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8 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Leverage Effectively for Brand Growth

When you are progressing through your digital marketing process, not everything can be done manually and not every time you can depend on working out of your platform only. Digital marketing in today’s times means leveraging high-end and effective, multi-format and variety of tools.

There are a lot of digital marketing tools that you can choose from to use, specific to your digital marketing requirements. When your marketing strategy lies on the shoulders of a digital marketing agency, it is important that tools alone can’t do the job, the person behind making use of that tool have to be strategic, knowledgeable and specialist in that.

So, what tools do digital marketers could use? We take a look at some of the bets tools, below:


1. Hubspot


A highly popular one, this tool is renowned for its CMS features, whilst also enabling sales strategy and marketing efforts, along with delivering customer service potency. With an all-in-one solution platform, you can manage everything effectively using Hubspot like website, e-mail, SEO strategy and CRM process. This tool comes with an easy-to-use dashboard, built-in analytics, and is also effective in providing key, clear and concise reports. This tool comes with a free as well as paid plan, so start using it as per your need.

At eSearch, we are premier Hubspot partners who can you along your journey to target, reach, engage and convert customers with high success rate and less efforts and investment.


2. Canva


Content is the most important factor when it comes to engaging potential customers, building follower base and making your presence in the domain and industry. Canva helps you in creating and developing powerful graphical content to go along with your posts, social shares and much more, along with invitations and business cards. You can make a free account or a paid one, and make use of its large library of more than 50,000 templates, hordes of design features, ease of use interface, and much more.


3. Semrush


This is a paid tool and is a must have when your focus is a complete and comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It comes as a one-stop tool to implement and optimize your SEO, Social media optimization, Pay-per-click and content marketing. It helps to measure what factors are affecting your search ranking positively and negatively, it helps to monitor your organic search, enhance content marketing with the Keyword Magic Tool, and get real-time and thorough analysis of traffic.


4. Buzzfyr


Have you heard about social proof? If you have, or even if you have not, then it is the right time to invest in and put efforts for social proof. Potential buyers listen to what other customers and people are saying rather than saying what the brand is saying. So, make sure that you bring to fore what your existing customers are saying about your brand, products and service, which can influence potential buyers to make the decision. Social proof is gaining traction immensely in the present times, and Buzzfyr is a free-to-use tool that makes you stand out from the crowd Easy to use, it can be installed on any platform that your website is built on.


5. BuzzSumo


As you know that content is most powerful and defining factor for your marketing strategy, knowing what content to use, how to use and how to get insights pertaining to that is extremely important. BuzzSumo helps you with that, delivering high potency in content research, content discovery, influencer research, and media monitoring as well.


6. ConvertFlow


What and how you are getting leads, and how much they are getting converted; this is the metric that defines how much growth and success you are enjoying. Comes in ConvertFlow that helps you capture leads and improve lead conversion as well. With over a thousand integrations, it can easily fit into your marketing stack, and is one of the easiest tools to use with no-code format. Pick from hundreds of templates in the ConvertFlow and get started with your marketing campaigns.


7.  Hotjar


While you may get metrics and info on real-time traffic to your website, do you know what exactly they are doing on the website? Hotjar is a tool that lets you know what visitors are actually doing on your website, and how they are interacting with and behaving on the platform. This is a great website optimization tool that lets you know what your website visitors are thinking about your brand, it allows you to collect feedbacks that can help re-shape our website presentation in a better way.


8. Asana


Does it get sluggish and tedious to manage all those spreadsheets, notes, email trails, and different data types for your marketing or other campaigns and purposes? Let Asana help you implement a one-stop solution for your entire project management requirements, having everything on the same page including tasks, collaboration and project deadlines.




Right from content creation and marketing to SEO management, lead management, database management, to analysis process using Google Analytics services, and much more, there are a range of tools you can make use of effectively.

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