What is SEO Content Writing? How is it Different from Other Types of Content Creation?

SEO content writing
Digital Marketing |   December 13, 2022 by  Alekh Verma

SEO is the most process-driven technique in the world of digital marketing. Content and Search engine optimization are directly connected. Content covers around 60% of the significance in SEO as compared to the other factors. If we go deeper, then you will find that content is a pillar in any digital marketing model whether it is social media marketing, pay-per-click, or search engine optimization. Any process starts with the content you are delivering to your audience.

If you are creating good content, then no one can stop you from reaching out to your audience organically. Focusing ahead on the development ethics, you will see the impact of the content on traffic driven to the website and your social image. This is the reason websites need to focus on web content and other platforms.

SEO content creation

Search engine optimization involves many elements and content is the most important of them. Professional content writing targets broad goals. Reaching out to audiences has hundreds of ways, and most of the strategies include content creation. Content writing has different types including storytelling, copywriting, technical content writing, documentation writing, etc. let’s discuss further SEO content writing.

What is SEO Content Writing?

To understand the term, first, we need to understand SEO. The acronym SEO stands for search engine optimization. The importance of online presence has been increasing rapidly in this era of development. SEO is a fruitful process to leverage the online brand image. Under SEO certain technical implementations tend to enhance website performance and drag it to the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

SEO content writing is based on certain factors like linking, keyword addition, content structuralization, and much more we will discuss in this blog post. SEO content writing includes content preparation according to the search engine algorithm. SEO content is expected to be well-structured, highly readable, intuitive, informative, and engaging. SEO content has the power to turn website visitors into successful leads for the business.

Role of Content Writing in SEO

“Content is King” is a quote in an essay by Bill Gates in 1996. Now modern content marketing strategies have turned this quote into a popular phrase. Trends and user interests have turned this true. Google itself says the same thing. Search engines focus on content quality and orientation while indexing and crawling all the websites from the web.


Undoubtedly, content can help website owners to rank higher and reach their audience without any effort if they have good content on the well functional website. Content also maintains visibility in the market. Nowadays tech-savvy consumers find any business authentic if they get it on social media or the web.

Tips to Create SEO Based Content

Writing for search engine optimization asks you to understand the basis of that particular language. Whether you are writing in any language, always be conscious about grammar but do not sacrifice readability with grammar. Because it has to be understood more than to make sense.

Great SEO content comes from a great understanding of the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Apart from the primary keywords, the LSI ones are the second most important factor. Content packed with helpful text makes it easier for readers to find the content, it enhances relevance and trustability.

Algorithms change from time to time according to the user behavior over the web. Although, the importance of content always increased. But SEO content writing service patterns keep updating and becoming more concise within a short time. Readers themselves in surveys accept that they just scan the copies, rarely someone reads the blog carefully.

So, keep content concise, and let’s discuss the tips to write quality SEO content.

Consider Your Audience

Before starting writing, understand your audience. Think from their angle and you’ll know what they are looking for. Always try to discuss their concern first and then give them a solution. This is how the content part works in engaging the audience. SEO does not work on tactics only; it is the work of understanding your users and reaching them naturally. Far from lead generation, organic traffic creates a base for you in the market.

Keep the Algorithm in Mind

Google is the largest search engine, and it helps SEO marketers with the latest set of rules prepared according to periodic data coming from audience analysis. Google focuses on the user experience delivered to the audience. And this is the reason Google is the largest search engine.

Successful digital SEO marketers always keep working according to the algorithm and understand the way Google understands the audience. Read the algorithmic factors carefully and keep them in mind while writing for your website or blog.

Understand the latest algorithms of Google. As the largest search engine, it is important to know how to drive more traffic to your blog.

Do a Good Keyword Research

Perform deep keyword research carefully; always go for the keywords with low difficulty and high search volume. Most of the time, main search keywords have high competition on the web, that time the content quality, images, interlinking (both external and internal), along with LSI keywords help you to rank your content.

SEO content is different from other content types because of keywords.

The biggest challenge for writers while creating content for SEO purposes is to add keywords in a flow. Or modify the content flow according to the main keyword. Along with this the use of LSI and entity keywords becomes important to let the page rank on Google with its enhanced relevance.

For this, you can use the long tail keyword because they are accommodating for the voice search optimized content. Explore vocabulary and use synonyms while writing just keep it understandable and simple according to the niche you are writing for. E.g., writing for the keyword “Best Baby Soap for NewBorns” is different from writing for “Mobile App Development Company”.

Go With Long-form Content

Long-form content falls under epic content marketing, here you optimize and create the content pieces in lengthy and engaging explanations. The writer gets the freedom to use several keywords in the long form content comfortably. Long-form content is crawled by search engines specifically and lets the audience have in-depth knowledge of that particular topic.

Long form or short form content

Expert SEO marketers release long-form content copies like chapter guides, case studies, and whitepapers to rank a page overnight. Short-form content has its importance to target audiences and engage them with the message you are trying to deliver, but still, the SEO effectively uses long-form content pieces.

Use unique sentences

Undeniably, a writer grabs knowledge from different sources and then starts working on the topics. But always write in your way. Do not edit or paraphrase the existing content. You will write in your style and try more simple ideas to explain the same topic to your audience. Research new things and the older ones different from the ones present on other’s resources.

The term “plagiarism” is heavily considered in SEO practices. Where the content needs to be 100% unique with zero plagiarism. Several free and paid tools are available online to check for plagiarism.

Use High-quality Site Links

Use internal links from your existing website blogs, if few are related to the topic you are discussing in your content piece. Information citation leverages your authoritativeness and trustability, targeting your Google E.A.T score.

Try to infuse links from other sites redirecting readers to informational blogs, articles, statistical data, or something useful. Use hyperlinks in your content, make sure the links are from high-quality websites only.

Use Different Content Types

A great web page effectively attracts the audience with several methodologies. That time only text does not work, but also the website user experience plays a significant role in SEO results.

Use attractive headings, punch lines, pointers, dropdowns, etc. along with creative images but take care of the size and pixels. Optimize the web page content according to the page size, orientation, layout, and information. Create synchronization between all the factors mentioned so that nothing would affect the website page speed.

Write Meta Tags, Titles, and Descriptions

Always write the meta descriptions for your blog or articles. Put special focus while writing the meta tags and titles. Try adding keywords in them, and always keep them attractive. These are the first things that appear in the SERP. Also, an attractive title and tag will only take us to your blog or the website.

The meta title for the website always falls under a character limit of 54 characters. Meta description limits under 141 characters for a web page. The meta title for the blog has a character limit of 70 and 157 for meta description.

Use subheadings

Split down your content into paragraphs. Create shorter paragraphs of two or three lines. Break up the text with punctuations that make content attractive. Use prominent keywords in the subheading.

Writing content into pointers makes it look interesting and creates a keen interest in the reader to go through the entire blog post. Doesn’t matter if your topic is even narrow, always write in small pieces. The user better understands the classified form of the content piece. Set goals and strategies to write accordingly in a proficient way. Format your content properly.

Maintain credibility

Always use external links from relevant sites as mentioned before. But also, if you are picking any data from another site, then mention their name or referral link for the same. List the references you are using for research, at the end of the content. This enhances credibility and saves your pages from toxic impacts.

Never forget to write alt text for the images you are using. Alt text helps to hold users on the page while images are loading. Simply this technique saves you from the bad impact of slow page loading speed.

Trends in SEO Content Writing

Content marketing has become the essence of lead generation, sales campaigns, and branding across all the paid and inbound channels due to its effectiveness. Knowing the top trends in this decade changed the face of digital marketing.

1. Topical Authority Will Replace Keyword Research

Google primarily focuses on the content parts and uses various tech expertise for link-building practices. Backlinking has been the primary factor to rank the websites. But the SEO landscape has grown to an extent in terms of importance. Now content quality is more important than using keywords in it.

The concept of Google E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness) for websites is important for businesses in all verticals. Businesses that fall under Your-Money-Your-Life (YMYL – health, finances, state of mind) strictly have to follow the Google E-A-T.

2. Value-driven Content Will Rise to the Top

Customers get different types of content every day. People become choosier with the content when they have many options and resources.

This is the reason now we will see different types of content better each time. Content marketers perform research to enhance the content experience (CX).

3. Original Research and Studies Will be Popular

People are attracted to the storytelling patterns of the content. It makes case studies and real-time insights more popular. It is predictable with human behavior, as you can see people are always interested in the life of celebrities.


Original research work and case studies help the audience to better understand a concept. Content marketing has been saturated by influencers and thought leaders, but this is not true at all. Slowly such people have started creating their truths according to their experiences. So, a research study with visual proofs will better influence the readers.

4. Content Will Become More Interactive

The content part of any website, profile, or application plays an important role in developing a standardized perspective in front of the user. Now imagine if the content becomes engaging, what heightens your business will reach with the power of the content.

Quizzes, polls, and funny images like memes are trending most in content marketing. Writers and SEO persons can focus on the SEO benefits from video content marketing. Better script and slider content marketing can help with higher lead generation and a standardized market image.

5. Adoption of AI

Artificial intelligence is winning the trends and becoming a favorite in the tech-savvy user community. We are a step closer to the phrase becoming a reality that robots will be doing human jobs.

Different AI content creators in the market are useful to create content in bulk. But it does not work for high-quality converting blogs. Content directly impacts the user experience, and it needs to be engaging.


Leading SEO companies perform a set of practices under marketing strategy for different business models. Search engine optimization is a long-term process and the efforts you make are visible after a certain period. Always choose your marketing company carefully and check their content capabilities. Because content creation is different for every purpose. The language, tone, and deliverability of the content change according to the platform.

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