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Skilled SEO team offering quality digital marketing services to help you gain a higher ranking on relevant keywords, more inbound traffic, and improved ROI. Improve brand awareness, and connect with your target audiences which results in more customers and increased sales.

In brief, reasons to choose SEO services from eSearch:

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What is SEO?

SEO is no Longer an Option – It’s a necessity to increase qualified leads and grow a business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of optimizing a website to improve keyword-based ranking and visibility on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Organic search is the most common way for people to find any information, or a product or service. SEO helps a website appear on search result pages, related to search queries that match your website content.

SEO Services from eSearch Logix – Experts to Solve Your Online Business Growth Problems

Making your website rank on the top results of Google is the primary motive of our SEO strategy. At eSearch Logix, all our valued customers from around the globe are provided with the most efficient SEO Services. We actively work with our clients and provide them with the best possible results and ROI.

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Benefits Of SEO Services

Almost two-thirds of website traffic is generated from organic search results. And almost 90% of the online experience starts with a search query on a search engine. SEO helps you gain visibility in front of these searchers, providing you with free and qualified traffic.
Search Engine Optimization will prove beneficial for you in many ways:

Rank higher on Google and other search engines for maximum keywords

The higher your rank, the more organic traffic you will receive

It helps in getting qualified traffic with a higher conversion rate

Increased domain authority with a strong backlink profile

Improved online reputation of your business

Improved brand popularity and awareness amongst your target audience

Long-lasting results

More sales and revenue with no limits

What Advantages You Will Gain With SEO Services From Esearch Logix?

Our quality and strategized SEO implementation will transform your business’s online presence that it needs to attract customers and stay ahead of competitors.
#1 Page Ranking for Most Keywords
Keep Ahead of Your Competitors

Our time-tested data-driven SEO practices help you gain a SERPs position ahead of your competitors.

More Traffic, More Revenue

Gain more qualified traffic by appearing higher in search result rankings, which will help increase your sales and revenue generation.

Earn Quality Backlinks That Improve Domain Authority

Our content marketing and link-building approach is to earn you quality backlinks from high-authority websites that improve your domain authority.

Improved Site Visibility in Front of People That Matters to You

You will gain brand positioning in front of your target audience on SERPs and other online mediums.

Grow Your Business Exponentially

Right from getting you kick-started to helping you sustain and expand, we partner with you to help grow your business with the best SEO results.

Free Assistance

Looking For Pricing Plans?


Our complete SEO service solutions are designed to overcome any business challenge & help you succeed.



Our SEO team checks your website for any technical issues using various premium and free SEO Tools. We provide you with a list of the problems with the appropriate solutions, along with an SEO audit report to prepare the custom marketing strategy for your website.

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Website Usability Analysis
  • Broken Links Assessment
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • And more


We analyze your competitors' websites and gather data about their keywords and backlinks using various tools. This helps us gain insight into which keywords they rank for, how they get traffic, and find opportunities to plan our SEO implementation. Components:

  • Competitor's Content Analysis (Keywords Usage, length, etc.)
  • Competitors Backlinks Analysis
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Competitor's Website Structure and Usability


This includes optimizing the back end of your website by finding and fixing errors so that search engines can easily crawl your website. Components:

  • Website Accessibility
  • Crawling and Indexing
  • HTML Tags
  • Page Load Speed
  • Structured Data, Rendering,
  • and More


We look at what keywords your target audience uses to search for information on search engines relevant to your business. This helps to determine keyword sets to target to rank well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Components:

  • Keyword Relevancy
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Current Ranking of Your Site Pages


This includes optimizing the on-page SEO factors to optimize your website for Users and Search Engines. This means that both the text and structure of your site are optimized for search engine crawlers to read, with no element damaging the SEO-friendliness of the site. Components:

  • Title and Meta Tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Alt Tag Optimization
  • Sitemap
  • Website Architecture
  • Implementing Schema
  • Robots.txt file
  • Canonicalization
  • and more


It includes optimizing and updating the site content with rich, relevant information using target keywords. Website as well as marketing content is crafted that is unique and well-researched and appeals to the target customers. We create, publish and post multiple types of content. Components:

  • Website Content
  • Images & Video Content
  • Articles, Blogs
  • Press Release
  • Guest Blogs to Earn Backlinks
  • Short Form Content
  • Reviews, Q&A Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • And Much More


Off-page SEO includes multiple activities, and the most important purpose of this process is to develop quality backlinks and improve brand authority and awareness. Our goal is to use off-site marketing techniques to improve the overall value of your website to rank it higher in search results.

  • Link Building
  • Content Promotion
  • Outreach Campaign
  • Submissions
  • Media Publishing


More than half of the users now access the internet through their mobile devices. We optimize your website for mobile-friendliness so that it is accessible on all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Components:

  • Website Design & Structure
  • Page Speed
  • Landing Page Design
  • Content Optimization & Layout
  • User Experience Optimization
  • And more


Link outreach is the manual process of reaching out to marketers or website owners of high-authority sites to post your content with a link back to your site. It involves shortlisting linking opportunities on relevant platforms and creating compelling offers. Components:

  • Creation of Link Outreach Template
  • Using Multiple Ways Including Email,
  • Direct Contact, and Social Media
  • Creation of Informative Content
  • Valuable for Third-Party Visitors
  • And more


Our Expert team members will share regular updates with you throughout the month. Based on your SEO plan, you will get weekly or monthly updates. Components:

  • Rank Improvement Report
  • Traffic Analysis Update
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Daily or Weekly Work Progress Report
  • Monthly Traffic Comparison Chart
  • Monthly GSC Search Performance Report
  • And more

Our Monthly SEO Packages


(Small Business)


Up to 10 Keywords


(Moderate competitive)






Up to 50 Keywords


(Large Websites)


Up to 100 Keywords




Up to 200 Keywords

Who We Serve?

Our SEO Services work for All Types and Size of Businesses – Proven Results over the Past Decade for Clients across the Globe.
White-Hat SEO Tactics


We provide custom-tailored SEO services for all types of enterprises, small or large, new or established. We adopt agile and result-driven strategies to deliver the best SEO results.

Transparent SEO Services


We deliver a well-structured ecommerce SEO service for small to large retailers. We implement ecommerce-specialized tactics and approaches for guaranteed success whether you are selling locally, nationally, or internationally.

Comprehensive SEO Beyond Google

Local SEO

When you are targeting a defined geographic area then our specialist local SEO services will help you to target, reach, attract and convert local customers.

Seamless Communication Made Simple


Comprehensive Business-to-Business SEO practices for businesses that target businesses and companies as their buyers. We help create a strong business presence online to achieve their sale and growth objectives.

Assured Success with Customized SEO Action Plans


Our personalized Business-to-Customer (B2C) SEO approach helps such businesses, across all sectors, rank higher in search results, and improve inbound traffic, and conversion.

Data-Driven SEO Strategies - Maximizing the Results


Our SMB SEO services are designed specifically for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB). We adopt strategic and custom-tailored SEO approach to meet their precise needs with respect to their targeted market and customer segment.

Crafting Strategies Aligned with User Intent

Shopify SEO

We help build a strong presence of your online store on the most popular ecommerce platform. Our all-in-one Shopify SEO solutions include pages optimization, strong link building, product optimization, custom blog strategy, reputation enhancement, and more.

User SEO Practices Aligned with Latest Trends and Guidelines

Reseller SEO

We help build a strong presence of your online store on the most popular ecommerce platform. Our all-in-one Shopify SEO solutions include pages optimization, strong link building, product optimization, custom blog strategy, reputation enhancement, and more.

Tech-Driven SEO Process for Fruitful Results

WordPress SEO

We help build a strong presence of your online store on the most popular ecommerce platform. Our all-in-one Shopify SEO solutions include pages optimization, strong link building, product optimization, custom blog strategy, reputation enhancement, and more.

We have results to prove how much we have contributed to our client’s success over the years. We adopt and implement the newest and effectual SEO service, with a personalized approach that best fits your business model.


Let's Get Started with SEO

Our Search Engine Optimization Process
The key to success in SEO relies on how we plan our strategies and undertake quality steps that ensure the best SEO results at each phase.

Business Assessment

The first step is to understand what your business is, its requirement, and what your objectives are with SEO implementation. At this stage, your website is reviewed, and a thorough assessment is done of your business, your target market, and your audience segment. We look at your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to define your business goals.


Initial Site Analysis

This is the technical component wherein we conduct a full site audit, analytics evaluation, and more to gather information to identify what is affecting your online presence. A look at your past results concerning traffic and ranking is also done.


SEO Planning

This is the step where a month-based online marketing plan is devised. It includes activities to be carried out, starting with keyword research. We prioritize steps and create achievable goals to be accomplished in the set time frame.


Resource Allocation

Based on your site’s overall SEO health, and after defining your goals, we allocate the best resources to execute SEO implementation. We assign your project to a dedicated manager, who will be your one-point contact for all communication. We set up, and integrate the best and most suitable SEO tools to be used throughout the project process.


SEO Execution

The action plan is executed by the SEO experts. They keep note of each and every aspect, develop a personalized strategy for your project and use multiple channels with a marketing funnel strategy to drive the best SEO results.


Dedicated Support From The Experts

When you want to keep a tab on your work progress at each phase, we provide dedicated support 24/7. The communication channel is transparent and quick. We provide you access to our CRM tools to check on the activities carried out, access the progress report, and communicate.


Performance Measurement

We use multiple tools like Google Analytics, and more, to keep track of the ranking improvement of targeted keywords, changes in website traffic, conversion rate, click-through-rate (CTR), and more. This helps to evaluate our SEO strategy, and plan changes wherever needed.



We provide you with a detailed report on website and SEO performance with an easy-to-grasp report. The progress report mentions key indicators related to overall traffic and ranking. The report also includes activities planned for the next cycle.

SEO Analysis Form

We are skilled and expert in doing what SEO demands and our 90%+ retention rate proves that.

Only White-Hat SEO Tactics

Bad SEO is worse than not doing SEO at all. We correspond to the guidelines of Google and other search engines and follow only White-Hat and ethical SEO practices and implementation.

We Are Transparent In Everything We Do

Successful SEO needs time and effort. We are transparent about what we do, how we will do that, and when you can expect to start seeing positive results.

We Look Beyond Google as Well

Google isn’t the only search engine that people use. Many rely on Bing and other search engines. When you are ranking well on multiple search engine result pages, you will gain more targeted traffic.

Ease Of Communication

Whenever you want to get an update on the task or connect with the project manager, you can communicate with us easily and quickly through our all-in-one CRM tool. You can communicate with us 24/7 and through any of the multiple communication channels we use.

Custom SEO Plans

We have different SEO packages; however, we can create custom-tailored SEO plans and packages that meet your particular requirements.

Data-Driven SEO Strategies

Gain higher search result ranking, increase website traffic, and drive the results that you seek with our data-driven strategies that counter all the key marketing challenges.

We Follow User Intent When Crafting Strategies

We write content and market the business products and services keeping their user base as the primary focus. When we are able to satisfy the user’s needs, it effectively improves brand awareness and drives results.

SEO Practices That Follow The Latest Search Engine Guidelines & Trends

Our SEO tactics and approaches correspond to the relevant search engine guidelines (Google) and ever-evolving algorithms.

Tech-Enabled SEO Process

Right from research, to analysis, content ideation, optimization, link earning, testing, and tracking; our process is completely tech-enabled. We combine best of the technologies and techniques with our skilled expertise to save time and deliver best results.

Still wondering why your business site needs SEO? We have reasons to demonstrate that.

As a business owner, you want your website to lead the race in the competition online. You want more traffic, sales, and revenue. And all that can’t happen just with a mere digital presence. SEO is the route that can take your website forward, beat your competitors, and put you in front of your target audience.

SEO lets search engines find your site, value what you do, and position it amongst searchers on the search result pages, which is the topmost source of web traffic.

In short, SEO transforms your website with respect to the following factors that Google wants your site to have:

eSearch Logix has created a benchmark in the industry refining its strategies over the years that lets the experts develop your digital growth.

There are over 200 ranking factors, considered by Google and other search engines when ranking a website in SERPs. Without SEO, your site will miss all these criteria.

eSearch Logix has earned a trustworthy reputation as an SEO Company in India as we have always looked forward to adopting emerging methods and techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions (SEO FAQ'S)

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential ingredient of your marketing approaches, it enhances the visibility of your website in Search Engines (ex. Google) organic results. SEO is very cost-effective and a long-term online marketing strategy for your business website. SEO brings you new clients, opportunities, as well as building your brand on the web with long term benefits.
We are one of the preeminent SEO Companies in India, and you will get professional services from us all the way. As per the size of the campaign we can come up with the best fixed-price or hourly cost for maintenance.
SEO is an investment with long-term benefits to your online business. eSearch Logix an Indian SEO Agency offer plans starting at USD 199.00 per month, but as all the companies and requirement vary regarding target market, niche, and budget. So we have composed different SEO plans respecting every of our customers in mind. We do have custom programs based on the specific requirements.
We are very much familiar with the operation of Search Engines as well as their Quality Guidelines. SEO will not be going to die! Just Search Engines making themselves even better and advanced. We always focus on generating more traffic, sales/inquiries through organic means to your website implementing our best SEO strategies. We never guarantee to place your website in 1st position on Google, in fact, we assure you for increased relevant traffic, sales and improved rankings on 1st and 2nd page of Google on targeted as well as other related keywords.
Think of it as – You start a business, but you aren’t doing any marketing. Nobody will know about your business, let alone doing more sales. Similar is the case with online business. Without SEO, you won’t know what is right and wrong with your site, and there is no brand exposure that will mean no one will find you on Google and other search engine result pages. Organic traffic from search result pages is the major source for website traffic for businesses. If you aren’t doing any SEO, you are lagging behind your competitors.

Whatever industry, field or business you deal in, your online presence and website needs SEO boost to improve your brand visibility, rank on search queries that your potential customers are searching for, and bring in increased website traffic.

SEO is not a single activity or method, but is a combination of multiple methods and types. In basic these can be defined as:

• On-Site SEO (On-page SEO) – SEO practices implemented within the website
• Off-Site SEO (Off-page SEO) – Activities that are done outside the website
• Technical SEO – Optimizing the site’s technical elements as per search engine guidelines

Apart from these, SEO types can also be defined specific to industry, purpose, and device and as such:

• Local SEO
• Ecommerce SEO
• Mobile SEO
• Enterprise SEO
• Managed SEO
• SaaS SEO
• WordPress SEO
• And more

Google and other search engines emphasize on using activities and practices according to their guidelines. Anything that is done illegal or contradicts their guidelines is considered spam and may result in the site being penalized which impact the site’s ranking and traffic.

There are three SEO methods – White-Hat, Black-Hat & Grey-Hat

• White-Hat SEO – This is the best and legit SEO method that involves using practices that conform to the search engine guidelines, and are organic, which regulates the integrity of the website.
• Black-Hat SEO – This includes illegal or spam activities that comprise of manipulative techniques which controvert the search engine guidelines. These may provide you with quick results, but lead to long-term penalization of the site.
• Grey-Hat SEO – It is a combination of white-hat and black-hat SEO techniques. Grey-hat SEO could work sometime at some places, but is not recommended by Google and other search engines.

Well, you can do that. But as SEO is an on-going process, it takes time and effort. What if in focusing on doing SEO yourself, you stray away from what your core business is and that suffers loss? What if, being not an expert, you commit a big mistake in SEO and that penalizes your site and affects your business and brand value? To save some monetary investment, it is not advisable that you do SEO by yourself. You are better off doing what you are expert at, and let the SEO experts handle the SEO part of your website.
SEO best practices can be defined as the combination of activities and practices that are ideal, according to Google guidelines, and profound and effective so as to help a website improve its SERPs ranking, visibility, and inbound traffic.

These practices include (but are not limited to):

• On-page optimization
• Technical optimization
• Keyword research – based on user intent
• Quality content creation
• A Robust backlink generation strategy
• Social media promotion
• And much more

This depends on what type of SEO service you want to hire the company for, and what your projected goals are. Depending on your requirements, you can pick the right package as you can find different SEO packages, designed to meet different requirements of the clients. Even if you are not able to pick the right package for you, or if you have further queries, you can discuss with us so that we can plan a custom package for you.

Both are different in their aspects. SEO is an organic process which takes time and effort to yield results, but when done right, provides long-lasting success for the site. However, Google ads or PPC campaigns are sponsored or paid ads that provide instant results but only up to when the ads are running.

For long run success, SEO is the answer. Even if you want to run paid ads for instant results, your site should implement SEO as it also affects user-friendliness and other factors that can boost PPC results. A well-rounded strategy is one when you backup your SEO strategy with sponsored ads.

Our comprehensive SEO services are designed to provide you with complete support for everything related to optimization and marketing. This includes on-page, off-page optimization, technical SEO, content marketing, backlink building, and more.

For every phase and activity we have an experienced team that are well-versed with the industry know-how and works with creative and effective SEO strategy that drives results. We use best SEO practices and proceed with a custom approach, right from the beginning, up to when you start seeing results, and beyond that to maintain and grow the ranking, traffic and revenue.

SEO is a mix of multiple activities and is an organic process, which is executed step-by-step and therefore takes some time to build your brand authority and attract visitors. You can expect to wait around 3 months before you start witnessing positive and significant results.

We recommend to go with our full 6 Months SEO plan to see the better and stable results, but usually, we have noticed that after three months of SEO you can be able to see the considerable improvements, as well will notice the improvements in visibility just after the first month SEO implementation.
Google bring changes to its search algorithm around 500–600 times in a year. We at eSearch Logix – a SEO Company in India work very closely with the Search Quality Guidelines, and we are a team of Forward Thinkers and adhered to the quality. We have a full proof record with zero penalties on any of our project even we helped few of the businesses with the penalties due to algorithmic changes and brought their websites back to track.
SEO takes a little time to show up the full impact of the work done. Our team would be sharing the regular updates weekly, as well as the ranking improvement report and organic traffic report from the very first month, where you can be able to see if the things are working or not from the very first month.
Our SEO program is entirely designed to cover every aspect of your website to optimize it concerning On-page, Off-page, and Technical factors. Competitors analysis followed by Keywords research are our two main initial activities which plan the rest of the strategy for any campaign. Implementing a strong On-page, and Technical SEO followed by building quality relevant links make us confident to improve SEO rankings of any website.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing website according to the search engine guidelines. This practice involves optimizing all the elements of a website, including on-page elements, web content, along with off-page activities. SEO practice ensures that your site is up-to-date technically, the content is updated with targeted keywords (which are specific to search queries people look for relevant to what service and product you deal in), and the off-page activities ensure better brand exposure, visibility and improved site authority and relevancy.

To succeed in SEO, it is important that all the activities and practices are implemented according to Google and other search engine guidelines.

To thrive in the online business field, and to grow and expand your business with improved sales and revenue, SEO is the most important factor. It is a continuous process that takes time to build but once you start seeing positive results, the result is long-lasting. You don’t have to pay to any search engine and compared to paid marketing, it is cheaper, yet the results are significant and long-term. Investing in and implementing in SEO is a must that pays high Return on Investment (ROI) considering the benefits it will bring for site’s ranking, visibility and improved inbound traffic

If you search for an SEO company in India, there are several names that will pop up. For the best one, eSearch Logix definitely stands tall amongst all, as it has been validated by several top media houses and industry publishers. Being in the industry for the last 8 years, we have successfully completed over thousands of projects, and have been sublime and proactive in leveraging the SEO practices the most effective way to set benchmarks in the field.
You have to go through a full analysis and evaluation of SEO companies in India to find the correct solution:

• First determine what your goals and objectives are and what result you seek. Determine if a certain company provides that service.
• Ensure that the company you have shortlisted is experienced enough and has expertise in handling such types of projects.
• Assess their work process, what type of tools and technologies they use, and how much resourceful they are in terms of talent and technology.
• Ensure that they follow white-hat methodology and comply with search engine guidelines.
• They should follow the latest trends, keep up-to-date with SEO practices, and be creative, agile and thought-process based.

There are several reasons for that:

• You will find the most competitive, skilled and resourceful talent
• Your project costing would be much lower than hiring an SEO company in your region, for the same amount of tasks, time and effort
• A professional, experienced SEO company based in India will have a large pool of technologies, will work with precise methodology, follow the search engine guidelines, and would be up-to-date with the recent trends and online marketing approaches.
All these are key aspects that you can find with an SEO company based in India, like eSearch Logix.

An adept and professional SEO agency in India, which works utilizing white-hat techniques, will leverage an assortment of tools and technologies. These tools are needful for accessing and managing data and to keep track of the entire SEO process and website performance.
There are different tools pertaining to different SEO activities and stages that include site audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, content metrics, backlink health check, tracking, conversion status and much more.

Definitely, but for that, you need to ensure that you pick an SEO service provider who is renowned, delivers quality work and helps your business achieve required success. An Indian SEO Company won’t cost you much, but the results and increase in SERP ranking and revenue you will get will be much better. Your overall ROI will take a boost.
You only should be aware of the SEO basics and what it literally means and its importance. This will help you identify and define your objectives, goals, plan your marketing spend and timeframe to start seeing the results. This way you will be able to better discuss about your project with the SEO company to start on the right note.


Talk to our SEO Experts and Get a Free SEO Strategy Plan

Business Growth With SEO Company In India

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