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SEO Pricing Guide 2023: How Much SEO Services Cost?


The majority of your clients are connected to your business thanks to search engine optimization. Nearly half of all marketing teams want to boost their digital marketing budgets for 2023. SEO was the second most efficient channel for obtaining new clients in 2022.

If you’re a marketer looking to increase your SEO efforts, you’re undoubtedly looking into what SEO will cost in 2023 a lot. We are here to help you comprehend it. Regardless of your budget, we’ll assist you in locating the top-paid SEO services.

How Much Exactly Does SEO Cost?

We are aware that business owners are seeking a clear answer. You require a sum that is simple to include in your monthly or yearly budget. It’s not quite that simple, sadly. The truth is that based on the SEO services you require or desire, the cost of SEO can vary greatly. Pricing for SEO packages varies depending on a number of variables, including the quantity of material necessary, expectations, business growth estimates, and the scope of services needed.

To avoid being overpaid or startled down the line, you should have a good notion of what to expect when you acquire bids for SEO pricing from marketing organizations. With the use of this manual, we hope to assist companies of all sizes in setting up effective budgets for high-quality SEO services while preventing financial exploitation.

SEO Pricing Structures

Depending on how you want to use SEO services, there are a few potential pricing structures. Each SEO pricing strategy offers a different range of prices and has its own benefits and drawbacks.

I’ll explain the primary SEO services you’ll need to engage in a campaign throughout this article, how much work they require (approximately), and how those efforts are priced collectively in each of the following payment models:

  • On-staff SEO specialists will set you back full-time wages (or time, if you plan on doing the work yourself).
  • SEO consultants and freelancers who charge hourly or project prices.
  • SEO firms typically charge monthly retainer fees for ongoing SEO services.
  • Hybrid designs, which combines the advantages of the aforementioned approaches.

Cost vs Quality vs Speed of SEO

Recognizing the “quality” component of your SEO company’s services is also crucial. If one SEO company is costing significantly more than another, they almost certainly put in more effort, and hiring them will result in significantly better outcomes. This isn’t always the case; you can find price differences between services that are the same and service differences at the same price range.

But it’s crucial to understand that SEO expenses vary depending on the amount of work required (and the amount of effort involved often correlates with your ultimate success).

On the other hand, paying too little for SEO services can put you in contact with a negative crowd—keyword stuffers, link spammers, and other link schemers—who will ultimately do more harm to your site than good. If you discover pricing for SEO services that sounds absurdly low, it most likely is. You don’t want to experience this. Let’s look at how much work an SEO strategy actually requires and how much each choice will cost you now that the background information is out of the way.

Considerations for SEO Services Pricing Components

It would be practically impossible to sum up all of the components of an SEO strategy in a brief summary of “SEO services.” This makes addressing the query “how much does SEO cost?” more difficult. Some SEO consultancies and digital marketing organizations might try, but it’s best to look a little closer to see what they’re really providing.

The majority of practitioners will focus on a few main areas and may generalize on the rest. I advise you to look at solutions that ensure you have the best overall range of coverage because you’ll need a little bit of everything to succeed. Because you may already have an SEO plan in mind and because techniques vary too widely for us to settle on an “average” amount of effort, we haven’t even included the research and strategy components here, despite the fact that they are crucial.

  • One-Time Onsite Optimization

Your website has to be cleaned up first. Your website won’t rank on Google if it isn’t in good operating order or isn’t search engine optimized. The majority of the adjustments you’ll need to do, including reorganizing your navigation, creating compelling titles and descriptions, improving site speed, and optimizing for mobile devices, are fortunately one-time adjustments.

This could take a few hours or many days of work, possibly even longer if new development is involved, depending on the state of your site. The majority of SEO consultants and organizations will either charge a “setup” fee or provide SEO services for free as part of an ongoing SEO package. This will result in a delay in starting the “real” campaign work for an internal employee.

  • Ongoing Onsite Optimization

Once your website is search engine optimized, unless something changes, you won’t need to do much on a regular basis. You might, for instance, need to conduct keyword research, fix a 404 error, remove a duplicate page, modify for new keywords you’re targeting (with the aid of professional keyword research), or alter certain design elements to perform better.

Nevertheless, depending on the size of your campaign, it’s a good idea to undertake a frequent on-site SEO audit, either monthly or weekly. Regular SEO audits won’t take much time and shouldn’t add significantly to the overall cost of SEO services, but they will be essential for long-term success in the search engine ranks, if only as a monitoring tool.

  • Ongoing Onsite Content

Because of its enormous scope, your continuing onsite content strategy is one of the most crucial and time-consuming strategies to get SEO results. The addition of indexable pages, optimizing for keywords found in your keyword research, enhancing user experience and customer retention, generating conversions (which aren’t technically a part of SEO services directly, but still), and generating backlinks, which pass authority are all facilitated by on-site content.

You don’t want to cut corners when creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content. It is a region with a lot of variation, though. Content can range from a few hundred-word postings every few weeks to much longer, interactive, landmark works released every week. A single post can take an hour or many hours to make, and your different alternatives might publish numerous times on a regular basis. Look at the quality of the work done here and don’t cut corners. Although it’s difficult to define, it’s one of the most crucial factors for SEO cost.

Depending on their experience offering high-quality SEO services, digital marketing companies, contractors, and in-house professionals can all do a fantastic job in this situation.

  • Blog content, guest posts, and link building services

Other significant factors that can alter the price (and effectiveness) of any marketing effort include guest posting, off-site content, and link development. Backlinks are in charge of transferring domain authority and referral traffic, both of which are necessary if you ever want to rank.

The caliber of link-building services can range from traditional strategies like straightforward link placement (which is just as likely to hurt you as it is to aid you) to intricate, time-consuming initiatives like landing high-caliber guest posts on major newspapers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the time commitment; it could take internal experts’ months or years to develop your web reputation to the point where high-level publishers are a viable alternative for visibility. On the other hand, seasoned SEO services might already have solid contacts.

They might be a little more expensive up front since they’ve already invested that time, but when all is said and done, you’ll find their cost base to be more advantageous. According to our observations, the cost of link development accounts for about 90% of the ongoing expense associated with SEO.

  • Analysis, reporting, monitoring

Since your contacts won’t be focusing solely on carrying out your campaign, there are certain administrative considerations for your SEO investment. Additionally, they will be in charge of monitoring your site and systems, keeping an eye out for any sudden dips in rank or search exposure, and generally monitoring your progress.

They must evaluate your SERP ranks, report them to you, and, if necessary, offer suggestions in order for you to get better outcomes. Because they have access to superior keyword research tools, link-building lookup software, dashboards, and more collective knowledge to analyze a campaign’s development, agencies frequently have a significant advantage in this area.

But you’ll probably have to pay for that knowledge. It’s up to your personal competence and comfort level how much you want to pay for these services because the “admin” tasks of a campaign aren’t essential to its proper execution. They typically don’t play a significant role in determining price.

  • Peripheral Services for SEO

Numerous peripheral SEO services exist but may not be “required” in order for them to benefit your campaign. Keep an eye out for these and think about how they can affect the cost of your SEO services: Social media marketing. Social media marketing is typically used to share your content, attract more followers, increase site traffic, and increase the possibility of creating backlinks.

Do Monthly SEO Services Offer a Better Alternative?

When examining SEO’s price, be aware that it will be a continuous service or solution you require rather than a one-time choice. The kind of service you want has an impact on SEO cost in addition to the objectives and aspirations you have for your company. Thus, before we move towards discussing the quality, this component must be taken into account.

It’s important to note that the majority of SEO strategies, such as link development and content marketing, demand monthly attention. SEO needs to be reviewed, examined, and modified regularly in order to produce the desired results.

You must update and improve upon links and content regularly. For this reason, the majority of company owners are more than happy to pay a monthly retainer for a high-quality SEO service.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

When you market, you typically aim for a local audience. If that’s the case, you probably have questions about how much local SEO will cost you. The good news is that local SEO services cost a lot less than services provided abroad. There is significantly less competition, and the audience is considerably more narrowly concentrated. Because of this, local SEO tactics may frequently be obtained for as little as $300 per month, depending on your needs.

Which Local SEO Services Are Available?

The price you pay will depend on the pricing models you are interested in and the search engine optimization package you require, much like with worldwide SEO. In general, local SEO falls into one of three categories:

  • Local SEO Automated

This will ensure that business information is sent to directories and is frequently the least-priced option. This requires verifying the accuracy of all contact information on internet directories like Yelp or the Yellow Pages, including phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.

This alone won’t raise your search rating, though, as Google only needs this information for geographic search results. Even so, this can be enough to raise awareness if you only have one store and want to target clients in a specific area or state. All business profiles on location-based websites would need to be updated as well as relevant connections and information that consumers commonly search for. Content marketing and social media management are not included.

  • Local SEO on a small scale

These campaigns usually involve creating incredibly targeted advertisements that run for a predetermined period of time in a particular area. Pay-per-click commercials or highly localized social media campaigns are regularly used to target a local demographic.

Small-scale SEO is made for companies with a smaller consumer base who just need to target clients within a specific driving distance. This helps you target a highly relevant audience while keeping prices down.

Understanding how to optimize content for local search intent and coming up with smart strategies to target people that fit the required criteria are crucial in this situation. Small-scale local SEO marketers will assist you to cover the fundamentals without going into the actual nitty-gritty of it all, even though this is a little more robust than automated SEO. Although it can be a terrific place to start, there is no assurance of quick development.

  • Comprehensive Local SEO

In-depth solutions for managing sponsored search, content management, reporting, Google My Business administration, social networking, link-building, citation optimization, and management of online reviews are all part of this campaign. These kinds of services give you more precise information about how your marketing budget is being used, making them more transparent. Comprehensive SEO puts a lot of emphasis on analysis reporting to measure metrics including growth in web traffic, conversion rates, and visibility.

To assist you in properly calculating your ROI, reporting services included with these more comprehensive local SEO services should concentrate on call monitoring and conversions. Rankings, backlinks, analytics, paid search, competition, website health, Google My Business, reviews, citations, and social media involvement are other crucial performance indicators covered by comprehensive SEO tracking.

These campaigns typically include developing very focused adverts that run in a certain location for a predetermined amount of time. Targeting a local demographic frequently involves the use of pay-per-click advertisements or intensely localized social media campaigns.

What are Other SEO Pricing Factors?

In addition to the typical price variations across firms, SEO pricing packages may also be impacted by other factors.

  • Industry

Due to their propensity for online marketing, certain industries are more competitive than others. Among the most expensive search phrases on Google are those for lawyers, medical facilities, financial institutions, locksmiths, and auto mechanics. Other industries with expensive and intensely competitive keywords include home improvement stores, real estate, and marketing services.

Some of these extremely competitive keywords have CPCs (cost per click) that exceed $1,000. Niche businesses typically have an advantage in this space due to their ability to use longer keyword phrases or additional, less competitive keywords (and prices). Depending on how many monthly searches a particular industry receives, SEO costs might vary substantially.

For instance, a company that receives thousands of monthly searches for its services will have to pay more for SEO packages, and companies that serve an area with lots of competitors will also have to pay more to rank higher.

  • Geographic Location

SEO pricing will be influenced by a variety of factors, including a city’s population and the region you are targeting. Even lone factors can make a difference. For instance, Alaska would have greater competition for snow tire services than Florida or Southern California.

Naturally, there will be more rivalry in urban areas with higher densities of population. Companies that only want to target citizens in tiny nearby regions won’t be able to afford localized SEO packages in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

  • Type of Service You Need

Whether you want to optimize your site for organic search, develop a review profile, create a ton of content, etc. will frequently affect SEO pricing.

You might use this to decide which SEO pricing model is best for your business. For instance, if all you need help with is setting up Google My Business accounts and optimizing site tags, this can be a one-time price per job. If you need to build a solid blog and want to rank higher on SERPs, monthly services can be a better choice (Search Engine Results Pages).

  • Current Brand Awareness and Visibility

Depending on how well-known and prominent your business is already, the price of SEO may also change. If your firm is new and you are beginning from scratch, there will be a lot of research to be done. However, if your business has been operating for some time and already has a significant search presence, you will need to focus more on optimization and maintenance.

Different SEO Experts You Can Choose From

1. Cost of In-House SEO Experts

Hiring a person (or team of people) to oversee your SEO effort is your best option. You’ll find that there are a few benefits to this, but overall, it’s an expensive choice.

  • Initial SEO Fees

The initial SEO expenses for an inside expert may appear low, but depending on the level of competence of the individual you choose, you may wind up spending more than you anticipated. Although there isn’t a “setup fee” like there may be with an SEO agency, you will be responsible for covering this person’s salary as they learn your business, become familiar with your systems, and begin to develop the procedures needed to carry out your campaign.

You can experience a few more months of stagnation before you start to see progress because independent contractors and agencies are typically better prepared to “hit the ground running.”

  • Monthly SEO Costs

What is the monthly cost of SEO? The level of expertise and skill of the search engine optimization manager you choose will determine the monthly SEO fees. The national average income, as reported by GlassDoor, is $61,933, with a range of $36,000 to $88,000 annually.

On average, that comes out to a monthly expense of over $5,000, benefits included. Even the lowest price is $3,000 a month, which is expensive given the variety of services an in-house expert is likely to provide. This doesn’t even take into account the possibility that you’ll need to recruit several individuals to manage your campaign effectively.

Consider this: Can one person truly be a specialist in writing, onsite optimization, link development, and all the other supporting tactics you’ll require? Additionally, you’ll probably have to rely on contractors, which could increase the cost of your SEO campaign.

  • Working Style and the Cost of “Real” SEO Expertise

However, there are some benefits to working with an internal specialist. Once they begin rolling, they will get completely familiar with your brand, so you won’t have to worry about the objectives being out of alignment. You’ll have complete openness and a direct channel of contact. Even controlling communications with outside businesses will be possible. But you also need to think about how knowledgeable the expert you choose is.

You will get what you pay for in this case; if you want your campaign to be professionally managed and carried out, you cannot engage someone at the lower end of the pay scale. Additionally, you must choose between a specialist and a generalist because each will provide different skills at various pay scales. In the end, hiring in-house specialists are expensive for small businesses.

This is one of the most expensive possibilities you’ll have unless your SEO expert is capable of doing additional duties or you have the extra cash to pay numerous specialists’ salaries.

2. Independent SEO Contractors & SEO Consultants

It’s challenging to lump independent contractors and consultants together into one group because of their diversity. Among these variables are: If you thought the wage range for an internal specialist was wide, wait until you see the price fluctuations for SEO. Freelance writers can make as little as $10 per hour, while SEO experts charge thousands of dollars for a one-day training.

It all depends on how expenses are portrayed, which is why we refer to this as distinct from typical SEO pricing. Some SEO pricing experts work on an hourly basis, others charge by the project (or by volume), while still others are on retainer.

Though there are some generalist consultants, most independent contractors specialize in a single field. That means that in order to keep your campaign operating effectively, you will need to hire several freelancers at once (or use them in conjunction with another approach).

  • Upfront Costs

For a freelancer or consultants, there aren’t many up-front expenses because they are accustomed to working on several clients’ projects. As long as you provide them with some instructions, they will likely go to work right away. They might, however, incur an upfront fee for keyword analysis and SEO audit, comparable to what is expected of an SEO agency.

It can cost you a few hundred to several thousand dollars more at the beginning of your campaign to set up your site appropriately because your SEO pricing is done by the project (depending on its current condition).

  • Monthly SEO Cost

It is challenging to estimate the monthly SEO pricing for a network of independent contractors because it varies on the kind of freelancers you require, their level of expertise, and the way you’ve put them together. Finding freelancers is similar to finding furniture at garage sales; you’ll need to inspect them carefully to ensure they’re in good shape and may need to bargain to obtain the best deals.

In the end, if I had to place a price on it, any reliable method will definitely cost you at least $1,000 every month. If your SEO pricing is less than that, I would seriously consider your strategic plan or the caliber of the freelancers you are employing.

Prices rise linearly as you move up the scale, but the moving parts have a harder time coordinating, so you can end up spending $5,000 to $10,000 a month or more for a shaky network of moving plates.

  • Working Method and Knowledge

Freelancers are advantageous because they frequently concentrate on a single field, and you won’t ever need to worry about the quality of their work because you’ll just pay them for results. Finding good ones, though, is difficult, and it’s even more difficult to locate all the good ones you require for success.

3. SEO Agencies

The last group is white-label SEO companies. Agencies have a variety of benefits over both the in-house model and the freelancing strategy, despite the fact that I may be biased in this regard.

Nothing needs to be tracked down, the agency will be responsible for delivering results, they’ll get started right away with your campaign, and best of all—for the services you receive, they’re comparatively extremely reasonable.

  • Upfront Costs

An SEO company will typically want an up-front payment. Some companies provide a “setup charge” of $500 to $2,000 to conduct an SEO audit, conduct keyword research and generally improve your website (some even offer set up at different levels).

Others, however, provide stand-alone packages and goods, such as “onsite optimization,” which exist independently of ongoing activity. You will, in any event, need to make a little upfront payment, but it only happens once.

  • Monthly Costs

The main difference will be in the monthly costs. You can choose from a variety of SEO packages as well as various service kinds, levels of competence, and SEO agencies.

Today, the majority of respected agencies provide the same fundamental services—ongoing onsite content, link development, etc.—that are essential for growth, but at various volumes and rates. Even specialized SEO packages that serve a specific purpose for you can be available.

Lower-tier campaign packages start at $250, although they are typically held as choices for start-up businesses or businesses who are only dipping their toes into SEO. With the aim of providing small- to medium-sized enterprises with manageable development, typical SEO pricing packages typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. Larger companies would probably choose SEO packages that cost $5,000 or more and depending on the amount of competition in their industry, they may spend much more.

You’ll see that these prices are comparable to freelancer rates, but you’ll typically obtain better quality and more efficient services at these prices.

  • Working Style and Expertise

Agencies will contact you frequently and centrally, so you won’t have to bother about organizing the management of independent contractors. You’ll receive accurate reporting, and because they must remain competitive in order to survive, they will be able to offer suggestions for how to modify your campaign when the inescapable changes in search technology do take place.

Only a few logistical snags could cause you trouble. For instance, the majority of SEO companies offer a “suite” of services that are challenging to separate apart and SEO package levels that are challenging to assess for their applicability to your company. Additionally, you might not be able to collaborate directly with specific practitioners, such as writers or link builders.

However, if you’re ready to make those concessions, hiring an SEO agency is definitely the most economical course you can go down.

4. A Hybrid SEO Pricing Model

Your best option might be a hybrid model because it gives you the most options. You can combine the services you require from various providers rather than choosing just one choice or one price range. For instance, you might rely on a top-tier freelancer to manage your ongoing content strategy while using an agency for some basic services, consulting, and a one-time optimization cleanup.

You might have a dedicated in-house search engine optimization expert to handle the majority of your duties, but you should contract out some of the jobs, like link building, that person can’t do well. There are no rules in this situation, so establish a strict budget and try to arrange your funds in a way that seems to provide you with the best outcomes.

Keep in mind the main benefits of each collaboration, and use those to your advantage to negotiate the lowest price. A few hundred dollars a month will still be required if you want a good selection of services.

How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services?

The cost of SEO services will vary depending on the size of your company and the level of services you need. Although SEO prices vary from agency to agency, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, with regard to SEO services, you frequently get what you pay for.

When choosing an SEO provider, don’t skimp on quality in favor of “cheap” SEO services. Instead, go with a reputed SEO business that offers top-notch SEO services. Similar to many other professional service sectors, regular SEO consultation with a market leader will cost more than with an unproven organization.

Your ultimate objectives should specify just how much you should pay for SEO services. The scope of the SEO effort will increase with the size of your website. This suggests that the cost of SEO services should increase. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that SEO is a continuing tactic. Instead of spending money on one-time SEO strategies, think about getting a monthly SEO package that will keep your site current and help it constantly rank at the top of search results.

Is There a Standard for SEO Prices in 2023?

Sadly, there is no industry benchmark for typical SEO costs. This implies that every business can claim to provide SEO services and set its own costs. Consumers are ultimately responsible for determining a reasonable SEO price, particularly if there is a recurring fee for monthly SEO programs.

This fact emphasizes how crucial it is to know what you will get for your money spent on internet marketing. By comparing the expected return to the investment, you may decide whether it is worthwhile. But ultimately, you should base your choice on the whole, the long-term worth of the SEO services offered.

It is much more crucial to understand how to price SEO because of the enormous variety of alternatives it offers.

What To Look for When Researching the Cost of SEO

Depending on the size of your project, SEO costs can vary. When figuring out how much SEO will cost, there are a few elements to keep in mind. eSearch Logix is equipped to inform you on what to look for and what a fair SEO service charge is when comparing vendors, firms, or agencies because it is an expert in pricing SEO services.

Understanding what SEO service rates signify and how they could impact your business will help you make the best choice for your organization. Prices for SEO services vary greatly from industry to industry.

Learn the SEO Provider’s Process

Numerous techniques and strategies go into creating a successful SEO campaign, and SEO is always being improved to keep up with changes to the search engine’s algorithms. Make sure the SEO business you work with is willing to alter to accommodate the numerous algorithm updates search engines make. Additionally, they ought to approach optimum SEO tactics in a proactive and forward-thinking manner.

Look for Customizable SEO Packages

Additionally, it’s crucial to exercise caution because every organization is unique and needs to be treated as such. Be aware of companies that charge high, fixed prices for search engine optimization services and steer clear of companies that provide “one size fits all” packages. Since we are aware that you have particular needs, ESL offers a range of plans as well as specialized internet marketing packages in cases where your needs go beyond the scope of our standard SEO plans.

ESL employs some of the top internet marketers in the industry and has a long history in the SEO industry. We have developed a methodical approach to SEO pricing thanks to our experience and knowledgeable team of SEO specialists. We are search engine marketing experts, and we are aware of the considerable work required to run an effective SEO strategy.

Accordingly, we are also aware of the ideal SEO pricing based on the requirements of a client.

Focus on Full-Service SEO Solutions

Businesses now have greater reason to engage in full-service SEO solutions as SEO broadens to cover additional facets of digital marketing such as content marketing, conversion analysis, social media optimization, and others.

All the elements your business needs for its SEO strategy are provided by a full-service SEO solution. If an agency doesn’t cover all you want to be covered, they may be behind in terms of service offerings or delivering monthly SEO services that are below par. If a company can’t give you and other potential clients pricing for their SEO services that explains how they work, that’s a good sign that you should search elsewhere for SEO package prices.


This should help you gain an insider’s understanding of SEO pricing structures and the factors that determine how much you’ll pay. For businesses that require SEO services, there is no set spending limit. The cost will vary depending on a number of factors, but if you have the money to spend more on high-quality services, you may see better outcomes and a higher return on your investment (ROI).

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