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8 Powerful Reasons Why eSearch’s ESL Ranks Pro Should be Your Go-to Rank Monitoring Tool

As a digital marketing expert or even as a website owner attentive to their website ranking on SERPs, do you keep track of where your site is ranking for organic results? Is it daily, weekly, or monthly? Do you use a tool for that or go about it manually? If your answer is the latter one, then certainly, it would have been eating up a whole lot of your time. But if it’s the former one, what tool do you use for that?

There are dozens of tools to keep track of keyword ranking on SERPs. But not all are created equal. Not all provide the same efficiency, results, and accuracy. And yes, not all are free to use.

ESL Ranks Pro – Accurate, Fast, Customizable, Forever Free Rank Tracker Tool

How would you feel if we proposed a keyword rank tracking tool that is free to use forever, is fast, accurate, and provides a whole range of features for keyword rank tracking and much more? Yes, this is what our new offering – ESL Ranks Pro provides to you!!

ESL Ranks Pro Forever Free Rank Tracker Tool

Every technological field witnesses a disrupting introduction, and with the capability and offering ESL Ranks Pro possesses, it has all the factors associated with it to make you replace your existing tool with this one, or jump on to start using it if you aren’t using one.

ESL Ranks Pro – Your One-Stop Tool for Keyword Rank Tracking, Monitoring & SEO Analysis

The better you are able to track and monitor your SERP ranking across all the major search engines, the better insight and data you have at your disposal – Empowering you to make informed and wise decisions for your SEO strategies.

Designed by industry experts at eSearchLogix, with meticulous planning, market research, and an advanced development process, ESL Ranks Pro is a feature-rich rank tracking tool that is built for all SEO professionals and digital marketers, and website owners. Essentially, it helps to track and monitor your SERP ranking, gain valuable insights into the site’s search result performance, assess SEO metrics to categorize high-performing and low-performing factors, and identify areas for improvement. This tool empowers you to get updated on your SERP performance with detailed, visualized insight.

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Here are 8 Key Reasons Why You are Going to ESL Ranks Pro Tool Ahead of Any Other

  1. Forever Free Plan
ESL Ranks Pro comes as the ideal solution for all those who have a limited budget and 
forever free plan

As a digital marketer, webmaster, or site owner, we understand that there are a whole lot of tasks you handle. And there would be a whole lot of tools and platforms that you would be using. It makes it hard to invest in another one, especially if you are a small business or have a tight marketing budget. In fact, many SEO professionals resort to manual rank tracking and method because of budget crunch; which is time-consuming, and it doesn’t provide you with the associated SEO metrics that a rank tracking tool can.

ESL Ranks Pro comes as the ideal solution for all those who have a limited budget but want to improve their SEO strategies with the right tool and platform support.

Although we have multiple paid plans too, and that too are extremely cost-effective – starting at as low as $5 per month.

2. Developed By Industry Experts

There are several tools created and launched by beginners in any particular industry – But their lack of experience in their field sometimes proves costly.

However, ESL Ranks Pro is the brainchild of the experts behind eSearchLogix, a decade-old, leading, globally recognized digital marketing agency. They have put their knowledge, know-how, and skill behind developing this tool.

The best part is – We, at eSearch have used and worked with a whole range of rank-tracking tools, and are well aware of what challenges we have faced. We have addressed all those challenges, user concerns, and limitations of those tools in ESL Ranks Pro.

3. Ease of Use With a Simple UI

It isn’t that only technical expert or experienced digital marketers are going to use a rank tracking tool. We know that it can be anyone, including an SEO fresher, a website owner, or anyone else working on their site’s or project’s SEO tactics. This is something we have addressed fully, crafting an interface that is simple and quick to get started with. Just as you get logged in, you will get a grasp of features, functionality, and data instantly.

4. The Whole Range of Features

  • Easy Keyword Rank Tracking – Get accurate daily, weekly, and monthly ranking data.
  • Track Competitors’ Ranking – See where your competitors are ranking for similar targeted keywords.
  • Get Ranking Frequency – See which keywords have dropped and which have risen over a particular period of time.
  • Get Traffic Estimation – See which keywords and pages bring the most traffic to your site, along with traffic estimation for high-ranking pages.
  • Check Desktop & Mobile Ranking – Check for desktop as well as mobile ranking for your URL, which can be done separately or combined.
  • Check Ranking on All the Major Search Engines – Track keyword ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more search engines.
  • Track Ranking Based on Location – Pick from a long list of over 150 countries to track and monitor ranking for that location.
  • Keyword Insights and Trends – Assess the amount of traffic a keyword receives, identify keyword difficulty and competition, and recognize which keywords are trending, unlock more keywords to target, and much more.
  • Assess Backlink Profile – Identify the cumulative backlink profile for particular URLs and recognize broken backlinks and high and low-performing backlinks.
  • Prevent Cannibalization – Identify page URLs that are competing for similar keywords and address and fix that issue.

5. Customizable Use of Features

How many tools have you used before that provide a freely customizable dashboard for your convenience and specific to your requirements? Not many. But ESL Ranks Pro does

You can track the keyword ranking daily, weekly, or monthly, as you like, and that too for a single keyword or multiple keywords. You can check for desktop or mobile ranking separately or even combined. You can pick any location that you want to check for ranking. You can get the ranking report emailed to you, or you can access that right within the dashboard, or you can export that report as a CSV file too. You can check for the global or local ranking of your keyword. You can assess ranking history for the last month, 6 months, or even a year to gain insight into your SEO performance to date. Use it to extract data the way you want.

ESL Ranks Pro Customizable Use of Features

6. 100% Accuracy

There are dozens of tools that will propagate that they provide 100% accurate ranking data. We are saying this because we have been using them for years. And that is something we have worked on and addressed in the ESL Ranks Pro tool.

All you get is precise, 100% accurate data specific to whatever data you enter and access ranking results and reports on.

Monitor your rankings over time and chart your performance against your competitors. Get scheduled reports straight to your inbox.

ESL Ranks Pro provide 100% accurate data

7. Visualized Data for More Clarity

It is common knowledge that pictures and charts convey the message better than plain text. And visualized data is more effective at being remembered and evaluated.

ESL Ranks Pro provides the entire ranking data, analysis, and much more in clean, visualized chart form. It helps you to see the average ranking position of your keywords and URLs, along with traffic from organic results and more.

Visualized Data charts convey the message better than plain text.
Visualized Data charts convey the message better than plain text.

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8. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Just as you get a complete analysis of your ranking, keyword trends, difficulty, traffic estimates, and more, the same you can do for your competitors. It will help you get a clear picture of where they stand, how they are stacking up against you, and what SEO metrics they are faring on better than you.

get a complete analysis of your ranking, keyword trends, difficulty, traffic estimates of your competitors

Getting a detailed insight into your competitors’ positioning and SERP results ensures that you unlock hidden keyword opportunities, better plan your content marketing and other SEO implementation, create a more robust backlink profile, and stay ahead of them.


ESL Ranks Pro enables you to fine-tune your SEO strategies with valuable data and insight to improve your overall tactics.

ESL Ranks Pro has all the potential and capability to be the game-changer in a field where concise and accurate results have been a big concern for many. And it will prove extremely handy, not just because of its power-packed features and functionality but also because it won’t cause a dent in your budget.

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