7 Types of Backlinks to Take Your SEO Game to Another Level of Success

types of backlinks to boost seo
Digital Marketing |   June 30, 2021 by  Alekh Verma

Over the years, Google algorithms are constantly evolving but one factor that still remains the most crucial for marketers and search engines is backlinks. If you accompany your website with high-quality and authoritative sites, you can stand a better chance at enhancing your rankings, brand image, and link-building strategy.

Backlinks largely contribute to three aspects of your site i.e., the authority of the linking site, whether the site translates to do-follow status, and the link’s location on the site. In simple words, we can say that links built on reputed websites and engaging content posted within them will serve immense worth from an SEO perspective.

Why Backlinks are Crucial for SEO?

Backlinks are a powerful asset to send a signal to search engines that other sites may vouch for your content. If many sites are linked to the same website or web page, search engines consider the fact that the content is worth linking to and thereby, make a positive impact on your website rankings and overall visibility.

Followed backlinks from popular, trustworthy sites are considered an ideal way to strengthen link building whereas potentially spammy sites can ruin your position. Whether the link is followed or not, even only being mentioned on high-authority sites will gradually give a boost to your brand. Therefore, it is smart to acquire result-oriented SEO services to create a diverse backlink profile and long-term strategy to yield superior results.

Understanding the Types of Backlinks to Boost Your SEO Results

1. Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest blogging has become very popular these days to acquire top-quality backlinks. Whenever you publish a blog on another trusted website, you will have a chance to add an editorial backlink, which in turn builds brand authority and showcase your site as trustworthy via other influential publications.

If you’re relatively new to this concept, one of the simplest ways is to find a valuable guest blogging site and outreach for the same to give more power to your SEO strategy.

2. Editorial Backlinks

This is another kind of backlink that can help attract more visitors to your site content. It is generally referred to as a case when an authoritative site wishes to link to your quality content. The main aim is to give complete support to their work and share valuable information with the users.

If your content is a good source of information, you’re an infographic creator, or whether your site showcases ins/outs on a particular topic, many webmasters decide to get editorial links to your site. Isn’t it exciting?

3. Acknowledgment Backlinks

This type of backlink is usually preferred when the brand is involved in industry event sponsorship, charity events, or any representative speaker. SEO tools that help identify where your competitors stand so then you can build a solid strategy around your possibilities to earn more and more quality acknowledgment backlinks.

4. Press Release Backlinks

When you have a remarkable announcement to make, a press release could be the best way to create a solid foundation for your marketing and PR tactics. You can also use those backlinks to obtain quality backlinks from media outlets and drive solo attention to your website.


5. Comment Backlinks

Commenting on a genuine blog post with a link can be a good way to improve your site’s discoverability and add more value to the ongoing conversation. Make sure this approach isn’t executed in a spammy manner otherwise it will adversely affect your link-building tactics.

6. Badge Backlinks

The badge is typically an award that’s created or provided by other sites and represents a status symbol. If you create links on the awarded site, then people are more likely to trust your site. For doing so, you can look for a number of qualified sites and build a badge. Note that the more you link to respected sites, the easier it becomes to rank higher on Google.

7. Free Tool Backlinks

It’s great to provide useful tools for free to capture more attention and make a lasting impact on your SEO. For instance, you can offer a loan calculator or a lite version of a paid tool to drive brand awareness. For this, you can consider promoting the tools on sites that have a similar audience, and further you can utilize guest blogging outreach.

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Earning good-quality backlinks is a time-consuming yet crucial process. Especially new sites or those growing their keyword reach may find it challenging to understand where to start and how to build a solid link-building strategy. That’s where our SEO experts at eSearch Logix come to the rescue.

Being a top-ranking SEO company in India, we evaluate your backlink profile, perform competitor analysis, target the relevant keywords, and help you gain useful insights about link building. We will help you comprehend the level of importance and worth of different kinds of backlinks and build an efficient link-building plan that will be extremely beneficial for your SEO.

If you’ve any queries or want to make your site more credible, feel free to consult us. We’d love to assist you!

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