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SEO Audit Report

In-Depth SEO Audit Report From Esearch

How do you determine what SEO elements need fixes on your site? How do you plan on implementing SEO on your new website? How do you assess what has affected your site after a Google algorithm update? All this, and more, is achieved through your site’s SEO audit.

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit report helps to find the technical and on-page SEO issues, get helpful insights, and create a plan to improve the site, making it high-performing and high-ranking on search engines.

Get a complete and instant SEO audit report – Find what’s working & what’s not

Eliminate Issues, Get Recommendations, Create Actionable Plan

An SEO audit consists of two major factors – Finding issues and getting a quality recommendation to fix those and make the website more search-friendly.

We use multitudes of only the best and most efficient SEO audit tools to find out minor to major SEO issues affecting your site, as well as analysis on opportunities to work on. Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide you with low, medium,and high importance recommendations, prioritizing the fixes based on probable ranking, performance, and traffic impact on your site.

Whether you need a one-time SEO audit report during your site launch or want routine SEO audits in regular intervals, we provide detailed and actionable-insight based reports in easy-to-grasp language and format. We also go a step ahead and can help implement the recommendations working with your in-house team or can provide you customized services ourselves if you wish to.


SEO Audit Report

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In order to implement the right strategies, you need to be well aware of the precise SEO health of your site. Regular SEO audit is important to pinpoint any SEO-related issue and identify the aspects where you are being outrun by competitors. It helps to know what needs to be fixed, and what more you can do to improve the overall SEO performance of the site.

  • Identify & Fix Site’s Technical and SEO Issues

Site page loading slowly, images not optimized, presence of broken links, content duplicacy, page redirection issues, missing meta tags, and so forth. Such issues can occur time and again. SEO audit helps to identify and fix these instantly.

  • Update According to Algorithm Changes

Google and other search engines keep changing their algorithms constantly. If you are keeping up with those changes and updates, you are improving your site’s SEO performance. Else it can make you stuck at one point, and may also cause some negative effects. SEO audits help to implement strategies and make changes according to the algorithm changes.

  • Assess What Your Competitors are Doing

An SEO audit is not just about running an analysis of your own site. But an audit of your competitors also (one or however many you want to pick). This gives an idea of their strategies, SEO implementation, and other factors they are doing right.

  • Enhance User Experience

Is your site not mobile-responsive? Is the site navigation hard to process? Do site font and color palette proving to be a distraction? All these factors are critical for user experience, a key ranking signal. Fixing these helps in improving site user experience, ranking, and growing inbound traffic.

  • Fix Errors by Prioritizing Them

SEO audit not just provides you with clear analysis data of what is affecting your site, but it helps to set priorities about what needs to be fixed, based on how much impact each factor has on the site’s SEO health.

  • Monitor the Improvement

Once you have found out the SEO issues and set the priorities, you can get down to fix those. A regular SEO audit afterward, at certain time intervals, will help you monitor and track the progress.

  • Post Launch of a New Site

Have you just had your first business site completed? Now, when you make it live, don’t expect the inbound traffic boom right away. You need that site to be indexed, keyword optimized, and much more so that it gets ranked on search engine result pages and brings traffic. This is where an SEO audit of the site will provide you with details on where to begin and what to cover.

  • At The Start of an SEO Project

Whether a particular site is months or years old, or whether it is new. Whether you have done SEO for that or not, a new process means starting afresh. And that includes a comprehensive site audit to get a clear status of the SEO health.

  • Frequent Time Intervals

SEO audit isn’t only for the initial stage. With time, your site will get new content added, pages added or modified, new links added, and more modifications. Also, some of your SEO tactics may work well and some may not. To keep up with the changes and tweak your SEO practice accordingly, you need to do SEO at regular intervals, which can be weekly or monthly.

  • After Search Engine Updates, Migrations, and Such

Google keeps bringing algorithm updates time and again, which, on many occasions, have proved to cause a big impact. Also, moving to a new CMS or if you are implementing any big technical change; all these calls for a deep SEO audit to keep updating the site with required changes.


There are several things that an SEO audit covers. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Site Indexability – Is the site being crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines? It assesses HTTP status code, crawl depth, and more related factors.
  • Site Structure – Site architecture has to be in a proper, logical way that provides ease of use and convenience.
  • Site Load Speed – Which pages are loading fast (ideal time is within 3 seconds), which pages are loading slow, average load speed, assessment, large HTML files, and much more.
  • Internal Linking – Are the internal pages linked with other relevant internal pages? Where are the opportunities to create internal linking for improved navigation access to improve content authority?
  • Keyword Optimization – What are the top targeted and suitable keywords for each page? Are those pages’ content optimized with those keywords? What traffic these keywords are drawing in?
  • Sitemap – Does the site contain an XML sitemap? Is the sitemap contains all the important and necessary URLs?
  • Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Page Titles – It includes assessing whether each page has unique, relevant, and meaningful metas, heading tags, and page titles, optimized with targeted keywords.
  • Broken Links – Are all the page links working fine, or whether there is a need for redirection?
  • Content Relevancy – Is the content on each page unique, informative, and keyword optimized, while being relevant and user-centric?
  • Canonical URLs – There is a need for each page to have a self-referring canonical URL to address content duplicacy issues later on.
  • Image Tags – Is each image on your site having an optimized alt-text?
  • Structured Data – For relevant pages, is there a use of structured data with schema integration?
  • Responsiveness – Is the site easily accessible across different devices in the same manner?
  • Security – Is the site secured with an SSL certificate? What other measures and implementations are there to protect user data and privacy?
  • Content Addition and Refreshing Old Content – Audit helps to identify neglected pages that need fresh content addition. Also, it helps to identify pages that have outdated content that needs to be refreshed.

comprehensive SEO audit also helps in identifying strategies that competitors are using to rank higher, finding and improving unlinked brand mentions, enhancing backlink profiles, as well as classify opportunities across technical, on-page, keyword, and content optimization practices. It also helps to identify the social factors that can be worked upon to improve the brand’s outreach, engagement, and reputation-building across social media channels.


There are several tools, free and paid, to carry out a complete website audit. We leverage multiple tools, selecting as per the audit requirement and site complexity. These tools include some that carry out a thorough audit, while some are ideal for carrying out a particular analysis:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz Pro
  • Ubersuggest
  • Spyfu
  • Woorank
  • Siteliner
  • Open the SEO audit tool or platform
  • Enter the domain name
  • Set the crawl parameters – it includes whether to crawl the complete root domain or just a particular subdomain or a set of subfolders
  • Get the result

Identifying SEO audit goals, picking the right audit tool, and drafting an audit result blueprint are what define the complete SEO audit process. It should be done following the below steps:

  • Pick the Right Tool

Some SEO site audits can be done manually. However, that is doable only for sites that have a small number of pages. For a considerable size site, doing it using the right tools helps to save timeand effort and deliver desired results. For automating this task, we identify the target areas, define the SEO audit objective you have, and based on that pick the right SEO audit tool.

  • Result Interpretation

Au automated report is, still an automated one. Therefore, it does require interpreting the results to infer what it denotes and how it should be followed up with marking the areas that need to be covered. A strategic take on the report is what an SEO specialist is there for, else it’s just a report with no clear view of what to do with that.

  • Tasks Prioritization

Based on the result and identifying the areas that need fixes, we prioritize the tasks (based on which factor has the most impact) to address step-by-step.

  • Change Implementation

It all depends on whether you want to carry out the recommended change implementation yourself, have your in-house team do that, or want our assistance to go through with the implementation changes.

  • Follow Up

The work doesn’t end only when the changes are being made. We ensure to follow up with the optimization and site changes to ascertain whether it is working fine now or needs further addressing.

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How You Will Get Your Site SEO Audit Report?

White Label In PDF Format

Our SEO audit reports are clear and concise, with point-to-point mentions. The language is simple and the full report is easy to read and understand for anyone so that you are able to take further action with an informed choice.

Customization Option Availability

We will provide you with the SEO audit report in the language that you prefer or is native to you. You can have the font style, color, and other factors (addition of sections and charts) as per your desire.

Recommendation With Do-it-yourself SEO Suggestion

We will provide you with a detailed recommendation guide, prepared by an SEO expert taking into account all the audit result factors. This recommendation is provided in a prioritized way. Along with that, we will also provide you with a simple guide on Do-It-Yourself SEO if you wish to carry out those implementations yourself.

Instant SEO Audit Report

Get Seo Audit Report Immediately

We won’t let you wait forever for the audit report. Depending on your site’s size, complexity, and SEO status, we will take minimal time to deliver the report to you, with recommendations. We will send the report to your mail id.

Additional SEO Consultation and SEO Services

Depending on your specific requirements, you can proceed to carry out the audit report-based implementation yourself, or you can have us guide your in-house optimization team through each step to implement the recommendations efficiently. Further, as we are a full-fledged SEO company, we can also provide you with SEO services to optimize changes as per the report, along with additional SEO services. All at your will, no obligation.

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Whether you are a business owner, a digital marketing agency, seeking reseller SEO service, an SEO expert, or even a web designer and developer across any field globally, we serve all.

Strategic Audit Report

We don’t just run the site analysis on the tool and then download and send it to you. It goes through a manual assessment by the SEO expert, and then specific to your objective and requirement, the final report is prepared with key implementation recommendations before being sent.

Save Time and Effort

You no longer need to have your site manually audited which takes hundreds of hours. With us, you save time, and effort and get the most detailed and fine-tuned report with the best possible change suggestions.

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Find what is hindering your site’s online visibility and growth. Get a detailed, clear, and decisive SEO audit report! Contact us now or write to us with your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO audit report contains all the analysis results carried out to find how well the status of the website is in terms of SEO aspects. It includes the factors that are affecting the site’s ranking, usability, performance, and organic traffic. It is created to identify the optimization steps that need changes or that need to be implemented to improve the site’s online visibility performance.

An SEO audit can be of different types:
• Comprehensive website audit
• On-page SEO audit
• Technical SEO audit
• Link profile SEO audit
• Competitor analysis audit
• SEO content audit
• Off-page SEO audit
• Local SEO audit

Your SEO audit report will be provided in PDF formatand sent over mail to you. We follow a structured template for creating the SEO audit report that includes all the key sections, intro, assessment details, tasks carried out, report detail, SEO recommendations in the priority list, SEO guide, and much more. You will get your report delivered to you in the language that you prefer and in a customization preference of yours

• When you are launching a new website, how will you find SEO aspects that need to be implemented?
• How will you know what Google algorithm changes have affected your site and how?
• How will you know which SEO factors your competitors are doing right and you are lagging?
An SEO audit becomes critical to know the SEO health of your site at different stages and implement required changes accordingly.

A usual SEO checklist (that applies to most sites) includes:
• Site indexability
• Identify site structure issues
• Page load speed
• Site security
• Running a scan for site errors
• Optimization of meta tags, heading tags, and page titles
• Find and fix link building (internal linking, external linking, and unlinked brand mentions)
• Find keyword optimization gaps and opportunities
• Finding content keyword optimization mistakes
• Finding and fixing thin content
• Find and remove duplicate content issues
• Run a scan for broken links
• Sitemap check and update
• Refresh old and outdated content
• Look for page update opportunities

While there are several tools that you can use and carry out site optimization, it’s still a process that is as critical as implementing SEO on a site. And therefore an SEO professional has the knowledge and skills, and know-how of how to carry out an SEO audit.
They will know what the pain points are, interpret the audit reports, mark the factors that need to be addressed, align that with the business goals and objectives, and create implementation priority to bring the site in order efficiently. They work with a strategic input that you might not be able to achieve. And therefore, in order to receive the best SEO results, the SEO audit (which is a key and continual process), must be done expertly.

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