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IoT will Boost Mobile App Development: New Trends Revealing the Future

Boost Mobile App Development using IoT

Imagine a day you wake up in the morning and say to your refrigerator ‘Hey Alexa! Do you have curd in the fridge for me?

Your Refrigerator responds ‘No Sir, I don’t find any curd pack here. Sorry, but I reminded you about this last night.

This is an advanced fridge powered by AI and IoT concept that we may see in the market in the near future.

We are living in a smart world where everyone is looking for smart devices or systems that can help them in their day-to-day life or almost in every possible thing.

You have a smartphone, that’s cool. But how would you feel when you have a lot of smart devices that you can operate from your smartphone?

Asking your washing machine to turn on and start washing your clothes, asking your home system to check CCTV is working on every corner or not, or asking your refrigerator to check what stuff is there?

A new world is coming soon where things will be connected to the Internet.

Yes! I am talking about the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology of the future which is already becoming a reality. In every sector be it health, manufacturing, agriculture, consumer electronics, real estate, or education, IoT is expanding crazier than anything a sci-fi fiction movie that few years back anyone could have imagined. 

IoT is making everything intelligent and simplifying our daily lives with everyday products. And mobile app is going to be a strong connection between IoT technology and people. New trends are showing good signs of its market.

Are you a:

Here in this blog, I have discussed how IoT will boost mobile app development in the coming years.

This blog will tell you:

  • What is IoT?
  • How IoT works?
  • How IoT will boost mobile app development?

So, connect your attention for a few minutes to this blog.

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien

What is IoT ?

IoT or Internet of Things is a technology concept of connecting any device to the Internet and other devices.  

It means IoT creates a network by connecting your devices such as -refrigerator, washing machine, TV, microwave, coffeemaker, door lock, home appliances, etc. to the Internet so you can operate them via your smartphone or mobile application.

How IoT works?

IoT system is made up of four major components- Sensor, Software, Cloud, and Connectivity.

An IoT-enabled product consists of sensors that process the data (user commands sent through the Internet or network) to the cloud. Once the cloud receives the data or user command in coded language, software processes this and then decides to take action.

This is how IoT technology can transform the functionality of your gadgets, home appliances, or daily life products in a fascinating way.

How IoT Impacts Mobile App

IoT has changed the future of mobile app development. You can see apps are more functional and advanced than before. Users can seamlessly connect to the world through their smartphones, and the Internet of Things is now ready to take them off.

Just like your smartphone can interact with fitness equipment or smart watch. IoT can empower operating home or office remotely and allows you monitor it from anywhere.

As IoT continuing to evolve, the idea of smart cities and smart homes is getting a lot of attention. In such an environment, smartphones works as a main interface through which you can interact with IoT enabled devices. Mobile devices are already empowered with applications and sensors that provide great information about the users.

Moreover, smartphones come with a range of functions such as – Bluetooth, Wi-fi, NFC, sensors, etc. that enable the device to communicate with other electronic devices.

What the data say about IoT?

Forecast end-user spending on IoT solutions worldwide

Boost Mobile App Development

Data Source: Statista

As per Statista, the end-user spending on IoT solutions worldwide is expected to reach USD 1567 billion by 2025.

In this way, IoT has increased huge market demand for app development for various devices and systems.

How IoT will Boost Mobile App Development

Cost-Efficient Solutions

IoT enables mobile app developers to integrate several components in a cost-efficient range. It helps to monitor the products to minimize the downtime and risk factors of the IoT-enabled products.

This can be helpful in predicting possible system failures and malfunctioning in advance. Therefore, a system built using IoT is smart and as a result, it can help developers or manufacturers to monitor or control various electrical or electronic systems.

Understanding Consumer Behavior

The most influential factor contributing to the success of any business is analyzing your products & services according to the needs and demands of your consumers.

In this context, IoT can help businesses, companies, and manufacturing houses to collect and analyze the customer data such as how frequently customers use your company’s products, how features attract them more, etc.

This data can leverage companies and businesses in understanding user’s preferences and eventually develop applications and products which are more user-friendly.

Boost Productivity

Every business wants to enhance its profit and productivity by adopting the latest technology trends. IoT apps can help companies in measuring the performance of their employees.

By using IoT apps in management procedure, it can also update employees about expected technical faults, support remote troubleshooting techniques, repair errors in any workstations, and enabling automation of routine based functions. As a result, companies would need applications to perform such actions and it will pave the way for opportunities for software developer company.

Enhance Customer Experience

Customer experience defines the standard of your company’ services. With IoT apps, businesses can help their customers by offering them smart devices for various needs. Today we see a lot of buzz for smart home solutions, smart office concept, and smart home appliances. All of these innovative products and services can be delivered through the joint power of IoT and mobile app.

When customers get something useful and innovative, they start valuing the standard of service. In this way, IoT can help business to delight their customer experience.

Safety of Workplace

Safety is a concern that is never compromised in any case. Companies can assure safety of workplace using IoT devices. It will be easier to operate because they will eventually need an app for this.

IoT devices are mostly equipped with sensors and wearables which help workers in high risk management environments and monitor real-time data to identify possible threats.

Real-Time Monitoring

IoT allows real-time monitoring and reduces the associated risk and less-productive business operations. IoT benefits businesses to track daily activities by eliminating human errors through automated tracking process.

And therefore, workforce gets boomed by productivity and flawless management. Software developer agency will come here to provide smart applications that can support the functioning of such IoT enabled products.

Better UI/UX

Users demand mobile apps that give them seamless user interface and appealing dashboard. This is a challenge that every app developer endeavors to deliver the best UI/UX. With the advancement in IoT, developers are now putting great efforts to design apps that accommodate functionality for connected device and maintain user retention.

Empowering Data Security

Anything that goes on the Internet, its data security becomes vulnerable. It is true people want to stay connected with their favorite device whether it is in their pocket or at home. But at the same time, users don’t want to compromise their data privacy.

In this aspect, IoT strengthens mobile app development companies to make robust apps for data security. It adds multiple strong safety layers, entry points, and data encryption to ensure customer sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Connecting Different Industries

IoT is undoubtedly opening new business opportunities for different industries. It has forced many industries to come together and bring innovative solutions for future requirements.

For example, if a real estate agent wants to provide smart home services to their customers, there will be surely need for application to operate the devices used in the home. Then, real estate agents will need Software Development Company. Thus, IoT has broadened the scope of app development.

5G will an Additional Booster

The commercial success of any IoT product is ultimately dependent on its faster connectivity. How fast it can communicate with other IoT devices, wearables, smartphones, tablets, PC or website, will decide the success.

5G has entered and with just its arrival, it has started influencing the market impressively. With 5G, data-transfer speed will increase tremendously. As per the reports, 5G is expected to be 100 times faster than 4G, which in result boost the connectivity between IoT devices and apps and other devices.

According to a market report, there will be almost 1.5 billion IoT devices with cellular connections in 2022. This adds more advantages to both IoT and mobile app development.

Advanced Connectivity

People want to stay connected all the time. This is an ever-trending word on the Internet for the last many years and still doesn’t want to stop. People imagine a day when they will be controlling their home appliances through their smartphones from their office and get the things done while being busy in the work.

“You are going to see a new world where not only your children talk back to you, but so do your appliances.”

This could be possible when the appliances are connected to smartphones and equipped with such system that supports user’s desired actions.

IoT devices with mobile apps will bring user-friendly solutions that can change everyone’s life in a new way as no one expected.


Thanks to IoT, the world is becoming a place where everything is connected through small devices, this makes information accessible everywhere. The development of the Internet of things is deeply connected with the future of mobile apps.

From real estate to IT and education to healthcare, IoT is entering the mainstream of business. Google has already released Android Things to enhance the implementation of IoT.

The demand for mobile apps for IoT based products is increasing at a much faster rate, and thus it is creating huge business opportunities for mobile app development.

Now it’s your turn.

What you think of how IoT will help grow mobile app development? Will it be favorable or come with unexpected challenges?

Write your views here by commenting below and share this blog if you find this helpful.

You can also follow us on our social media channels for regular technology based updates.

And if are you already working on an IoT project, we are eager to know that. Just share if you think your project can fascinate people.

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