2 Unique and Wild Content Marketing Strategies That You Will Love to Implement

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Digital Marketing |   August 9, 2021 by  Alekh Verma

When you are at a certain stage in your business enjoying the success, you have achieved, the next challenge comes to take it to the next tier. And that means scaling up your marketing tactics. Even when you are new to your business field, you would see a whole lot of competition already there, and that would require you to create a killer marketing strategy to find your footing and attract your target audience.

Is the Established Method Right? Or Do You Need to Go Creative and Different?

Doing something that others are doing will probably not put you ahead of others. In the digital marketing realm, content marketing is highly valuable. How about you proceed with some interesting and diverse content marketing strategies that are tactical-based and new and that would work wonders for you?

2 Killer and Crazy Content Marketing Strategies

1. Product-Led Growth (PLG)

Why not move differently and have your product say about it. Don’t create content but have a killer product that leverages the marketing itself.

This marketing tactic is a method wherein the product features, functions and usage proposition drives customer target, acquisition, and customer retention and growth. People get inspired by the product, recommend it to others, and this method is employed by the company for marketing for enhanced sale, growth and expansion.

An example could be using a team communication or project management tool where whole group of people sign-up for the product and use it; with multiple use terms pertaining to free and paid that promotes the product scaling. Even when one person from that group leaves the team and joins another team or organization, they would be inclined to ask others if they are using that certain product and would recommend that.

Implementing PLG Methodology

  • Assess if PLG is Right for You

PLG is a great marketing tactic, but it is just one of many content marketing methods. And so, you will have to decide if this is right for you and creating and presenting a product is something that you would do resourcefully and effectively.

  • Have a Killer Product Idea

If you have an idea of a great product that is new or provide value to others at present then develop it, before this idea is grasped by others. Your ideal focus for product development should be how effectively and fast will that product deliver success to the users.

  • Arrange the Resources

What platform will the product be developed on? Do you have the workflow prepared for creating the product? Do you have the team that has the knowledge and skills to develop that product for you? Do you have the budget? Crunch the numbers related to all this.


2. Omnichannel Marketing

This will suit you best if your requirement is about having an innovative marketing campaign in place, but without a tool or product. As the name suggests, it is about making use of multiple platforms for marketing. So, when you have written a post on a marketing guide, how your YouTube subscribers are going to access that, that is where omnichannel marketing comes. Also known as content sprout method, it works following 3-step process:

  • Seed – This is your original content, which can be a written blog, a video or a podcast. And this one is hugely popular which you want to get across all your platforms. If you don’t have one, then create one with full research and create a deep, comprehensive and insightful content that gains traction online.
  • Sprout – Sprouting the seed content means re-packaging it into a format that you can flow through each channel or platform. This can be creating an info-image for your blog highlights, using a blog quote as an image shared on a social channel, or creating a podcast of your video content.
  • Pollinate– Now different-format-content is ready, and now you have push it through each channel, meaning you have to pollinate it.

Both of the content marketing strategies that we have mentioned above are potent enough to give you traction, reach to wider audience and create the buzz around your brand that you need. You just have to identify the tactics that are going to work for enhanced engagement for you.

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