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Digital Marketing |   December 14, 2022 by  Alekh Verma

Search engine optimization (SEO) falls under digital marketing practices. It is the art and science of dragging a website to the top of a Search engine result page (SERP). This is done by employing a set of tactics. Search is the main methodology, the way people find new sources and platforms for information, product, or service. A higher ranking on the Google search engine leverages website traffic and lead conversion. The goal of the entire SEO practice is to target boost in ROI.


Google and other search engines are often featured in paid ads. There the websites rank higher by paying for that position. This service falls under the PPC (Pay-per-click) or SEM (Search engine marketing) branch of the digital marketing niche.

So, the top showing paid ads are followed by organic search results. Many Search result pages have no paid ad competition and this also changes with time. Organic search results ensure that the business is quite active online and they are dedicated to delivering quality service or product.

What is an SEO Company?

Let’s discuss the topline first, elaborating thoughts to follow in the most important part of digital marketing. An SEO company works on the online brand image of the business. They have a team of expert consultants with years of experience, who review the entire online presence of the web and then propose strategies to improve the SEO performance of the business.

A team of highly qualified SEO practitioners work on that long-term goal and then boom. Clients see its website ranking on the top in SERP. The team at the digital marketing company works tirelessly to align all aspects of your business with your core brand identity. SEO approaches crucially help websites rank higher in search engine results.

How to find a good SEO company?

An SEO company does everything from proposing the digital marketing strategy for your business to working on that with a result-oriented spirit. Whether you need assistance, in any case, to manage in-house marketing or come up with updated SEO strategies. An SEO company keeps researching the new algorithm, if you are looking to work on advanced SEO then hiring an SEO company will be helpful.

Before hiring a company, perform good research online.

SEO Benefits

The market has high competition, and you will confront several SEO marketers. Hiring an SEO company benefits you with time, cost and trust-ability. Companies do not tend to fraud to maintain their market reputation. Always choose a company that offers flexible budget plans. While doing online research, you will find many insights, both positive and negative. You can consider a few factors like previous projects, client reviews, testimonials, case studies, portfolios, etc.

Once after collecting this data, you will be armed well to decide where you have to hand over your online business reputational responsibility.

SEO services – What does an SEO company offer?

A reputed SEO company provides these basic services for sure:

  • Review and audit your existing website
  • Suggest improvement ideas
  • Analyze the results of your SEO
  • Discuss the content performance, and backlinking strategy and connect sites with high-authority resources.
  • Services offered by the SEO company

Different SEO companies have expertise in one or many niches. Depending on the business model, you can consider a company according to its service offerings.

Types of SEO Services

Search engine optimization improves site visibility on Google search result pages for the relevant keywords. SEO helps to generate traffic organically, targeting customers looking for products or services online for top results on the front page. Here are the top SEO services offered by top SEO companies:

SEO types

1. White-Hat SEO

White-hat SEO includes the SEO practices that are performed under the SEO guidelines, terms, and conditions decided by various search engines. White-hat SEO improves search engine ranking while regulating website integrity. Search engine terms are important for a healthy web.

White-hat SEO practices are the best way to create and rank a website successfully. Here are the top listed white-hat SEO practices that make them different from other practices.

  • Use highly readable and keyword-rich content
  • Descriptive meta-tags, meta titles, and descriptions
  • Provide great services and responses to the website’s visitors
  • Create a great website user experience

2. Black-Hat SEO

Black-hat SEO uses any type of weakness present in search engines. Black hat SEO miss uses the search engine algorithms released by Google. Paid link building, cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc. The paid links are spammy, and in fact all other black-hat SEO techniques are spam and will lead to your site getting penalized. These practices give immediate top results on SERP. But Google detects these and it does affect the website very negatively. This is the reason websites are told to avoid black hat SEO practices to stay longer in the online market.

3. Gray-Hat SEO

Such types of practices are quite riskier than white-hat SEO practices. Gray-hat SEO services neither belong to white-hat SEO nor black ones, but in-between. The terms and conditions considered in search practices are very unclear. Although, gray-hat SEO practices do not get the website banned from the search engine; however that depends on what practices you are implementing. But the content posted according to the gray-hat SEO practices is considered ill and spam. If one is aware of the negative consequences of gray-hat SEO practices then it can grab the desired SERP results.

4. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing web pages’ title tags, URLs, images, internal links, HTML code, and many other website elements practices to improve search results rankings. Working on all these elements helps to improve the website user experience, and so far the SEO and website user experience are related to each other.

A new Google algorithm says the search result rankings are likely to improve according to the standards of user experience delivered to the website visitors. This is the reason keywords stuffed content and backlinking are not enough for the website ranking. On-page SEO strategy includes the following set of practices:

  • Writing high authority, readable, engaging, information and relevant content over the website.
  • Use HTML tags in important sections of the website.
  • Check for content plagiarism and broken links.
  • Optimize images in terms of size and pixels.
  • Structure the URL strategically for all the pages.

5. Off-Page SEO

Everything done outside the website to improve the search engine result page rankings is considered under the off-page SEO. It includes social media advertisements, online forums, reviews from clients, and links from a relevant website in the same niche. These practices slowly give surrounding support to the website and stand out at the top of SERP.

6. Technical SEO

Technical SEO targets the steps taken to make the website visible for Google bots crawling the websites over the web periodically. As Google cannot crawl all the websites on the web, for this you need to come under that circle by different practices like on-page, off-page, etc. for successful crawling. Interpretation and indexing help you to come under that circle where the Google bots find your website visible as per their categorization of your pages. Creating an XML sitemap, and making the website responsive, are a few technical steps to get grabbed by web spiders.

7. International SEO

International SEO deals with search engine optimization practices based on language and location. The local SEO includes the Google my business profile creation and optimization. But grabbing traffic from different locations needs you to carefully use the targeted keywords and write according to the vernaculars in that location. Use factors like time and date very carefully and try to create the content in their native accents. International SEO targets better online visibility, delivering a great user experience for the target audience.

8. Local SEO

Local SEO strategies ask for ranking the business available online in that particular area. Getting listed in the local area is quite easy with the google map listing. The behavior of local audiences is interpreted by analyzing the searches that show if you optimize your website according to the voice search results, then it can help you to rank better. This is done by using long-tail keywords in your content on the website

9. Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce marketing depends on PPC which is very expensive. SEO is very cost-effective. SEO companies help eCommerce stores rank by improving and securing the shopping experience in the store.

A loyal customer base and traffic potential are likely to stay when companies put efforts into the website. Major focus on the homepage, the right keywords from different locations, competitor research, and high loading speed, are a few basic practices to bring traffic and enhance search results for eCommerce store SEO.

10. Content SEO

Content SEO or content marketing coins creating the best content. If we talk about the text then keep it with proper grammar, high readability, informative, intuitive, great structure, zero plagiarism, and great copywriting factors in the content. Otherwise, all the related images, videos, animations, etc are part of the content. Content marketing does not ask for additional practices. Great content reaches its audience itself. This is why we say the max of digital marketing is dependent on content quality.

11. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is a set of activities included to make a high-performing website on mobile. 49.8% of traffic comes from the mobile which is quite higher than imagination. Websites need to optimize their websites according to their mobile size, functionality, and accessibility. Page speed and content orientation are a few important factors that impact website performance. Because you can expect a visitor to never come back to the website where they experience a lack of response or bad UX.

12. Negative SEO

Negative SEO includes unethical SEO practices. Negative SEO targets reduce the competitors. This way the practitioners get their website higher in ranking by gaining an advantage over competitors, breaking into someone’s site, suspicious low-quality links in large amounts, negative user reviews over big platforms, etc. are negative practices. These activities can create legal issues if caught.

SEO Company vs. Freelance SEO Expert

It’s always been an interesting debate about whether you should hire a freelancer or a company for any sort of service. Basically when we are talking about SEO, then you should go for a company. There are several reasons for giving you the right choice about such confusion.

Companies are always trustable, under your budget, and give out the right strategy for your business model according to the aims and goals.

SEO Costs – How Much Does it Cost to Hire an SEO Company?

SEO costing varies according to the industry, type of business, target niche, location, business model, etc. depending on the type of SEO different companies cost different amounts. But the right amount and result-oriented promises are only offered by trusted SEO Services Company in New York, Texas, California, and everywhere else.

To know the right pricing, you just need to get in touch with an expert consultant.


SEO services are booming the online market by providing high visibility to the business. As far as we look at the process priorities, different websites lack something different. So, going forward an expert SEO company is capable of analyzing your website and suggesting possible changes accordingly. Hiring a leading company gets you a great brand image and high-converting leads.

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