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7 Secrets on How to Design Eye-catching Graphics for Digital Marketing


Humans can’t help being visual.

No matter where you are, be it on your way to office or to a restaurant or even while chilling on your couch, surfing through the Internet.

Now, tell us, didn’t you notice any billboard while you were driving to your office? You did come across quite a few billboards, but there will only be a few that you happen to remember.

The same goes for the web as well. While scrolling down your Facebook timeline you do come across ads or social media posts, but, you do not remember all of them. But if you do happen to recollect any, then surely that design had something in it.

What’s the Secret Behind This?

Well, the point is, you need to grab the attention of your customers in the first few seconds (around 5 to 6). If your graphics are capable of the same, then you can easily roll in a lot of traffic to your website of any destination you want.

Don’t you wish to do the same? You do, right?

Well, then buckle up as we are going to discuss the 7 secrets to creating such amazing graphics for your digital marketing endeavours.

7 Secrets to Creating Perfect Graphics for Digital Marketing

Having an array of media features is a staple of digital marketing. And, graphics is one of the basic and most important ones among them.

So, let’s dive deeper into the secrets. Stay glued.

  1. Typography Matters

Typography defines the personality of your design as well as of your brand and uplifts the same.

It is an effective tool for designers to convey the message through texts, having a visual element in them. It plays a pivotal role in grabbing the attention of your target audience in a harmonious and intentional way.

Source: Designhill

You can’t just convert your text into a stunning graphic design just by copying and pasting it. You need to make it look good and most importantly, understandable.

For the same, you need to have a sharp eye for visual detail and aesthetics as well as a sound marketing strategy.

Typography plays a vital role for graphic design as it heightens your words in a clear, noticeable and legible way.

So, when images are the main part of your design, choose such typography design that is strong and can be noticed easily.

Now, while designing a graphic image that is dependant on texts, choose your fonts in such a way that can easily deliver the message.

So, no matter what, your design should be a good blend of several competing elements to spread the word, establishing the tone and value of your brand, easily and effectively.

  1. Make Good Use of Colour Psychology

Colour matters in every aspect of graphic designing. Be it a logo, an ad or a marketing campaign that you are working on, the colours that you pick play a vital role in all of it just like the text or the image that is incorporated.

Source: UX Planet

So, being a graphic designer, it is important for you to understand how colours make an impact on your target audience. It is your duty to make your target audience feel in a certain way for your brand, and you do that with the colours that you use in your designs.

You can use colour psychology in multiple ways, these are,

  • Using single colour

Single colour designs are more of the minimalistic kind which have a very contemporary and sophisticated look. Such monochromatic designs create a deeper connection of the viewer with the psychological reaction of that specific colour. But it can also lessen the intrigue of the audience because of how simple it is. Yes, it is great for connecting with a particular set of audience but at the cost of reducing brand diversity.

  • Using two colours

This is probably the best approach to create a convincing design. You can opt for emphasising more on a single colour keeping a certain ration between both of them. Now, as each colour of this design services a purpose, use the other colour as an accent. Avoid vibrating colours.

  • Using three colours

For this, all you have to do is relate to the Fibonacci spiral so that you can create a perfect blend with the three colours. This combo encompasses more emotions and feelings. But, make sure to use complimentary colours.

  • Using four or more colours

This combination can sometimes be more convincing bit, can also get your audience confused about your approach. It works the best when your target audience are children, although not always. For, example, take Slack’s logo.

  1. Incorporate Your Branding

Branding plays a quite vital role in your graphic designs.

So, when you start with designing your graphics, it is important to leave a space for incorporating the logo.

Understand this first, your logo is the face of your brand. So, no matter where you share your graphic design, your logo travels with it. So, in a nutshell your brand goes along with your design.

Now let’s say, a person comes across your splendid graphic design post and is so amazed that he happens to download it in order to share in their social media. Here you can utilise the benefit of passive marketing as your logo is present in the design.

Now, you can also utilise branding in a different way when it is about graphic designing.

For the same, all you have to do is using such colours in your graphic designs that are used in your logo too.

This strategy will help you stick to a particular theme for your graphic designs, which is relevant to your brand as well. And, that will help growing your brand identity with minimum effort.

Tell us, doesn’t a blank and white colour palette remind you of Uber? It does, right?

Source: Uber
  1. Keep It Clear, Simple, And Visible

The basics are important. Keeping your design clean, simple or not depends on what type of brand you are and what type of audience you cater to.

But, no matter what, you want one common thing and that is to be heard.

You have put in a lot of effort in designing your graphic post, and the reason is because you want our audience to go through it, understand what you are trying to say, and take necessary action.

The best part is, you can do that quite easily. All you have to do is keeping your message short, clear, simple, and visible. Yes, it’s that easy.

It might temp you thinking that a adding more text or elements will be of more impact for your digital marketing graphics, but it cannot be further from truth.

The reason is, such designs make your audience feel overwhelmed which will lead to turning the graphic design into less attractive or eye-catching. So, gradually, you will fail to address more people with the same.

As we have mentioned earlier, the nature or niche of your business is also quite vital when designing the type of graphics, you would look forward to. But, in most of the cases, a single headline is enough.

You can also add a call-to-action or CTA button wherever and whenever necessary along with just a few complimenting elements.

Leaving the bulk information for the caption and letting your graphic design drive the traffic is the best thing to do.

  1. Using High Quality Images Is a Must

Having high-resolution images of your product or service in your designs is one of the most significant things to consider.

Not just it increases the credibility and quality of your brand but also shows the effort that you put in in order to place your brand in the social platforms.

It plays a major role in increasing the affinity of your audience towards your brand as well as the service/product that you sell.

Other than that, it also impresses your audience like no other.

Speaking of the same, you should always use high-quality images in a PNG format. Images in PNG format go the best with a smaller colour palette. Also, PNG files can shrink into incredibly small sizes, keeping the quality of the image intact, especially for images that have simple colours, shapes, etc.

Moreover, make sure that while taking pictures of the product, you have a good lighting set up and the camera is steady. Trust us, nobody like to see shaky images. Don’t you delete them from your gallery too?

Also, low-resolution images will be looking blurry and pixelated when placed in your graphic design. This distastes your audience.

Higher-resolution images make your designs look good and your brand premium.

  1. Adding Music Will Spice It Up

Music has always inspired designers, illustrators as well as creative professionals and it will continue doing so till one of them ceases to exist.

And, it goes to a whole new level when you blend your design with a relevant soundtrack or music.

Music is such a powerful element that it can easily elevate the message that you are trying to deliver through your graphic design.

It can also help you in getting a step closer to your target audience, making them not just see your graphic design, but listen to it and most importantly, feel it.

Aim for an upbeat mood and make your target audience groove on it. Make your audience get excited over the grand sale that your brand is going to throw. Announce something or elaborate or declare a new add-on product feature. You can do it all just by adding this element to your design.

Also, there is another scientific point that you need to consider. A regular graphic design interacts with just your eyes. But, when you add music as an element in your design, the point of contact doubles up. Yes, now, your designs can be audible too.

Will not that be a lot more impactful? Yes, and you know that too!

Adding music to your design is an amazing idea to start with.

But there is another thing that you keep in mind. Treat this secret trick as a surprise. Don’t ruin it by using it over and over again. This will lessen the oomph-factor and people will get used to it like they have become for regular graphic designs and you are here looking for betterments.

Save them just for special posts.

Why don’t you try them with motion graphics too? Don’t know what that is? Let us tell you in our next point.

  1. Motion Graphics Is the New Era

Like the point says, yes, motion graphics is the beginning of a new era.

As you already know, the human eye interacts more with a moving element than a stagnant one. So, it is quite understandable why using motion graphics can be so impactful for your digital marketing endeavours.

Motion graphics is also something that has x-factor that catches the eyes of the viewer.

And, trust us, this is something that every tech biggie is looking forward to, and possibly, move on to.

Now, speaking of blending it with music, it can be something that your viewers cannot skip without going through. And, this is the basic point of the entire conversation.

When you design can make your viewer stop and go through your content, there is a very high possibility that the person will like your work and then move towards viewing what more you have to offer. Hence, a lead gets generated.

So, why not opt for it?

For initial help, you can try out apps like Canva which offers a good lot of pre-sets which prove to be pretty useful in creating an awe-inspiring graphic work.

And, when this gets blended with a music, the possibilities are endless.

So, why don’t you start exploring?

Wrapping it Up!

Graphic designing is a pretty interesting job. You get to play with designs, colours and several tools that give you limitless opportunities to discover your potential and do something new every day.

And, when you have that potential as well as the secret tips to move a step ahead of your competitors, you should never waste a moment in grabbing it.

Undoubtedly, graphic designs are one of the most effective ways to make your target audience go through your message, if executed properly. And, these tips mentioned above can help you with that like no other.

So, which are the tips that you liked the most? Are there any ones that you have been trying out already? If not, then nothing is stopping you from getting better and going ahead of your competitors to get more engagement.

So, go get it!

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