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SEO Software Problems
Digital Marketing |   January 19, 2023 by  Alekh Verma

If you’re wishing to outrank your rivals in search engine result rankings or you feel as though your tried-and-tested SEO methods are no longer serving the purpose, then it’s finally time for you to get beyond the generic tools all your rivals are using. What must be done immediately is that you need to stop the habit of relying on outdated data and begin your journey with SEO tools that correctly forecast how Google’s algorithm updates will affect your business and its ranking.

You can genuinely achieve better rankings and have the ultimate SEO advantage by correctly forecasting future SERPs. Market Brew’s AI forecast tool is an advanced software solution that can help here.

In this article, we’re going to thoroughly discuss SEO intelligence and how you can utilize an AI tool to solve complex SEO software problems.

What Is SEO Intelligence?

There are a lot of ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) supports SEO in order to achieve organic traffic and higher rankings:

If you’re someone who wants to distinguish yourself from the competition, then you must put emphasis on trying out new software which would help you uncover intriguing new intelligence features that can help a great deal in improving your overall SEO.

Solve These SEO Problems with Market Brew AI Tool

SEO Intelligence uses AI to forecast the direction of your search by helping you achieve the following:

1. Calculate How Search Visibility Gets Impacted by Algorithm Changes

With the help of Market Brew’s powerful AI algorithm, you can safely get an estimate of the future of your site’s search. Even months before any changes might appear in search trackers, this AI tool can be used to anticipate SEO rankings.

It allows you to not spend countless hours trying to investigate what could happen in the future and how it might jeopardize your personal credibility by precisely showing you what you can expect from a dynamic Google algorithm update. It achieves this by testing SEO platforms or predictive models on the basis of actual algorithmic data.

Any modifications that are done will be based on the prediction model that’s been created on the basis of the job that was accomplished by your SEO team using the tool. It helps the users to comprehend how each search engine ranking is determined more thoroughly by allowing them to see the results of even the slightest optimization right away.

2. Learn and Watch Decisions Using Search Engines

Why does a competitor have higher rankings than you on SERPs? Do you need a reason to show the client why your rankings are shaking up? With the help of this AI tool, you’ll be able to acquire SEO analysis in an accurate and timely manner.

Market Brew can help you understand how each SERP change happened through comparison by displaying the various learning algorithmic bias/weight adjustments from before and after Google’s algorithm upgrade. Market Brew has the capacity to use a genetic algorithm and self-calibrate each search engine model.

Market Brew employs Particle Swarm Optimization to modify the conventional model’s algorithmic parameters such that the results closely resemble the goal SERP results. The bias/weight parameters are changed and saved after each cycle of this calibration process.

Market Brew automatically updates its search engine models in response to Google’s next algorithmic upgrade. Users may quickly identify which algorithms are now more or less significant with the new calibrated settings.

3. Conduct Genuinely Accurate Competitive AI Research

Using Market Brew, you can begin by thoroughly comparing the websites of your rivals. You can easily work towards creating a list of all the benefits and drawbacks by analyzing all the websites from the same industry.

Here are some things that you must focus on while gathering comparison information-

  • Elements of your competitor’s content.
  • Your competitor’s internal page links and backlinks are sorted by either link flow distribution, anchor text distribution, or both.
  • Focus on keywords that have higher transaction value or search volume.
  • Your competitor’s top-performing pages.

Keeping an eye on your competitors presents you with a lot of opportunities for improvement. Competitor comparison helps save a lot of valuable time, resources, and money when it comes to capturing market share in search.

4. Total link value measurement

The number of links and the authority of the links on your pages is crucial factors in increasing traffic to your website. The ranking authority and quality of the links on your page are highly dependent on their nature. The simplest way to gauge a site’s backlink value is by measuring its links.

This AI tool uses the most advanced link algorithms to assign individual scores to each link on your website. This allows you to get a better & accurate representation of each link’s strength.

You can look at some of these factors while evaluating your link’s value-

  • Is the link relevant?
  • Is the linking site authoritative?
  • Is the link followed?
  • Where is the link on the page?
  • How many links are on the page?
  • Is the link reciprocal?
  • Does the link share anchor text with another link?

Your connecting should always be deliberate. Remember:

  • You need to ensure there’s no oversaturation that could lead to clutter and devaluing of the links. There is hardly any chance that surplus links could produce seamless UX.
  • While placing your links you need to keep the user’s intent at the forefront. All your efforts should go into helping users achieve their objectives.
  • You need to keep in mind that links that have more established authority and come from reputable websites have far better link equity than links that have come from brand-new or just-launched websites.
  • Links that appear at the bottom of the page are perceived as having less weight and authority by Google.

If you link to the grand opening of a restaurant from an article on where to trade in your automobile, Google will flag the link as unrelated, and your SEO link software should, too. Ineffective links offer neither authority nor value.

5. Calculate and assess the value of a keyword link

To assist certain pages’ rank on search engines, Market Brew uses chosen keywords as anchor texts for internal linking and link building from other websites. Market Brew’s advanced link score algorithm works towards observing a distribution of anchor texts that cannot be achieved by other tools. Then, on the basis of the quality and quantity of backlinks, each anchor text is then assigned a specific importance on the chart.

Your top keywords can be found with the aid of SEO tools. You can mix up the distribution of your anchor text by using your secondary & major anchor texts. Both core and secondary keywords benefit from link variance’s performance on search results pages. The primary goal here is to concentrate on the distribution of your anchor text on suitable landing pages and at the same time rank for some particular keywords.

6. Calculate your real E-A-T scores.

Expertise, Authority, and Trust are abbreviated as E-A-T. E-A-T is one of the most crucial elements Google takes into account when determining a website’s overall Page Quality Rating. According to Google, you need these things in order to be reliable and in charge:

  • A pleasing amount of excellent information with an illuminating or instructive title.
  • information on the website that is satisfactory or details on the website’s administrators. An e-commerce site, for instance, needs to provide gratifying customer service information.
  • preserving a good online reputation for your website.

SEO specialists lacked a reliable and accurate technique to gauge E-A-T scores prior to Market Brew’s insights. The E in E-A-T, which assesses the coverage of material for each page’s topic cluster, was introduced by Market Brew in 2021. This expertise algorithm is currently displaying a correlation with ranking positions in some search results.

The first statistical modeling tool for search engines in the world is called Market Brew. Search engineers created Market Brew, a search engine that can adjust its settings to function like any other search engine in the world. Its AI-driven task system enables seamless navigation through every important area of the search engine model, revealing priority activities from off-page to on-page and everywhere in between that are specific to SERPs.

Market Brew’s search engine models are the start and finish of each fruitful SEO strategy.

7. Identify the topic’s authority

Imagine having the option to submit every update to Google to observe the results. You can thanks to the features of Market Brew’s SEO testing platform. The Market Brew spotlight methodology enables users to determine the ideal Topic Authority, identify the specific topic cluster of the top-performing site, and even determine which expert topics the material should cover.

Each Market Brew account has the following features by default:

  • Evergreen Googlebot Crawler.
  • Blink JavaScript Rendering Engine.
  • Proven search engine algorithms.
  • Rapid testing capabilities.
  • SEO Teams tool to help Manage Optimization.
  • The ability to compare and contrast how your changes fared.

8. Recognize Keyword Stuffing

Topic clusters are a condensed form of keywords, which are crucial for SEO. However, overusing keywords in your material creates the impression that you are more concerned with search engine rankings than with readers, which search engines pick up on. Google prefers to see purposeful content that benefits its readers. Google disapproves of pages that overuse keywords, for this reason.

Rather, concentrate on ethical keyword SEO optimization. It’s safe to stick with two to five keywords on each page for your SEO. To avoid overusing one term and create a topic cluster, locate similar topics for each keyword instead of repeating them throughout your website.

Google favors sites with concentrated topic clusters, and those that use them typically have more dense content if a page has a wide range of keywords and related subjects.

Real-Time Ranking Analysis with ESL Ranks Pro

Whilst Market Brew helps you to simulate the search engine environment to test and assess your SEO strategy and practice, ESL Ranks Pro helps you gain an insight into how you are actually performing on the major search engines.

This rank tracking and monitoring tool provides a complete, visualized of your site’s ranking, which you can track for each URL based on targeted keywords, along with an assessment of keyword frequency, traffic estimation and backlink analysis.


Stick with Market Brew if you want to streamline your corporate SEO optimization procedure. Market Focus is a feature that comes with every Market Brew account and starts with a keyword-based strategy. Following that, the technology determines a basket of keyword clusters for each page using Market Brew’s strong link-scoring layer.

Using this information, Market Brew’s automatic discovery system can display on the Top Optimizations screen the precise algorithms that are the decisive factors in the target search engine environment. In conclusion, using repeated words or phrases to manipulate search rankings can only make a site appear lower in Google’s search results. Make your life easier by letting AI tools such as Market Brew advance your overall SEO.

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