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eSearch Logix Technologies India is one among the SEO companies that have the in-depth expertise in SEO to push your website on top of Google. The technique of optimizing a website to provide it with the keyword based ranking and visibility on Search Engines, it is termed as search engine optimization. People use some specific keywords while browsing Search Engines like Google to get some specific information about any product, service or a particular topic. The results that the search engines show up related to the particular keyword or term are totally under the algorithm-based ranking and making your website rank on top results of Google is the primary motive of our SEO Strategy. At eSearch Logix, all our valued customers are endowed with the most efficient SEO services around the globe. We actively work with our clients and provide them with the best possible results and ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential ingredient of your marketing approaches, it enhances the visibility of your website in Search Engines (ex. Google) organic results. SEO is very cost-effective and a long-term online marketing strategy for your business website. SEO brings you new clients, opportunities, as well as building your brand on the web with long term benefits.

SEO Services

  • Technical SEO

    It is one of the core parts of our SEO Strategy, and our tech team gives a full assurance to optimize your website to the maximum possibility regarding Technical Optimisation. Here we take care of your website potential by optimizing its technical part by improving Page Speed, Navigation, Website search & user-friendliness, Mobile friendliness, Creating Sitemaps, robots.txt and more. It helps the site to become more easily crawlable to the search engine bots and user-friendly to the real time users or humans to navigate through.

  • On-page SEO

    Through the On page optimization, we focus on turning the design and content of your website to get search engine friendly by optimizing the Meta tags, Image Alt attributes, H1, H2… implementation, internal linking and more. Optimizing a web page subject/topic by improving subject specific content, headings, tags, internal linking, etc. is one of the primary focus of On-page Optimisation. It helps your website to rank higher in Search Engines and let people click your listing more frequently when ranking higher.

  • Off-page SEO

    We make use of the most advanced off-page SEO strategies to get your website in top rankings on Google. Off-page SEO activities use to carried outside of the website, in terms to get quality and relevant backlinks. A backlink is still a crucial factor in Google’s Search algorithm, and we make you sure by building high-quality links pointing to your website pages. We strive hard to create the informative content for Blogs, Press Releases, Articles, Guest posts, etc. to gain quality backlinks from external sources.

Our Potential SEO Plans


  • $199/mo
  • 10 Keywords
    Best for Small Businesses
    Best for Service based Businesses
    Best for Websites having 5 to 25 Pages


  • $399/mo
  • 20 Keywords
    Best for Small Businesses
    Best for Service based Businesses
    Best for Websites having 5 to 25 Pages


  • $599/mo
  • 40 Keywords
    Best for Small eCommerce
    Best for Service Providers
    Best for Websites Having ~50 Pages


  • $899/mo
  • 80 Keywords
    Best for eCommerce Stores
    Best for Big Businesses
    Best for Websites Having 100+ Pages


  • $1499/mo
  • 120 Keywords
    Best for large eCommerce Stores
    Best for Multinational large scale Businesses
    Best for Websites having ~1000+ Pages or Products

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Our SEO Service Includes

  • Detailed Analysis

    Our detailed Analysis starts with Competitors analysis followed by Keywords research. Ranging from competitors and your existing website backlinks analysis, we go through the web pages to make sure that we can identify each part that is not SEO friendly and can be improved. By examining your business website, our SEO professionals get the right track for designing a personalized and more focused SEO strategy. This activity assists in optimizing the website on different levels to get the best results as compared to the core competitors of that respective business.

  • Onsite Optimisation

    The much required Off-page Optimization and back linking requires excellent on-page optimization. An essential principle while dealing with the on-site optimization strategies is to optimize in concern with the end user. Without onsite optimization, it might get difficult for your website to rank high even with the off page optimization. All our plans cover Meta tags, alt attributes, images, site load time, headings (h1, h2 etc.), content optimization, design consultation, and more to make your website super search engine and user friendly both.

  • Search Engine Submission

    Our skilled experts submit your website directly to all the main search engines to improve the online presence of your website. Search engine submission is the best way for indexing any website and by using their online tools like Google Search Console we resolve the technical issues reported. This process will allow your site to be discovered instantly by the web crawlers.

  • High-Quality Link Creation

    Link building is the favorite formula of the Search Engines’ algorithms, and it is required to be inspected carefully. With the most recent Google updates, a huge portion of link building methods used earlier are no longer accepted and can cause penalty from the Search Engine. Our SEO experts clean up the older and low-quality links strategies and apply latest linkage strategies including the guest posts, blogging, social outlets, improving your SEO in an organic way.

  • Local Search Optimisation

    Through local search optimization, we ensure that anyone in your location searching for any related services gets directed to you in more comfortable and friendly way along with the more details, directions, and phone numbers. To make a business come on top of Local Results, we follow NAP Strategy and create maximum Citations all over the web.

  • Social Media Setup

    We provide you with the chance to get indulged with millions of users on one platform through social media optimization. The digital advertising is a perfect way to get in touch with increased number of internet users. One space where millions of users gather, share and interact with each other can build a strong brand Image of your business. We have included this potential power in our all SEO Plans.

  • Keywords Research

    Keywords Research is one of the crucial aspects of any successful SEO Campaign. Highly efficient keywords mean increased opportunities to reach a greater and much wider market or users. It all gets started with competitors analysis, then a collection of information from a business owner about the service or product followed by searching the correct set of keywords for the success of your campaign. Our experts are skillful at assembling all the relevant keywords to provide utmost value for SEO efforts.

  • Content Marketing

    Content is the backbone of any online website business. At eSearch Logix, we provide brand specific, unique content that permits your business to be different from others with exact information a visitor is looking. The Content Marketing is not just about connecting with your potential leads. It’s about constructing your reliability and presenting your brand as a dependable source of required details and knowledge. How? Just leave it to our Content Marketing Experts.

  • Competitors Analysis

    A thorough competitor analysis allows us to endow you with the finest optimization tactics that beat all competition in your niche. We analyze your competitors a maximum of three concerning Keywords, Backlinks and Strategy they are following and keep an eye on your competitors to make a comparison and juxtapose the rankings with your biggest rivals in the industry.

  • Reputation Monitoring

    Online Reputation plays a very sensitive role for your online business. Monitoring is the technique of managing the perceptions prevalent about a particular business entity or some individual on social media, search engine result pages and on the web based business sites. Through the brand management services, we inspect the present web material about your organization’s brand as well as your products. Our primary objective through this process is to encourage positive content about your brand instead of just producing more traffic in terms of specific keywords.

  • Rank Tracking

    Rank tracking is one of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), it measures your targeted keywords current ranking positions on Search Engines as compared to the last days. That is the reason for which keywords position tracking has become a vital concern among the professionals. The rank tracking process permits the website owners to recognize the keywords that are appropriate to sales efforts.

  • Traffic Reporting

    By the help of Google Analytics, we continuously monitor the traffic projection on your website. At the end of every month, you would be getting a website’s complete organic traffic progress report since we started the campaign as well as compared to the previous month.


Our Expertise

We are the team of SEO experts having more than 8 years of experience who can help any business in growing ONLINE. The newest industry inclinations totally stir the processes at eSearch Logix SEO Company in India. We incessantly develop our tactics further by the thoughtful application of latest technological skills and unified marketing intellect. Our expertise in authentic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMO, Pay Per Click and Website Development & Designing strategies ideally assist in generating brand cognizance for your trade in the digital world.

We make sure that our top ranking strategies are in perfect synchronization with the altering algorithmic of the search engines that we observe carefully round the year. Our highly skilled writers & editors produce high-value authentic content that we utilize for promoting as well as boosting the online presence of your business website by creating quality relevant backlinks. Our user-centric methodologies are designed to deliver brilliant results and best ROI. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you out in an efficient way with outstanding customer support.


Technical SEO Expertise

Our industry-leading proficiency in technical SEO prepares us to examine every aspect of your website ranging from improving the site architecture, website load time, URL optimization, Canonical issues, SSL implementation, Sitemaps, Robots.txt to Crawl efficiency. Moreover, our skilled technical SEO support team delivers actionable, data-driven and clear visions planned to get improved visibility. Technical SEO is a highly involved optimization of website’s internal factors, which makes it able to rank on Google for desired terms or keywords.

The technical SEO lets you focus on evaluating about how perfectly the search engines are navigating and accessing your website pages. If the search engines are capable of reaching your website easily, then it will get simpler for you to your page rank high with the off-site & on-site optimization that comes after.


SEO and Mobile

Mobile SEO is the need of the hour. According to latest research by Google, more than 80% of smart phone users access Internet over handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets etc. With every new update in its algorithm, Google is focused on giving more importance to mobile friendly sites. If your website is not Mobile Friendly or not optimized for mobiles or tablets then you are losing more than half of your opportunities. Mobile optimization explores the website design, page speed, site structure and other added things to assure that you are not carelessly turning away the mobile visitors.

Mobile optimization is the technique of confirming that the viewers who visit your site through their mobile devices have an experience optimized for the gadget, and without tapping or zooming can navigate and make a purchase. So, are you looking to improve your website visibility on Mobile Search Results as well as the conversion rate when visitors lands on your web page? We will be going to help you with that and making your business successful via both Mobile and Desktop SEO of your website with increased traffic, top rankings, and conversions.

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SEO Implementation

SEO implementation is the point where the actual art and expertise needed to get the best results in terms of rankings, traffic, and sales. After examining your market, competitors and recognizing the keywords, we will create an SEO strategy that will lead us through the SEO implementation on your business website as per the schedule.

SEO implementation is a process that is meant to plan a full proof strategy to get the maximum ROI in less time and avoiding any future penalties by keeping yourself under guidelines.

In other words, we can say that SEO implementation is the authentic optimization procedure planned by which we will enhance your website and turn it to get more accessible for search engines as well as the users. By utilizing our skills, we can make your website rank higher in the search engines and magnetize targeted web traffic to your website.


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Business Growth with SEO

“Give your Business A New Success with eSearch Logix Technologies an SEO Company in India” – The business owners are required to understand the fact that offline & online marketing are getting co-dependent now. The offline comments of the viewers can have an effect on your online presence. Similarly, what the audiences determine about you online could impact your brand image as well as the overall marketing results. SEO is best and cheapest way to introduce your business to the people and make best of it with free clicks to your website for a long time as once it is ranked in top results.

With our expert Search engine optimization tactics, we not only focus on making your site more visible but also concentrate on delivering the best possible results. If the web traffic for your website is not getting higher, your online marketing strategies are not as good as they should be. The major objective of our efforts for marketing is just to endow you with the power to rule the digital world. To present you as a pondered market leader while promoting your business name is what we do.

Our SEO Mantras!

Quality and providing with the potentially improved traffic, keywords rankings, as well as sales/inquiries is our primary focus for all our customers. In combination with making efforts for transforming your website into an easier one to navigate for the search engines and real users both, SEO all together supports in making any website super user-friendly concerning information and browsing. Search engine optimization includes the process of reorganizing a website’s architecture as well as the internal links to make it easier to navigate the pages within a website. This procedure not just makes it simpler for the search engines crawl your web pages and locate them quickly, but also turns it to get easier for the end user to find what exactly they are looking for.

Search Engines loves the hypertextual environment, and their core algorithm considers backlinks as the main ranking factor along with the content. We work hard to find the best places to get quality relevant backlinks pointing to your website passing link juice and a potential referral traffic. We will drive you to an untouched land of potential buyers for your services. All you need to do is to join the ride to success with us!!

Real Results with proven Strategy

eSearch Logix Technologies India constantly engaged in bringing the highest rankings for our client’s online businesses through our smart, ethical and organic search engine optimization efforts. eSearch Logix team can help you to tread smartly to earn maximum online revenues.

Moreover, being in the top rankings for your targeted keywords is not just beneficial for the users to relate your brand name with those keywords, but it infuses faith since the organizations in the top rankings are mostly observed to be more dependable. The more your content and webpages rank high on the search result pages, the more possibilities you have for the users to view your content and link back to your business.

We make your business website reach the targeted users at the right time in combination with the high reputation and finest information through authentic content marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

SEO and its Benefits!

The basic purpose of an effective search engine optimization is to use a campaign strategy at the least possible risk and cost with the intention of maximizing the profit ratio together with increased sales. Making an investment in the Search Engine Optimization service is now highly essential than ever before.

Key benefits of SEO are Increased relevant traffic, improved visibility, brand awareness, ROI, and last not the least it is very cost-efficient and comes with the stable results.

Being SEO Experts with years of experience, we promise to provide you with the best of search engine optimization. The digital world has transformed intensely over the recent years, but SEO still exists as an operative and critical marketing strategy. With our professional SEO services, we can make deliver you increased traffic, high return on investment, improved site usability, together with brand awareness!!

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