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Heroku is a cloud platform as a service based on a managed container system that enables companies to create, track and scale mobile apps.

It is backed by integrated data services and a powerful ecosystem that seamlessly allows deploying and running modern apps.

Heroku is considered an app-centric development approach for faster software delivery, combined with today's latest developer tools and workflows.


Robust Data Management

Heroku has rich ecosystem of managed data services that contain Heroku Redis, Heroku Postgres, and Apache Kafka. It facilitates developers to immediately access to a scalable and strong database with rollback- this supports apps and development methodologies.

Grow with Heroku

Heroku is a proven could platform that is facilitating companies with cloud solutions for building mobile apps for growing companies whether it is startups, SMBs, or large enterprises. This platform is flexible to your requirement with all compatible features from simple to advanced.

An Ecosystem of Services

Heroku empower developers to build mobile apps faster by using trusted services that give the functionality they need. With over 175 Add-ons available, it offers ranging services such as databases, messaging services, uptime alerts, and automatic backups to search, metrics, or mail delivery.

We Offer You Something Exceptional

eSearch Logix is a global software development company that is providing modern app solutions worldwide. We have delivered some out-of-the-box cloud solutions using Heroku that have enhanced business sustainability of our clients.

eSearch Logix believes in providing robust digital solutions that can give intuitive experiences to users. We offer 360-degree Heroku cloud development services right from ideation to creation and deployment to monitoring stage.

Our Heroku Cloud Development Services That Stand Out From Others

Heroku Data Management and Administration
Heroku Integrated Development Solutions
Heroku Enterprise App Development
Heroku App Development
Heroku Cloud Solutions
Heroku Fine-grained access controls
Heroku Private spaces
HEROKU DX & Dashboard Design
Heroku Integration
Real-Time View
Heroku with Salesforce
Hire Dedicated Heroku developers
Heroku Consulting
Heroku Support and maintenance

Why Collaborate with Us for Heroku

eSearch Logix is regarded as a technology leader in the USA's top software development companies.

Our unique approach makes us different from our others.

We utilize the complete advantage of Heroku's modern features to enable businesses to do something big with mobile app.

Here are the top reasons that can inspire you to collaborate with us.

Salesforce Integration

We have over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. We are expert in integrating Heroku with Salesforce and developing a solution that can maximize your business results.

High-Class Services

We use Heroku's complete features to make your application top performing, scalable, and fully successful. Our developers are adept in using its data services like Postgres, Kafka, and Redis.


We know how to set up Heroku in the most efficient way to boost development efficiency. We deploy your app after a series of tests to make sure it offers the highest quality.
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