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SEO and ChatGPT: Finding the Balance for Better Search Results


Since OpenAI revealed their new artificial intelligence project, ChatGPT, statements praising the technology’s amazingness have proliferated on the internet and social media. In its simplest form, ChatGPT is a brand-new generative language model created specifically for conversations.

Although there has been much discussion about the efficacy of AI in content generation, ChatGPT has shown the promise of generative AI for SEO. Instead of delving into ChatGPT’s technical specifications and engineering in this article, we’ll focus on how you can use this text-generating AI tool for SEO tasks.

Introduction: What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is a generative language model designed for a conversational chat that is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology. This chatbot’s incredible abilities are due to the “third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” also known as ChatGPT-3. It is a neutral network machine learning model with over 175 billion parameters that have been trained to produce any type of text using internet data.

The largest natural language processing model before the release of GPT-3’s deep learning neutral network was Microsoft’s Turing NLG model, which contained just 10 billion parameters. Since GPT-3 is now the largest neutral network ever created, it performs far better at producing human-like language.

Not only will ChatGPT be able to produce content, but it will also be able to write code, produce poetry, and respond to challenging mathematical problems.

We posed a straightforward query to ChatGPT, and received the following response:

Can we use ChatGPT for SEO

Unlike previous language models, ChatGPT is specially made to respond in a conversational situation. This is why it can produce text that is more authentic and diverse than text that is produced by machines.

How to Use ChatGPT as SEO Productivity Tool

Let’s explore in greater detail how ChatGPT for SEO may be used as a productivity tool.

1. Content Creation

The creation of content is one of the toughest obstacles for marketers, especially if their teams lack talented writers. Although ChatGPT can produce text for you on almost any subject, is it recommended?

ChatGPT is not suggested to use for writing blog posts and web pages. There is no question that the search engine considers AI-generated content to be spam and is in violation of the company’s policies, according to John Mueller, the Google Search Advocate, who made this statement in 2022. Even if ChatGPT employs anti-detection methods, it is safe to presume that Google algorithms can recognize content produced by ChatGPT. This is why whenever you use AI tools to create content, a human review must always be present.

As a result, you are free to utilize ChatGPT to write email pitches, landing page text for PPC campaigns, and social media posts. It can also be a very useful tool for coming up with content ideas.

Write an email

In essence, ChatGPT may be used to automate duplicate SEO content activities like ad variations and social media updates. Just make sure to check for any errors while proofreading.

2. Keyword Research

Although employing ChatGPT-generated text for keyword research and analysis runs the risk of being penalized, you should still do so. Researching keywords is essentially straightforward using ChatGPT. For instance, we discovered the following as a result of our keyword analysis for the sample above:

Find keywords

Opening ChatGPT and entering a few target keywords or the topic is all that is required to conduct content research and analysis. Based on your input, it will analyze the search results and produce a list of keywords.

In the aforementioned example, we also did it. After we typed in the search term, ChatGPT displayed a list of possible keywords and phrases. You can use the tool for more than just basic keyword research to find out how competitive different keywords are.

Your capacity to conduct keyword research and analysis using ChatGPT will determine everything.

3. Better Understanding of Search Intent

With ChatGPT, there is arguably a very high chance of comprehending the search intent of SEO-related issues. With the use of this generative language model, any search query may be thoroughly investigated beyond simple keyword matching to the user’s purpose.

This almost exactly mirrors how Google handles your search queries. The Surgeon General algorithms have astoundingly advanced over time to comprehend the purpose underlying every input. However, Google “takes your inquiry and attempts to answer it,” as Keiran Flanagan put it. ChatGPT considers your inquiry and frequently enhances it.

Although ChatGPT is still in the experimental stage, it appears that it has an exponentially larger learning capacity than existing machine learning models. The tool can be used to help you comprehend the search intent behind the searches. It can assist you in understanding information that even searchers aren’t aware they’re seeking as it enhances the input. You must all understand as marketers how crucial it is to better frame your content in the context of responding to queries in order to boost the ranks.

4. Creating Subsections, Meta Descriptions, and Short Content Blocks

While you should exercise caution in how much content you allow ChatGPT to create on its own, there are certain things you can do to improve the usefulness of the results:

  • Give extremely precise prompts regarding the direction you want the tool to go.
  • Feed it a paragraph from your writing or the work of a writer whose style you want it to imitate to provide training data.
  • Reduce Volume: You can increase your chances of receiving the desired results by reducing the volume of content you anticipate.

We can give ChatGPT a paragraph from our writing and instruct it to write something very precise to make a useful paragraph rather than asking it to run off and compose a whole article.

You can also assign ChatGPT the following tasks in this regard:

  • Once you’ve entered the fundamentals of the product, you may go on to the product descriptions. Keep in mind that ChatGPT cannot search the internet for information about a product and that the information it does have may be out of date.
  • Summaries of content or sources – You can sum up (and link to) a blog post, a research paper, etc.
  • Sources and Resources: You can request that ChatGPT compile a list of books that your readers would enjoy or a list of excellent sources (although again be careful to vet any web-based sources the tool is generating for you).

5. Creating Outlines of Blog Posts

We might be getting close to ChatGPT serving as more of a writing helper than an article’s primary author at this point.

Create an outline

This won’t serve the purpose of tools like Clearscope, Market Muse, Content Harmony, or other platforms, which provide material briefs and outlines focused on optimizing the piece for search rankings if you’re writing SEO-oriented content.

Having ChatGPT create an outline, though, can help you come up with good ideas and get your article going.

6. Get a List of Stats

It’s crucial to emphasize once more that the data you obtain from AI tools like ChatGPT may be inaccurate or deceptive, but you can utilize the tool as a research assistant to quickly produce a lengthy list of metrics.

Create a list

7. Managing Analytics Report

You must manage analytics reports as a digital marketer if you want to show your clients the fruits of your labor. It’s interesting that ChatGPT can be really beneficial in this area as well.

Working with regular expression-required reporting programs like MS Excel is a requirement. If you don’t have much experience with programming, you can still create and manage analytics reports with ChatGPT. You might, for instance, want to filter a report for specific words and phrases that you can use to formulate FAQs. Even with a simple understanding of regular expressions, you can use ChatGPT to automatically create a list that you can use with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Technically, ChatGPT does away with the need to become familiar with formulas in order to parse data in reports. Although comprehensive instruction on the subject is outside the purview of this article, you may learn how to use ChatGPT for handling analytics reports by perusing a number of online resources.

8. Rewriting and Editing Content

As you can see from the example above, ChatGPT occasionally allows errors to get through and probably won’t ever completely replace human editors, but it can still help you clean up some parts of your article. Here are a few instances:

  • Shortening Paragraphs

Shorten paragraphs

You can ask ChatGPT to break up your paragraphs for you if you want to adhere to short paragraphs and alter your material to make it easier to scan.

  • Subheadings in an Article

You may also ask ChatGPT to build sub-headings for your material to further enhance your article’s scan ability. Here, you must be very explicit with your prompts; else, you will only have an outline.


9. Use ChatGPT to Create a Tool or Website

I was quite eager to generate code for myself using ChatGPT. I believed it would be a fantastic opportunity to create free tools or websites as people are purportedly using the tool to take on development labor.

Related: Build a Website Using ChatGPT- Create WordPress Website Using AI (esearchlogix.com)

Create homepage template


If you have the patience, you might be able to get ChatGPT to create a variety of widgets, including:

  • Forms
  • simple implementations
  • Tables
  • easy-to-use plugins

Additionally, you might be able to ask it to fix bugs in already written code or clean up messes.

10. Outreach Assistant

ChatGPT can assist you with a variety of content promotion activities in addition to your content development efforts. The tool allows you to make a list of blog posts:

Outreach assistant

Additionally, it can write your outreach letters and suggest blog articles for particular websites.

Again, keep in mind that the tool’s training data is outdated, so some of the ideas it suggests may be topics covered by the blog since ChatGPT’s training data was gathered.

Get Creative and Master Your Prompts

We’ve covered a few broad categories in this article where ChatGPT can assist with content generation for SEO. The list will increase steadily as the platform develops.

Consider the skills ChatGPT possesses (and those it lacks) and how those can benefit your daily work. This is an excellent strategy. As opposed to being an “AI content generator,” we aim to conceive of ChatGPT more as a writing and research assistant. With that perspective, approach using the tool like you would approach writing an SOP or assigning work to a person. You only need to:

  • Give the tool precise, clear instructions or suggestions.
  • Verify that the outcome meets your expectations; if not, you may simply request that the tool regenerate the response.

Many marketing toolkits are starting to include artificial intelligence more and more. Numerous companies that content creators often utilize, including Canva, Notion, and others, have expanded their capabilities to include AI solutions.

Therefore, for a more effective AI-powered content production process, it is essential to become more familiar with how prompts function, including the kinds of prompts that AI tools struggle with and how to get a task back on the rails once your prompt has produced an output you didn’t intend.

AI-Powered SEO Tools Are the Future

There is no denying that ChatGPT is an extraordinarily remarkable application that accurately demonstrates the content production potential of artificial intelligence.

Beyond only article generation, ChatGPT has several uses for SEO. The information we’ve provided thus far is really the tip of the iceberg; yet, if you learn to take full advantage of it, you can save hundreds of hours every year.

It’s important to understand ChatGPT’s limitations, though. The program relies on data created up until 2021 and is not updated with current occurrences. Simply said, you cannot obtain news about current events using ChatGPT. Additionally, it is not permitted to offer content on a number of subjects, including sex, racism, and potentially hazardous subjects like how to make explosives.

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Whilst ChatGPT can help you strategize your SEO efforts, plan your content optimization and marketing, conduct keyword research and much more; ESL Ranks Pro helps you gauge the fruits of your efforts in real-time, with accurate and easy-to-understand visualized rank report.

This tool allows you to keep track of how each page of your site is ranking on major search engines, specific to your chosen geo-location, for the targeted keywords. It allows you to keep up-to-date with ranking frequency of your site, along with enabling you to gain an insight of keyword trends, traffic estimates, backlinks and much more.


We’ve tried to explain the relationship between ChatGPT and SEO in this article. There are still more opportunities to be uncovered as we move forward because ChatGPT is still a relatively young product.

However, it is indisputable that ChatGPT is worth the buzz; however, as a provider of SEO services, you must use it with caution. Because the content it produces is still artificial intelligence-generated, Google may penalize it. This makes content generation for advertising, emails, social media posts, and reports using ChatGPT the optimum usage for these functions.

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