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How to Use Online Reputation Management to Streamline Customer Experience?

Want to make your business reputation online? Today, in this digital era, if you run a business, you should know that customer positive online reviews play an important role in winning the hearts and minds of customers. Almost 95% of shoppers read reviews online before deciding to make a purchase, and 85% of customers only trust these reviews. Having a reputation management strategy is becoming more and more important.

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Know what Online Reputation Management is and how to use this service to streamline customer experience?

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is an ongoing task aimed at establishing, cultivating, and maintaining your brand and reputation online. Like traditional reputation management, it also involves perception.

You can also say that online reputation can change or influence the public’s perception of organizations, individuals, or other entities on the Internet. This is a practical approach that helps to know public perceptions about companies and their products and services. In a fast-paced digital age, customer’s opinions can be changed quickly. Consumers like to share their experiences online, for better or worse. For online reputation management, establishing a positive digital public image so that people interested in purchasing a product or service can feel assure, comfortable through the conversations and words mentioning your brand.

There are many different online platforms for you and your customers, to find information about your business online. Blogs and social media platforms are great sources to share positive feedback with your audience. The challenge is to record customer comments, conversations, thoughts, and feelings about your business. This does not mean that you should hide it.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Now, the question arises here, why do we need online reputation management?

Currently, there are over 2 billion active users on all major social networks, which mean it is more likely that people will talk about your brand or products. If you’re not available on the social media, no one can respond to these comments or answer questions that people may encounter. Without responding to these mentions and queries, you will lose your brand and customer loyalty. It is important to use online reputation management services to build trust and credibility, increase brand loyalty, and streamline your customer experience.

Reasons How To Online Reputation Management Strategies to Improve Customers Experience

Reasons How To Online Reputation Management Strategies to Improve Customers Experience

A strong online reputation greatly improves the company’s brand awareness. Your reputation not only attracts potential customers, but also enables them to promote and generate revenue online. Here, we have discussed few online reputation management strategies to improve customer experience.

1. Set up a Review-Request program

In order to improve the online profile of your location, establish a fixed schedule to solicit customer reviews. As you continue to generate feedback, you will create a holistic view of customer feedback over time. By asking all customers to comment, you can increase the average star rating of your location.

Simplify the experience with optimized graphical email templates and mobile review requests. Choose the two review sites most relevant to your business and guide customers to them via email or text message.

2. Develop a Process To Monitor And Feedback for Review

Online customer reviews contain valuable information, so you want your internal customer service team to constantly monitor them. Your team should seek reviews for operational weaknesses and then resolve these issues. Is there any issue with the courtesy counter in a certain location? A good and strong online reputation management platform can provide system-visible improvement suggestions for your location and managers. By monitoring and responding to online reviews in a systematic way, you can reduce customer service blind spots, build customer credibility, and improve your reputation.

3. Using Social-Media

Pages on social media are “an extension of the brand and provide more ways for people to interact.” For social media, it is important to keep resources active by participating in conversations and regularly publishing new content. No profile on social media platforms is better than a profile without no activity. Many customers use Facebook as a forum to review products or services, so when interacting with customers in this channel, your team should develop a two-way communication strategy.

Use the positive reviews of previous customers in Facebook ads to show a specific audience your outstanding customer service. Advertising can help you gain online attention, bring more traffic to your website and physical location, and build a reputation as a trusted leader in the market.

4. Take Influencers’ Help To Attract New Customers

You can also take the help of influencers when monitoring your own brand, competitors, or niche queries related to your brand to attract new customers and engage existing customers.

Looking for the right influencer can be challenging. In most cases, the influencer having a large number of followers is not the most suitable person. This has nothing to do with the number of followers you are looking for, but the relevance of your content to the product or service. So, it is proven that tracking your brand, complementary products or industry-related topics can bring the best results.

By monitoring social media, you can find influencers, sites or accounts for any topic you track that fits your requirement. There are many media monitoring tools that offer data on top influencers by number of topic mentions, source, reach, and sentiment. You can take the help of any digital marketing agency to get online reputation services at great prices.

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