences are perhaps the best designed in the entire market.

Now, if you have created an email automation sequence before, you are likely to know how confusing it can get at times.

But, with Autopilot, you do not need to worry about it at all.

With annotations helping automation sequences and emojis, explanations and amazing stickers, you can make it very easy for your entire team to get the job done seamlessly.

Talking about the price, Autopilot charges you $49/month for facilitating 2,000 contacts.

8. Pabbly

It is important to make sure that the emails that you are sending from your email marketing tool are getting delivered to the concerned clientele.

And, that is why we placed Sendinblue so high.

However, there is another email marketing tool that can ensure a high delivery rate.

And that is Pabbly.

No matter how well-designed your emails are or how convincing your content is in the emails, you need to make your emails are reaching their desired destination.

There a good lot of email marketing tools available in the market in today’s date, however, only a few of them can actually ensure you with high delivery rate.

And, that might end up lowering your engagement levels.

As a consequence, ISPs will end up blocking their email campaigns.

But, with Pabbly, you get the assurance of a high delivery rate. Its SMTP can push the success rate to 98%.

In fact, you can also increase your number of SMTPs to make sure that all your emails are getting delivered.

Moreover, it also has a drag-and-drop feature which helps design flawless emails.

Pabbly offers a free plan which is kept away from premium features. However, for these features, you will be required to pay $29/month for up to 5,000 contacts.

And, in the near future, if your contacts go even high, Pabbly will be charging you $49 for the same.

9. Benchmark

Have you ever wondered why is not any email marketing tool in our list offering a great design and easy-to-use features side by side?

If you have, then let us tell you Benchmark is the answer.

Benchmark has a great design and its features are very easy to use.

And that is why this email marketing tool is emerging as a prominent choice among today’s marketers.

Benchmark can do anything required to plan, create and execute an email marketing campaign, and the price of this tool is also quite reasonable.

However, these amazing things are still not the best thing about this tool.

The design of this tool sets it apart from any other email marketing tool in its price segment.

Be it the email templates that it offers or the platform itself, you will find everything very aptly designed and visually very attractive in this tool.

And, all these features make Benchmark a great choice for businesses who are in the small to mid-sized segment.

In a decent price range, they can avail tons of great features such as visual email builder, over 1500 integrations, great landing page designs, surveys and polls, A/B testing, and whatnot.

It’s a great tool, isn’t it?

10. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is an email marketing solution designed with the needs of digital marketers in mind. It offers many features to help businesses create campaigns that reach customers at the right time.

Their intuitive interface makes it easy to segment audiences and personalize email content to generate more conversions and engagement.

NotifyVisitors uses advanced analytics and detailed reporting options to track performance, optimize campaigns, and observe customer trends to improve email performance over time.

With their suite of best features, NotifyVisitors can help businesses build experiences that turn prospects into customers and foster loyalty from long-time patrons.

It offers a free plan in which you get 1000 contacts and 1000 emails per month.

11. Omnisend

Now, if you are a large eCommerce brand which is looking for something that can help them keep their customers and prospects engaged via emails, seamlessly, then Omnisend is the one for you.

Yes, Omnisend is design specifically keeping large eCommerce brands in mind and it does its job pretty fine.

And, that is why it is gaining popularity among them quite fast.

It helps eCommerce biggies to take care of their email marketing through several channels which include email, push notifications, SMS, etc.

Moreover, Omnisend can also integrate with Facebook Ads, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger very easily, increasing the click-through rates up to 10 times.

Isn’t that quite impressive?

Now, as we mentioned earlier, Omnisend focuses primarily on eCommerce, and that is why they have successfully built templates that are innovative and can successfully reduce cart abandonments, driving repeat buyers.

In fact, after years of serving in eCommerce, Omnisend is quite aware of what works in this niche. This is why in this tool you will be getting engaging templates of “wheel of fortune”, birthday discounts as well as visual scratch cards.

Coming down to price, Omnisend charges $199/month for its complete access with pro features. By paying the same amount you will be able manage up to 10,000 contacts.

Which One Did You Like the Most?

No matter how many features an email marketing tool provides, if those features are not what your business requires, then they are of no use.

Now, to help you find the best, we have listed down the ones that can be the best fit for you no matter which business segment you belong from.

And, if you have already found out which one suits you the best, then go ahead and do the needful.

What are you waiting for?

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